[GIVEAWAY EVENT] Wish Chen a Happy Birthday and win an EXO CD!

EXO’s CHEN’s birthday is on September 21 – so we’re holding a giveaway and giving some gifts to YOU the fans!

All you have to do to win a EXO CD is:

  1. Leave CHEN a birthday wish (make it fun and exciting with photos, videos, etc. for a better chance at winning!) in a reply below
  2. You must have at LEAST 30 balloons to be selected as a winner – NO SPAMMING!!
  3. You must have a profile photo to be selected as a winner! Upload one in your My Activity page!

Click here to see how: http://mwave.interest.me/forum/view/221538

We’ll announce ONE winner every day (excluding weekends) starting from September 23!

9月21日是EXO CHEN的生日~

1. 在此帖子上留下生日祝福语!(亲情提示:留言内容有趣精彩,并附上照片或视频的话,获奖机会就会越大!)
2. 您必须拥有最少30个气球 – 不得恶意刷屏!!
3. 您必须上传个人头像!可以在‘我的个人主页’更改个人头像!

Source: mwave

[TRANS] EXO @ Céci Magazine October Issue


EXO Envisioning Themselves in 19 Years:

Chanyeol: I hope I’m a great dad and a composer.
Suho: I dream of being an entertainer as well as being part of EXO, and see my rabbit-like children.
Sehun: Just like now and then (in 19 years). I’ll still maintain a tight friendship with the members.
Kai: I want to breathe as EXO even after I marry.
D.O.: I’ll be Korea’s representative of ‘cool ahjussi’.
Baekhyun: I’m going to play the piano for my children.
Kris: Everyone in EXO are all happy!
Lay: Hopefully I’ll be working as a composer.
Xiumin: Have a Xiumin-style coffee shop. It was my dream to become a barista and a singer.
Luhan: Live together with my family.
Chen: Be a reliable head of the house! Impressive, right?
Tao: (In 19 years), I want to be both a good actor and singer.

Trans © ggamjongin