[TRANS] Kai: S Cawaii! Jan. Issue Part ①

As a Matter of Fact, I Wanted to Show the Inside of a Man who Holds Trauma in His Heart
KAI stars in WOWOW original drama series “Spring Has Come.” He plays Lee Jiwon, a Korean photographer who the heroine, Naoko (Kurashina Kana), meets by chance at her workplace. Jiwon, who meets Naoko and soon gets on a good terms with her family, is a young man who is kind and full of passion but also has complicated circumstances. So we asked KAI to analyze this man, Jiwon.
“Jiwon is a very kind and delicate person. I believe he is someone who cares about deepening the relationships he has with others, more than anyone else. I believe that his charm comes from him wanting to know more about Naoko and having heartfelt consideration towards her family as well. But actually, he has trauma and there are some dangerous aspects to him as well. He is a character with various charms.”
Was there anything to be careful of while acting out Jiwon?
“I was particularly careful of the difference between when Jiwon is alone and when he is with Naoko and her family. Although Jiwon is considerate of others, because his heart is scarred by something that no one else knows about, I had to make sure to act in a way where the audience can feel this difference. Our commonality is that we’re Korean (laughs). I think that him having strong feelings and his kind personality is similar too.
In the drama, you performed your Japanese lines nicely but it seems like you actually studied intensively for the sake of this role.
“I have been studying Japanese for a while but I was able to study plentifully, thanks to filming this drama. I think I’ve improved considerably. Now, I can say I what I want to say in Japanese and I’m able to understand it more to some extent as well.”
Your comments and you speaking in Japanese throughout the interview, does show that improved considerably. Do you still want to continue studying Japanese?
“Since I became able to speak Japanese to a certain extent, my motivation for studying has grown stronger and is more enjoyable. Japanese sounds cute too, right? Because I love Japanese, I will continue my studies. By the time the drama broadcasts, I guess I will be speaking fluent Japanese like a native. (laughs). 

[EXO-L UPDATE] From. Chen

Hello~This is Chen~!
It’s already my birthday ㅎㅎㅎ
Time flies so fast~
Are you guys spending a happy 2017~?
In celebration of my birthday, I’m saying hello to you, since I haven’t in a very long time♡

Today I’m going to take a closer look at myself~!
Let’s get started.

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[TRANS] EXO @ ViVi January 2017 Issue EXO SHOT Final Volume Part ④


Born on 11/27/1992.
23 years old.

What the Staff Saw!
Chanyeol started with reading ViVi aloud and answered confidently in Japanese. Giving the other members high-fives, and talking to them, the self proclaimed ‘Friendship Manager’ created much excitement at the shooting site.

Trans © Icingonyou

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[TRANS] EXO @ ViVi January 2017 Issue EXO SHOT Final Volume Part ②

EXO Members’ Latest Report through 8 Q&A  

In Korea, during the promotions for the album [LOTTO], the members are spending their days very busy, and for one thing or another, the sound of fans’ souls exploding is heard. Let’s look at the “present” emotions that these 8 people are carrying!

Q1>>Reflection on the series of shoots   Q2>>What did you do this summer?   Q3>>Your recent addiction is what?     Q4>>What is the most funny event that happened recently?     Q5>>The latest failure is what? Q6>> What are you frequently wearing these days? Q7>>Recently the music you’ve often listening to is?Q8>>The thing that you bought recently is?

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[EXO-L UPDATE] From Kai: It’s EXO’s Kai


Hello everyone. This is EXO’s Kai.

Everyone, I said that we would see each on today’s stage, right?
I saw everyone from the stage.
Even those of you in front of the televisions, I saw all of you~ It was nice seeing each other right?

It was a pity I couldn’t perform Lotto, but because I got to perform in front of everyone together with the members on stage today, I was happy.
I will work harder so that I can perform the Lotto stage and next time I will definitely show it to you all.

It is cold, so be careful not to catch a cold and please go home safely.
I will watch over you. Ppa ppa~~

PS: Next time, what shall we play?
Let’s all quickly think about it.

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Trans © dailyexo.tumblr.com