[REMINDER] Birthday Project: OBLIVIATE’s Happy CHEN Day- Ends in 2 DAYS

OBLIVIATE has finally released its birthday project for Chen!! There are two components and both projects are fairly simple.

Part 1: “Chen, your voice is like ________”

Fill in the blank with all the affection and encouragement you can manage! All the sentences will be compiled into a book and sent to Chen. Leave your messages on the board, and among everyone who submits messages, 5 will be randomly selected to receive a photobook from OBLIVIATE! So please participate actively!! ^O^

Part 2: Letters and private gift deliveries! 

OBLIVIATE will be delivering any handwritten letters or personal gifts to Chen (as will c.Antares). Please email the fansite master at chendae_@naver.com OR leave a question in the Q&A board!! The deadline for part 2 is September 10th.

Once again, please check the source for more information and the message boards!! We hope to see all Chen and EXO fans participate! Please drop us a message if you have any questions!

Cr: fychen.tumblr

[REMINDER] Lay’s International Birthday Project Ends Today


For Yixing’s 22nd birthday this year (October 7th), we plan on handing Yixing a very unique fanvideo, filled with as many diverse and far-reaching messages from fans as possible. Our focus is on presenting Yixing with a truly global birthday celebration, personalised by your native language and individual creativity.

WE WILL FOLLOW YOU TO THE STARS … We would like to show Yixing our continued support, and that as an international fanbase, we have never tired from lending Yixing our strength and love. With your participation, we’ll be able to succeed in our goal!

ETERNAL SUPPORT, CARRIED EVERYWHERE … We are also raising donations in order to create a small, pocket-sized book (3 x 2 in, 24 pgs). This book will contain a compilation of words, short phrases and doodles that all donators and fan artists will have the chance to contribute to! The purpose of creating this book is so that Yixing will be able to carry it around with him everywhere – the words of his fans, therefore, can always support him.

VISUAL CREATION … We will be including fanart submissions in either our video or our book. Further details are in the ‘Fanart’ section of our FAQ!


Film a short video clip of yourself saying “Happy birthday, Yixing!” in your native language (every language is allowed!).

Your video clip should not be longer than ten seconds
Please film in landscape, with HD quality if possible
Do not include anything of an obscene or inappropriate nature
Please film in .MP4/.MOV format
Please be as visually creative as possible – ideas are in this post!
Camera shy? We’d still love for you to send us a short audio clip saying “Happy birthday Yixing”, or a short birthday wish, again in your native language! Your audio clip must be in .MP3 format.


Please see the top of our FAQs here.


The deadline for this project is August 31st September 8th. Please send in your clip as soon as possible and encourage other fans to join in. With your help, we hope to reach our goal and make this project successful for Yixing! If you have any further questions, please contact us on: ask.fm, twitter or privately at fyyixing@gmail.com

Thank you so, so much for your support!

Cr: fyyixing.tumblr.com