[TRANS] Yifan @ In Shanghai December 2015 12C Issue


Wu Yifan: Xiao Ye Wants to Be an Artist

Kris Wu Yi Fan can clearly rely on his good looks, yet he chose to rely on his skill instead. Despite having a handsome face he chose not to act in teenage idol dramas, however choosing to shave off and dye his hair, sacrificing his appearance and even gaining weight. This time in <Mr Six> he plays the role of bloodthirsty and ruthless Xiao Fei, once again causing countless young girls to fall for this manly guy. But Wu Yi Fan has spoken out saying, I’m not an idol, I want to become a skilled artiste who is calm, steady and just a little handsome.
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[TRANS] Luhan @ In Shanghai October 10D Issue

Lu Han
A deer that a hunter can’t even bear to shoot

It is unnecessary to use an excessive amount of words to describe Lu Han’s beauty. Aside from being pretty, he also has a delicate and attractive temperament; a deer that even a hunter can’t bear to shoot, but when he speaks, he still sounds like a perfect Beijing man. He encapsulates elegance and kind-heartedness, how wonderful.

Q: Before going to Korea, how was your life in Beijing?
A: I was a high school student. I went to school everyday. I was a boarding student, I lived in school. I went home on Friday evenings, stayed at home for two days, and then went back to school. Just like everyone else, normal.

Q: Were your parents supportive of you becoming an idol? What did your friends think of you becoming a celebrity?
A: At first, I went to Korea to study abroad, and then I debuted. My father supported me in becoming an idol. At first, mum didn’t really agree because she thought the job wasn’t very stable or reliable. After all, this is a road that once you’ve started walking, there’s no turning back. My friends couldn’t really picture it either. But through my own hard work, I helped them understand.

Q: What was most difficult for you when going to Korea?
A: The language. It’s not my mother tongue after all.

Q: What about Beijing would you recommend to your Korean friends if you had to?
A: The Great Wall……

Q: What about something a little more personal, where do you yourself like the most?
A: Beijing’s coffee shops. I like going to some coffee shops. For example, near my house, in the Haidian district, near Zhongguancun. I can only say up to here, I’m worried the fans will find it, haha.

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[INTERVIEW] Xiumin x Shanghai Ent. 10D Issue

XIUMIN Kim Minseok
A baozi with peach blossom eyes (t/n:Describing eyes that are dewy, long and curved at the outer corner)


He really looks very young, looks just like a middle school student. The corners of his eyes curve upwards, it’s just the peach blossom eyes talked about in the ancient times. During the interview, he would stare at you very seriously, a slight smile in his expression. His good boy look makes you believe that this ‘middle school student’ would not do anything naughty or cause trouble after school is let out.


Q: Your nickname is Baozi, why?
A: The nickname Baozi was made by Luhan. Because when I first debuted I was a little fatter than now. My white and fat look, looked a lot like a Baozi. So he called me Baozi. Later the fans started calling me that too. Then it started spreading.


Q: Then, have you eaten Xiao Long Bao or Sheng Jian Bao in Shanghai? How was its taste?
A: I haven’t eaten them yet, it’s regretful, I really want to try.


Q: You know Taekwondo and fencing, why did you learn them? When did you start learning them? Were there any unforgettable experiences in learning them?
A: When I was young, there was a martial arts club outside my school recruiting students. The advertisement they had was: Join the club and get a toy! I really wanted that toy, so I went hope and begged my parents to let me learn martial arts. My parents felt that learning martial arts could help strengthen and build the body, so they agreed. Then, I started learning.


Q: Haha, what toy was that?
A: It was a character from a comic, he could should bullets from his chest.


Q: Heard that you like Jay Chou and JJ Lin, what do you like about them?
A: Jay Chou is the Chinese celebrity that I am most familiar with. Not only is he a talented singer song-writer, he also directs movies, you can say he is multi-talented. I only knew of JJ Lin after the members put on a song for me to hear, I really like his colour of his voice. Most of his songs are also written by himself, those songs are all fantastic.


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