[WEIBO & MEIPAI UPDATE] Luhan & Tao After EXOPLANET in Taipei Concert

Thank you Bo Lin ge for the flowers, I was really happy today, thank you guys for the support, and I will continue to work hard! (trans cr.)
Bo Lin Chen (Luhan’s co-star for back to 20) replied: I also wanted to go to the concert~ ~ ~ Concert fighting! Waiting for you to return to filming!!! Growl~~~ (trans cr.)

HZ-Tao: Excuse me, just acting crazy after returning from the concert hahahahahahahha (cr.)

[MEIPAI & WEIBO UPDATE] Tao: Out for a Walk ft. Sehun & Manager

I don’t know why this year there are a lot of things happening, so I went out for a walk to relax. I hope everything that is bad can leave upon a laugh~ How are you guys’ moods… If it’s bad try giving yourself a smile~ Even though I can’t see it, I still wish that everyone who loves EXO can be happy and blissful. No matter if it is now or in the future.
Source © HZT-ao
Trans © Icingonyou