[WEIBO UPDATE] Yixing, Yifan, & Luhan Celebrates Dragon Boat Festival


Wish everyone good health on Dragon Boat Festival. I have already ate zongzi.* Small secretary has already conveyed. Please rest assure
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Small zong* with clear corners. How great to refill an expression? Hey, good health on Dragon Boat
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Good health on Dragon Boat ~ About zongzi… One word! Sweet or salty?
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[INSTAGRAM UPDATES] Compilation of Messages Made on June 27th

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Have a good day !!

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Have a good day !!

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형……. #roommate #본방사수

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형……. #roommate #본방사수 (hyung….#roommate #CatchtheBroadcast) 




哈哈~爱包子~ (haha ~ love Baozi~)








宝贝不哭 (Baby don’t cry)

[FAN PROJECT] Charity Project Support for EXO’s 1st Solo Concert

Hi everyone!

As you all know, EXO will be having their very first solo concert on May 24th, and we decided that we should do something too in order to celebrate this big date. First, we were planning to send a big rice wreath, but ony a few hours after we’ve announced our project, we got to know that unfortunately such project are not allowed. No flowers allowed, no rice wreaths, nothing. But we decided that we still wanted to do something and to help people no matter what, and agreed on donating to a charity organization.

This time we will be working with Red Cross International. For those who don’t know, Red Cross is a huge international movement  which was founded to protect human life and health, to ensure respect for all human beings, and to prevent and alleviate human suffering. As we have always said, fans can do incredible things when they unite. Let us all join hands to make this Earth a better place to live and help our brothers and sisters in need.

Our goal is to collect 1,000 USD altogether. This money will be donated to the Red Cross International under EXO‘s name.


 Who else is in?

As of now (May 6th), there’s also @ThunderVoicenet,@OhSehunOrg@Xiufixnet@DomeKyungsoo@Exoffical@EXOKRISMAMA,@KrisSingapore@EXO Mexico@ADOREXONLY@EXO_line,@Taorisinternational,@EXOCanada@EXO Kris Canada@KrisFrance@CaptainWufanPH and @Exoglobal. Please feel free to join us, we need you!

Where will the donations go?

All funds received will be donated to the Red Cross International. Full amount will be donated under EXO‘s name.

Will I get anything in return?

Our adoration!♥ And TSTL’s new ‘program’ of holding a contest or giveaway after each fundraising project is still here^^ EXO merch, official CDs and DVDs and other cute EXO related stuff can become yours! Keep an eye on our updates!

What is the minimum amount of donation?

There is no minimum amount. Any help would be highly appreciated!

How do I donate?

Simply send your donation to our PayPal account: support@901106.net

How do I donate if I do not have a PayPal account?

We accept bank transfer and Western Union for those without Paypal.

For more details, e-mail us at contact@901106.net

If you have neither of all the above but are still willing to donate to us, please contact your local TSTL Representative:

Russia & CIS: CieL @gaIaxy_funfun / Kakao: 901106net / email: ciel@901106.net

Vietnam: Mice @mice2612

Philippines: Mariel @silentdictators

Indonesia: @ADOREXONLY. Better use ask.fm/adorexonly & ask.adorexonly@yahoo.com

Malaysia: Norfy @KyungsooSayang

Singapore: Wei Ting @simpleasdat92

USA: Venice @4ranghaja

Central Europe: Helena @taelayris

France: Magalie @Kourai32

What do I do after I have sent in my donation?

Please send us an e-mail (support@901106.net) with the title “Donation” with the following information:

■ Twitter UN

■ Full name

■ Country

■ Amount donated

■ Way of donation (PayPal, bank transfer, Western Union)

■ Secret code MTCN (if donated via Western Union)

If you have any questions, please don’t be afraid to ask! We are online 24/7  and we will get back to you ASAP! Tweet us at @901106net or ask at http://ask.fm/tstl901106net

Please keep an eye on our @901106net account for more details.


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