[TRANS] EXO Cover Story @ Men’s Style September Issue ‘Mr. Seductive’

EXO Asia’s Newest Trendy Male Idol Group

If you do not know EXO, then I will heartlessly tell you: You’re old already!

Over a million comments on an article, even  weibo queen Tao Chen and many other big celebrities have taken the initiative to ask for others to share information about EXO with them, fans whose screams were actually able to make Zhang Han (t/n: a very famous Chinese actor) angry. EXO, a new Korean idol group like this that has only debuted for a year, why are they so hot?

-Because they represent Korea and even Asia’s newest trend!

-Because they represent brand new dreams and aspirations of the new people!

-Because they represent this world’s most beautiful and first aspiration!

This time, just as when we agreed to shoot EXO for this issue’s Men’s Style cover page, our editors became young in just a second, and happily shouted and skipped as we arrived in Korea’s capital city. Although the process of preparing was extremely hard, but just thinking about needing to prepare 5 outfits for each of the 12 members in just a few days, which in total is 60 outfits, our head starts to ache.  This lead to us having overweight baggage despite having first class tickets to Korea, at the end it was only because the staff saw that it was for the photo shoot with EXO that they let us go. When we arrived in Korea, we were stopped by the custom officers because they mistakenly thought that we had smuggled the clothing from abroad. Finally, after confirming that we were indeed reporters heading to hold a photo shoot with EXO, did the officers comfortably let us go.

Perhaps it is because they are too popular, due to their consecutive schedules, it was only at 2pm of the day itself did the photo shoot begin. All of EXO’s members only had 2 hours of sleep, when they and the staff rushed over to the photo shoot venue like strong gust of wind, all of them had not even taken their lunch. Us reporters were unable to hold it in, and very immorally, began to worry about the quality of the photo shoot. What was good, was that the reporters had predicted this and prepared them lunch in advance, thankfully the SM staff in Korea were very nice, and there none of the rumours of ‘Koreans being hard to handle’ were realized. Perhaps, that ‘being hard to handle’ was just people from China not fully adapting to the strict and professional working attitude! Finally, because of the 12 members of EXO’s professional attitude and rapport, the group of Korean photographers’ hard work and EXO’s managers huge assistance, we were actually able to finish the photo shoot half an hour in advance!

At the photo shoot venue, each and every member of EXO was extremely handsome, definitely even more handsome than on TV or in magazines. It was precisely because of this that us, reporters, started to feel immense pressure –this time we must definitely photograph them to look more handsome than they do in real life, only then will it be considered a success!

EXO is undoubtedly a group of well-trained artistes that have gone through training from a big international company. Not only are they polite, they are professional and have good work ethic. At the venue, we saw that the 12 of them had very good relationships, they are Asia’s idols, but actually they too are just a group of boys next door –when it wasn’t their turn, the members who would want to take a nap, took a nap; those that wanted to play games would play games; those who wanted to use their mobile phones, used their mobile phones; those who wanted to play around, played around –they were very young, lively and cute.

And what left the deepest impression with our reporters was that Luhan and Sehun’s relationship was so close that it would make one jealous –when Sehun would finish trying out a set of clothes and would face the mirror and do a catwalk and make a few poses while looking pleased, Luhan would smile and not be able to control himself and up to Sehun and peel off his clothes to wear on his own, and exaggeratedly imitate Sehun’s poses from before, causing Sehun and all the staff present to laugh till they couldn’t close their mouths –that kind of an intimate scene is just way too fresh and good, it was stuck in our reporters’ heads for days and could not be erased.

In our next issue, EXO-K will appear on the cover of our magazine. Once again, the twelve members will appear, with brand new outfits and an attractive photo spread, don’t miss out!

source: weibo
translation cr; amy@exom-trans
please take out with full credits

[INTERVIEW] Xiumin x Men’s Style Sept. Issue ‘Mr. Seductive’



Nationality: Korea
Height: 173cm
Nicknames: Mantou (Bun), Kim Baozi, Baozi, Cute bun (Calls himself this), MINMIN, Jiaozi (Cause he became skinnier by a lot), Da Ge, Bao Bao Da Ren (Lord Bun Bun), Little Squirrel
Responsibilities in the team: M second main vocal, second lead dancer, in charge of screaming
Talents: Singing, Taekwondo, Swordmanship, dance, Soccer etc.
Favorite artistes: JJ Lin, Jay Chou
Ideal Type: 眼缘/Yan Yuan is very important (T/N: Seeing a person for the first time and getting attracted to him or her). A girl that can hug and take care of me, and give me comfort/console me when we are dating (When I see a person I like I will immediately confess to her)
Pre-debut Experiences: 2008 SM Everysing Contest Runnerup

Trans cr: rellasoo
Scans cr: @浅笑出了声

[TRANS] Baekhyun @ Men’s Style September Issue ‘Mr. Seductive’



Nickname: beef
Weight: 52kg
Birth date: 06/05/1992
Blood type: O
Shoe size: around 41
Position in EXO: K-main vocal, mood make, eyeliner
Special skill in MAMA: bright lights
Personality: energetic, happy, easy to get close to, gentle, nice doesn’t get mad
Favorite colors: black, white, grey
Ideal type: Han Ga-in (한가인), a girl with charms, looks good in jeans, pale skin, nice body, cute, generous, girls with fragrant smells, cute round girls, not too skinny
Favorite movie genres: science fiction, action
Favorite number: 48
Roommate: Chanyeol
Currently rooming: Chanyeol, Xiumin, Tao
Motto: Effort is the way of survival

