[TUTORIAL] EXO-M’s Alarm Clock Ringtone via Meilishuo

EXO-M @ Meilishuo Alarm Ringtone

The gods of EXO-M wake you up!
I have you wake up early a day, you “give” me your companionship for hundred years.
Duration of Event: 6/25 – 6/30

EXO-M @ Meilishuo Alarm Ringtone steps

Meilishuo app 4.4 version is now released! Those with Androids are in luck! Do you want to interact with each EXO-M gods in 0 distance? Do you want to wake up and look at EXO-M affectionately? The new version comes with the ability of an EXO-M alarm, so what you are waiting for? If you don’t download, the gods will be others’~An even more intimate and new app is waiting for you to test out~ 
Step 1: Download the Meilishuo 4.4 version app.
Step 2: On the Meilishuo front page find the EXO-M alarm.
Step 3: For the purpose of showcasing your love for your favorite EXO-M member, please set your alarm at 5:20 a.m.!
Step 4: When at 5:20 your alarm rings and your favorite member wakes you up, take a screenshot of the member when he is at his cutest, allowing the sweetness between you and the member burst!
Step 5: Upload the screenshot onto the event page, click on the share button (分享男神图片), and you’ve succeeded in participating in the event!
The editors will organize the successful uploads everyday and on the following day, a surprise will be sent out to you, so make sure to sign into your account.
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Please note: As of now, the app is only available through Android. iPhone users please anticipate.

EXO-M @ Meilishuo Alarm Ringtone steps1

Want to have EXO wake you up??!!
Click on EXO alarm on the front page.
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EXO-M @ Meilishuo Alarm Ringtone steps2&3

After clicking on EXO-M alarm, a new page will appear requiring you to set up your alarm (添加闹钟). After clicking on that button, a notification will pop-up telling you that under the following circumstances, the alarm will not ring:
1. The phone is turned off;
2. After the alarm goes off and all the content in the phone is mistakenly wiped out by security software;
3. The software is downloaded into a SD card and after the phone restarts the software is unable to start-up itself;
4. When using earphones, it is unable to ring;
5. The alarm sounds are set to the lowest volume;
6. Video clips are stored in an SD card, the SD is damaged or taken out.
Once you understand these circumstances, click on (知道了).
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EXO-M @ Meilishuo Alarm Ringtone steps4

Setting the alarm:
1. Choose the time.
2. Choose the days of the week the alarm will ring.
3. Save the alarm.
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EXO-M @ Meilishuo Alarm Ringtone steps5

Last step: Click on 设为闹钟 (set the alarm) button to meet the members!
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EXO-M @ Meilishuo Alarm Ringtone_2

Now you’re set up! Don’t forget to share this app with your friends by clicking on 分享给好友~
Trans © IcingonyouEXO-M @ Meilishuo Alarm Ringtone_3Fan support for EXO-M members!
Don’t forget to share your love towards your bias by setting your alarm once at 5:20 a.m.!

Source © Meilishuo

[EVENT] EXO-M Fanmeet via Meilishuo

via Meilishuo EXO-M is holding a special 30 people fanmeet and you can win a ticket through downloading Meilishuo app on your iOs and Android phone and participating in the three day draw. Each day, you have three chances to win a ticket plus other great prizes! You are 100% bound to win a prize! The drawing is between May 20th and May 22nd (China Standard Time). EXO-M is waiting for you!
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We are one!!
Hello. This is EXO’s Xiumin who has just turned two years old.What day is April 8th?? EXO’s two year anniversary??
No~~ In order to meet the fans, it’s the day that EXO was born!!
As time has gone by and the days have passed by, EXO has grown up!
And our EXO fans have watched, protecting, supporting and loving us during that time!
Thanks to everyone’s overflowing love, us EXO, seem to be growing quickly and well~
I’m always thankful ^^
In order to repay all of the fans, I will only show an, always doing my best, cooler, improving image.
So! We worked hard preparing this new album!
Everyone~ Are you hearts ready to meet our new image?
Us EXO just want to meet you guys quicker~ >.<
So promising to meet soon, how about shouting together?
“We are one! EXO let’s love!”


The me who will always love you all. Thank you for the love that each and every one of you have given to EXO.


In the blink of an eye, 2 years have already passed.
Time really does pass quickly.
In the past two years, I’ve experienced so so much!
I’ve also learnt so much, I’m really thankful to everyone!
I will work even harder!
I will work hard to improve myself, to perfect myself, to become someone that is worthy of all that you do for us!
I love you all! Exo, jiayou!


Time passes so quickly.
It’s actually our second anniversary. I’m extremely happy and extremely grateful.
The 8th of April I remember when we first debuted and today are vastly different.
But you all are still by our sides, thank you. I’m grateful for your support for us.
We are still the same as before, because of all of your cheers we work hard, to not disappoint you all.
In this happy second anniversary, I wish for everyone’s wishes to come true and for everything to go well.
I also hope that as in all your hearts there is us, behind us there is all of you.LAY


Thank you to all the fans and friends who constantly support exo
We will continue to strive to reach greater heights
Every one of you, meigeni [t/n: kris fans], i like you, don’t ever change. happy two-year anniversary to exoThank you very much for always being with us during the last 2 years.
From now on we’ll work even harder! we will make history. happy two years!
shout out to all the exo fans from around the world you guys are amazing without you guys exo will not be made possible. we will keep up the hard work. wont let you down. happy 2years.


