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Greetings from Sparkling, the first and only K-Pop magazine in the Philippines. We’re here to tell you about our Fall 2013 issue coming out this October, which features EXO (and SHINee) on the flip covers! 🙂 Aside from the EXO cover story, we also have exclusive coverage from K-Pop Republic with EXO-K!

This is the first time we’re having EXO on our cover, so we’re really excited. The issue will be out on magazine stands in the Philippines starting the second week of October. International fans can purchase digital copies of the mag via our iTunes app here. Physical copies can be bought via Fangirlasia.com. An issue costs Php 150 (roughly $3.50 for physical copies and $3.99 for digital).

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[TRANS] Chen’s Story @ Ize Magazine

Chen will hum along with the background music “Super Mario” while bending down to tie his shoelaces, and start dancing by himself to the music being played while waiting for his turn to take photos, completely fits his nickname “Funky Funky Chen”.

Although he feels proud about the results achieved from training so hard, he will also critique himself very objectively, and accept the members’s teasing very well, maintaining an attitude of understanding the other person’s intention when they said those words, his cheerful, sunny image hiding a meticulous/considerate and thoughtful soul deep inside. The words “A man with a beautiful inner side/soul” will involuntarily surface in our mind, this description was created just for him.

Chen. 1992.9.21. Although I like to joke around, I feel that I am still different from Chanyeol and Baekhyun. (Laughs) This two friends seriously have the ability to be noisy/playful from morning all the way until the middle of the night. When filming MVs we usually end up working through the night, and I really got surprised by their ability to stay noisy/playful all the way to the end. (Baekhyun: Although I have the restless, noisy type of personality, I jut need to rest for a little while and can go back to being lively again. Haha!) Members all call me “Funky” but actually I feel that my “Funky”ness is probably just me being slightly mischievous in my actions.

Because I am the lead singer and am in charge of the high notes, I have been working hard to be able to project a nice voice. First, I will start to relax my vocal chords bit by bit from the low notes, and try not to lick my lips before I go on stage, only drinking a sip of water.

A while ago, we went out for a while to stroll along Han river, and an ajumma said “EXO right? My daughter really likes you all”. I felt so amazed after hearing it. A few of the members were there too, she probably knew we were EXO from recognizing one of us… And the one she recognized was me, seriously! (Laughs) It probably was due to the performance on KBS’ Immortal Song. The first time going on that stage, Baekhyun and I sang “I really do not know” together, and because it’s a exquisite balled we practised a lot and discussed a lot. We needed to express the emotions in the lyrics and at the same time coordinate well so our voices become one, just discussing “This part I will sing like this, then the next part you sing like this”, we ended up staying past 5 am in the morning.

I like the movie “Avengers”, if I can pick a character I want to become Thor. Because then I can control thunder to my heart’s content. Sometimes (we? I? ) will call D.O. “that little guy”. I am not afraid of D.O.’s punches at all. Because D.O. is a “little guy”. I have an older brother and I will sometimes think what it would be like to have a younger sister. If she does something ill-mannered, I will probably reprimand her strictly. Also, I must explain to her, let her understand why doing that is not right. If humans can stay on EXO Planet, other than a singer, I want to be a normal university student, who works part time to earn his own pocket money.

English Translation: rellasoo
Original Chinese translation by @_原博易主_ on weibo

[TRANS] Yixing’s Story @ Ize Magazine

His long lithe neck and deep deep eyes, unconsciously lead people to think of herbivores, this kind of mood will allow us to taste/slowly enjoy his quiet and considerate personality. But the Lay that can do a Kristina voice imitation of “Kim~Chi~Jji~gae~” with a sincere expression, is indeed a man with the charm of reversal. Answering any question with no hesitation, using a large amount of vocabulary that is seriously surprising, and the way he answers questions enthusiastically, makes us anticipate his extremely unique personality. As though it is rightfully this way, no matter how busy, how tired and how hard it is, he definitely will not forget to say “Thank you”, like he will never stray from the promise he set for himself no matter now or in the future.

Lay. 1991.10.7. When I was asked what should be filled in after KaNaTaLaMaPaSaAjaChaKaTa’, of course it must be ‘Pa’. Pa, Pa, Hip hop~ Yeah~ (Laughs) I have always been learning Korean meticulously. I learnt “cool” phrases from Sehun and used it on broadcast programs before. (Laughs) Baekhyun also taught me a low of amazing phrases, lately I learnt the word “Vitamin”.

