[TRANS] Tao @ In Shanghai October 10D Issue

TAO Huang Zitao
A prince from fairytales

In a group of people, Huang Zitao does not have to do anything, he just stands out. Because he is really very tall. More importantly, he is skinny as well, so the visual impact is even greater. And today on his ears are two shining earrings, its different from everyone else. His eyes glint evil. Vampires, lonely and proud princes…. Just like the main character in fairytales. He comes from Qingdao, over there, there are a lot of beach cities that are like those ancient Europe castles.

Q: Qingdao is very beautiful, you who have grown up in Qingdao since young, how would you introduce everyone to your hometown?
A: Very pretty, very busy, a lot of history… And Qingdao’s beaches are very famous, it’s worth going to.

Q: What was the hardest about being a trainee?
A: The time I spent in the company was the shortest, up till now it’s only been about a year. So in order to catch up with everyone else in that short period of time, I have to put in even more effort. This is what I think is the hardest part.

Q: Who is your favourite celebrity? Why do you like him/her?
A: I have never liked a celebrity before. I like them, because I like their work, and not the person themselves. From the past till now, it has always been like this. (A person with his own ideas!)

Q: As the person ‘in charge of martial arts’ in the group, how did you build up the basics of your martial arts?
A: I started practicing martial arts when I was five, I’ve always practiced while growing up, and participated in a lot of competitions. (Note: Intially, the individual questions had stopped here, after a while, this person specifically requested to add on to his answer.)
A: I want to specify, the so called ‘in charge of martial arts’, is only that when martial arts moves are required, then I come out. My biggest responsibility is still music. I am a rapper! (Indeed a kid with his own ideas!)

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[INTERVIEW] Chen @ In Shanghai Oct. 10D Issue

CHEN Kim Jongdae
First time eating duck’s tongue

Kim Jongdae is not the oldest, but he naturally has a sense of maturity about him. Don’t know why, but looking at him, I actually thought of Bae… Yong… Jun… Is this because of the fact that he wore glasses today?

Q: Who is the first Chinese person you knew of?
A: Bruce Lee. Back then I watched his movie and thought he was very impressive! His image and the charms he showed through the movie, made me want to learn martial arts, just like him.

Q: What impression did you have of China since young?
A: From young, we will all learn Chinese characters, in school we learnt a lot of things related to China. Since young, I’ve not felt that China is a far and distant country.

Q: After actually coming to China, what is different from your initial impression?
A: There are many areas that are different. Take for example the food eaten. Yesterday, In Shanghai, I had duck’s tongue for the first time. In the past, eating duck’s tongue is something that I would not have even dared to think of.

Q: How have you come along in learning Chinese?
A: Because work is really busy now, the plans to study always get messed up. So I haven’t been learning very well. But because I live together with the Chinese members, my listening skills have improved greatly. As of now, I’m basically okay with listening to Chinese, but lacking in speaking it.

Q: What do you find is the hardest part about Chinese?
A: I find the different intonations in Chinese very hard, because sometimes if the intonation is different, the meaning is totally different.

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[TRANS] Lay @ In Shanghai October 10D Issue


Although at first glance he’s not incredibly handsome, Zhang Yi Xing leaves a huge impression on people. The reason he leaves such a deep impression may be because he talks the most or maybe that exaggerated body movement of his or those eyes that frequently open wide. They make you feel as though he is someone that is very seriously working hard to do this interview. Or maybe it’s because when he speaks he carelessly lets out his Hunan accent, making you feel: Yeah, even though he’s gone to Korea, he’s still a boy that holds the colours of his origin!

Q: When you were in Changsha, how did you live?
A: A really normal life. I was studying physics and chemistry in preparation for my college entrance exam, I was nervous to death for the exam.

Q: Did becoming an idol save you?
A: Yeah, hahaha. (He admits so clearly, what a honest person!)

Q: Hunan people tend to enjoy spicy food, are you able to eat spicy food in Korea? Do you miss it?
A: No, I can’t. I really do miss it (a very sincere expression). It’s only when my mum comes to Korea to visit me and she brings some Hunan food that she’s made or she comes to Korea to make some for me that I can have it. Only then I can satisfy my craving.

Q: What’s a task that you’ve wanted to complete recently?
A: A few songs. Most importantly writing the songs. In terms of the lyrics, I want to try both Korean and Chinese.

Q: Your fans have opened a charity foundation with your name, what’s your opinion on this matter?
A: I’ve heard of that. I really do this they’re something else, it’s so meaningful. Although I still think that the fans should do what they can. Looking after yourself is still the most important thing after all.

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[TRANS] Kris @ In Shanghai October 10D Issue

KRIS Wu Yifan
Using his life to walk the airport

Even if it’s someone who doesn’t understand EXO too well, they too would have seen the various cool pictures of EXO’s members at the airports hotly circulating around weibo. Amongst them, the one that catches people’s attention the most, is Kris! Those styles, those poses, he has been deemed as ‘using his life to walk the airport’. The Kris in the pictures looks so cool, but in reality, when you talk to him, he has a natural sense of affinity, he is warm.

Q: Your drawings have an abstract style, have you ever thought of becoming an artist?
A: Hahaha (laughs uncontrollably). No. It’s just that once, on a programme, I drew a picture of a rhinoceros, but no one could tell that it was a rhinoceros, it was too abstract. Then, everyone started calling me an abstract artist. Haha, artist? That is the fans’ praise.

Q: Your usual outfits are very stylish, for example, the attire you wear when you’re frequently photographed at airports, everyone says that you’re using your life to walk the airport, what is this about?
A: Hahaha (laughs loudly again, he really likes laughing). I am very interested in fashion, I personally place a lot of emphasis on coordinating outfits. Usually when we’re performing as a group, we have a group style. Off-stage, I hope to have a personal style, so everyone is able to see what is different about me.

Q: Do you specially coordinate your outfit when you’re normally going out?
A: It’s not that I specially do it, I have to look at my feelings that day. I am still very happy doing it, because fashion is my interest.

Q: Your job as a celebrity, what is different from your imagination?
A: It’s not too different. Because in the past, I already knew that any job will come with its gains and losses, and behind that shining polished appearance, will always be silent sacrifice and hard work. Being a celebrity, you will lose your freedom, the sweat sacrificed behind it all, all these, I am prepared to accept. In all, just tell yourself, to treat it normally.

Q: Do you like being a celebrity? What other dreams do have?
A: Of course I like it. I have another dream, and that is to play basketball, and become a basketball player. Actually usually, when I have the opportunity, I will play basketball too.

Q: Basketball players and singers are both jobs that require you to give your all when you’re young, doing one, don’t you have to sacrifice the other?
A:  Yes. So, I’m drifting further and further away from my other dream. (a rather melancholic expression, he has many expressions…)

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