Scans + Trans cr: 浅笑出了声

[TRANS] Suho @ Men’s Style September Issue ‘Mr. Seductive’



Official Height: 173cm
Weight: 52kg
Date of Birth: May 22nd, 1991
Role in EXO: EXO’s Head-leader, EXO-K’s Leader, Vice-vocalist, “Mama”, King of gentle
Personality: Ideal, has manners, attentive, gentle, timid (based on EXO’s votes @ Happy Camp 2013 episode)
Unique Traits: Does not like the cold
Strong Points: Singing, Acting, Golf
Favorite Actress: 李珉廷 (이민정,Lee MinJung)
Ideal Type: Literature student with long straight hair, reading a book on a balcony, and smoothing her hair to behind her ears; for outer-appearance is a literature and arts girl with long straight hair; inner personality is a lively and bright girl.
Favorite number: 8
Favorite food: Kimbap
Favorite Chinese food: Roast Duck
Motto: Know yourself.

Trans cr: @Icingonyou
Scans cr: @浅笑出了声

[TRANS] Tao @ Men’s Style September Issue ‘Mr. Seductive’



Place of birth: Shandong province, Qingdao city
Nationality: Chinese
Birthday: 2 May 1993
Blood type: AB
Height: 183cm
Role in the group: Rapper, Martial arts
Special abilities in MAMA: TIME CONTROL, stopping objects in motion and stopping time
Nicknames: Romantic Panda, Kungfu Panda (Fan’s nickname), Little leopard, Peacock gege
Favorite print/design: Leopard, skulls
Favorite colors: Bright colors, blue
Awards won:
1. 3rd Beijing University Students Street Dance Competition Rap Category – Excellence Award
2. 2nd Capital City High School Street Dance Competition
3. National Wushu Competition 3rd place
4. Qingdao City Movie Wushu Competition Sword Category 2nd, Spear performance Category 1st place
5. 3rd Beijing University Students Street Dance Competition DJ Category – Excellence Award
6. Hong Kong Music Festival Freestyle Rap – First Place

Translation cr: amy@exom-tran
Scans cr: fy-exo@tumblr浅笑出了声

[TRANS] Luhan @ Men’s Style September Issue ‘Mr. Seductive’



Nationality: Chinese
Height: 178cm
Birthday: 1990/04/20
Zodiac sign: Aries
Role in group: M lead vocalist, lead dancer, visual
Pet phrases: “En” (okay), “Wan le yi hou” (after it’s done/after it’s finished), “Jiu zhe yang ba” (that’s settled/we’ll leave it at that), “Dui” (right), “Jiu zhe yang” (basically the same as “Jiu zhe yang ba”)
Personality: Polite and humble, lively, likes to laugh, loyal to friends (mentioned in Happy Camp), low-profile, optimistic, kind, cute
Genre of music he likes: R&B
Movie he likes: The Shawshank Redemption
Soccer club he likes: Manchester United
Celebrities he likes: TVXQ, Bruno Mars, Usher, Akon

Scans Cr: fy-exo@tumblr, 浅笑出了声
Translation credits: fychen@tumblr, ivoryxing@tumblr, 浅笑出了声

[TRANS] D.O. @ Men’s Style September Issue ‘Mr. Seductive’



Officially-recognised nickname: Dyo
Nationality: Korean
Official height: 173cm
Zodiac sign: Capricorn
Blood type: A
Debut: 2012/04/08, Inki Gayo stage
Personality: Sensitive at heart, serious, responsible, caring, introverted at times, self-composed,
kind, cute, but can sometimes be really weird/crazy and lively
Individual skills: BEAT BOX, rap, voice imitation
Future dream: Wants to become a chef or designer aside from being a singer
Ideal type: A girl who’s kind, and enjoys everything she eats
Girl group he likes: f(x)
Actress he likes: Amanda Seyfried
Food he likes: Spaghetti, strawberry cake, mint chocolate ice-cream
Close celebrity friends: Im HyunShik (BtoB), Yoon DooJoon (BEAST)
Roommate: Kim JongIn (At current: Luhan, Oh SeHun)
cr: meeeeeeshell

[TRANS] Kai @ Men’s Style September Issue ‘Mr. Seductive’



Nationality: Korean
Official Height: 183cm
Weight: 68kg
Date of Birth: January 14, 1994
Astrology Sign: Capricorn
Role in group: Head-dancer, EXO-K’s Lead Dancer, “Sexy Member”, Rapper
Personality: Even though he is filled with sincerity and wants to be nice to people, he does not know how to express it; serious (dedicated); warm; honest; reserved; focus; modest; a bit stiff; puts a lot of emphasis on feelings; kind-hearted; pure; cute; on the outside appears to be cool but actually can take care of other people; workaholic; don’t know how to act coquettishly; does not like to talk a lot.
Charismatic Qualities: Excellent dancing skills; Wheat (Healthy) Complexion; Sexy figure and voice; Domineering and cute in one body; Powerful Stage Presence; Serious, focused personality; On-stage confidence; Backstage shyness; Does not know how to fake it (t/n: is himself all the time); Will do his very best in fan service (t/n: satisfying his fans).
Favorite colors: Red, black, and blue
Trainee Period: 5 years (2008 to January 3rd, 2012)

Scans Cr: @浅笑出了声
Trans cr: @Icingonyou 2013