Hello. It’s EXO Chen.Today is the 2nd year since we debuted!!
I’ve received so many congratulations from a lot of people so I’ve been having a really good day^^
Are you all having a good day as well?
There’s not much time left today! I want you to spend it in warmth.
Tomorrow too, of course!!!
It still doesn’t feel real that it’s already our 2nd year, but if I think about all the memories that I have with you fans, it’s been a really happy 2 years. I love you all.^^
You’re going to make mooooooore happy memories with us, right??
And the members who have been running by my side for two years!!!!
Luhannie hyung, Xiumin hyung, Kris hyung, Suho hyung, Lay hyung, Chanyeollie, Baekhyunnie, D.O., Tao, Kai, Sehunnie
Thank you all and love you.
EXO, let’s love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hello. It is leader Suho who guards over EXO.EXO deubted and already two years have passed.
During two years, a lot of things sure have happened.We shared sadness, happiness as well as touching moments.
For two years, every moment I was really happy.
The two years will becomes twenty years, fifty years, forever that I want to spend with everyone.
I truly love our members and the fans.
I hope that my heart reaches everyone’s hearts.
Thank you once again and I love you. WE ARE ONE Newly as the days go by, EXO Let’s love!


waooooorooroloooooooo yehet~ohooooroororhohohorarat~~~yahaaaaaang
goreojwigoreojwigoryeojwi~~~~EXO’s 2 years tear… drop……
It feels like we were able to do it because of the people who worked for us and paid attention to us.
More than anything, we were able to do it because we had our fans.
I say this every day but… I’m always thankful.These days I’ve written a lot of messages so I’m going to rest for a while!
But if everyone wants it…. I’ll do it but…
It seems that everyone does not like it so…. I’ll refrain!!!!!
kkaeb~kkaebi. kkaebsong. kkaebiru. kkyatsong kyakyakkaekkaebbibbibbibbbibbireureu kakakakakakakakakakakaekaekaekaekrurururururssong~


Hello. It is everyone’s EXO, Kai.Today is a special day for us.
Can you believe it is EXO’s second year anniversary already?Once again, Kai felt that time fliers by really fast.
Starting with our debut with MAMA on April 8th, 2012 at Inkigayo till last year, Growl, we endured everything with everyone during a fast period and because I feel we overcame a lot of things, I am proud.
Hard memories, and the happiness of winning an award, we went through it all together.
So that is why when with the fans, I am very happy and I feel that I can overcome anything, making me feel like sometimes this is all a dream.
If it is a dream, it is a dream I don’t want to wake up from and I wish that that night’s dream is longer than the other days.
To that extent, the past two years have been precious to Kai.
This path that you’re walking with me.
Although rough and we may backtrack, if you are all happy, let’s continue walking together in the future~
ps. We came back from our China schedule and the fans’ cheers were really amazing. I hope your throats that worked hard screaming aren’t hurt. Yap


Hello. I’m EXO’s D.O..
I sincerely congratulate EXO on their two year anniversary~
For loving us, EXO, I sincerely thank you.
The weather has become very warm.
Even so, in the evening, it is very chilly so always be careful of catching a cold.
At our comeback show and concert, we will show many cool sides of ourselves.
Please anticipate it~ Thank you. Always be happy. Us.


Hello! This is EXO’s voice Chanyeol!!Two years have already flown by since EXO’s debut!!
It feels like only yesterday that we met on the fanboard during our one year anniversary.
Time has already passed so quickly!!Last year, we received so much love from our fans through Wolf, Growl, and Miracles in December.
2013 was a really happy year for me!
Thank you thank you thank you so much!!
It’s been about four months since our Miracles in December promotions, and even though there were several awards ceremonies in between our schedules, I missed all of our fans so muchㅠㅠ!!
Now, we’ll get to meet you all on stage again soon, right!?
Please wait just a little longer!!
I hope we can spend not just our second year, but our fifth, tenth, and even twentieth year together!!
Once again, thank you!! I love you!!♥
EXO’s happiness, Chanyeol


Hello. This is reverse repeat of the reverse Baekhyun.Today, I’ll use some chatting terms from the past!
With the strength of everyone’s love… I wanted to post more replies…
But due to the homepage system overload… I couldn’t… couldn’t… post… ahaing… yaha… ahahaha… kyahat… Mm.. Shall we get to the main point now?!April 8th was EXO’s second anniversary!
I carefully thought back to the memories we made since the point of our debut!
Really, without all of you, I probably wouldn’t be here!
Everyone.. I’ll always continue to live by feeding off of your love!! Kyahaing~ >< yehet~!
Let’s continue… to go forward together for a long long time ♡
I love you! Mine!! ♡

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