Because I like to shower, it’s until the extent that if I’m soaking in the bath I can last in there for up to 10 hours. But we can only have showers in our bathroom, if the dorm suddenly has no more hot water it would be terrible. Fortunately, our dorm is really not that bad, we can keep having hot water to use. Haha! I like the majority of Stephen Chow’s movies. I like Shaolin Soccer the most out of all of them.

I really want to eat a meal with Mr. Lee Soo Man. If it’s me ordering I will probably order Pasta or Pizza, but since our Chairman seems to like Kimchi Jjigae, so I will probably get Kimchi Jjigae.

In EXO, my role in healing. Although I cannot heal my members much in reality, no matter what happens I will always pray and be happy for them. If EXO planet can have humans living in it, I want to make delicious food and share it with everyone in the world. I want to be able to eat delicious food and live happily with the people I love.

English Translation: rellasoo
Original Chinese translation by @_原博易主_ on weibo

[TRANS] Suho’s Story (ft. Lay) @ Ize Magazine

Suho: I was born on May 22nd, 1991. I am EXO’s leader. I often buy food for the members, and I feel proud when the dongsaengs thank me and tell me they want to buy food for me too after deliciously eating the food I bought them. On the other hand, when I confidently buy food that I think is yummy but they don’t finish it as if it tastes bad, I feel a little empty. (laughs) I think of golf as a hobby rather than a specialty. When I was in middle school, I tried learning golf for about 6 months at a fitness club out of curiosity but I wasn’t really that good. As the leader, soon after our debut I was in charge of answering questions about EXO’s meaning or album concept, and because of it, I was seen as a stiff and exemplary kind of character.

Lay: Our leader is really dignified and he works hard in everything. He’s awesome.

Suho: However, I’m surprisingly a fun person. (laughs) People who have never talked to me and just seen me from afar might not know, but if we talk or message for 5~10 minutes, then you will know that I’m a fun person! On MBC Weekly Idol, D.O said regarding my face, “When he just sits there, he’s handsome, but when he smiles, he’s ugly.” But rather than ugly, I think the expression “less handsome” is more correct. I know D.O was being funny because it was on an entertainment program, but honestly… I do agree that I’m not very handsome when I smile. (laughs) When I watch MBC I Live Alone, I feel good about living together with the members. Nevertheless, when I’m really tired and want to sleep and the members come into my room one by one to say something to me, I sometimes think that I need some time to myself. If Earthlings could migrate to EXO-planet, I would want to try being a teacher who teaches knowledge to students and values empathizing with them.

trans credit: dyonut

[TRANS] EXO @ E-Daily Interview

‘What is the place that EXO looks first when they meet a female?’

In the first half of this year and the second half of the year, hitting success one after another with two songs, ‘Wolf and Beauty’ and ‘Growl,’  EXO found their spot as this year’s best driving force for this year. More than anyone else, they are spending their time busily. E-Daily, StarIn recently met with EXO and had an interview. In writing, we asked the three questions the fans were most curious about and listened to their answers.

-What do you want to do if EXO was given a short vacation, time for yourself.

  • I want to go to a quiet place and have time to myself. I want to empty my head and start with a new heart. (Sehun)
  • I want to go home to meet my parents. I also want to go on a backpacking trip by myself as well. I think I will be happy just with the fact that I am free. (D.O)
  • I want to go home. I want to gather with my parents and eat homemade food. I wasn’t able to go home for a long time because of schedules and I miss my parents and miss homemade food. (Baekhyun)
  • I will go to China. I want to see my parents. (Tao)
  • I want to meet my middle school, high school, and college friends. (Suho)
  • I want to have a meal with my family on one table. It has been a while since I ate a meal with my family. (Chen)
  • I miss my parents and I also want to go to a tranquil place and relax carefree by myself.(Kai)
  • I want to go to the beach or a ski resort with the members. There was no time when we went to go play with the members. (Chanyeol) 
  • I want to go on a trip. I wan freedom. (Kris)
  • I want to go home and meet my parents. (Luhan)
  • I want to go play. (Lay)
  • We usually move with a car. I want to walk on the streets to my heart’s content.(Xiumin)

-If EXO became a super hero, what do you want to do.

  • I want to just change everything. (Sehun)
  • I want to help all the unfortunate people in this world. I want everyone in this world to be happy. (D.O)
  • I want to go to outer space and travel around various planets. I also want to go to the bottom of the sea. Because I’m really curious, I’m curious as to what is there. (Baekhyun)
  • I want to be an actor. (Tao)
  • While revolving the world, I want to help all those that are in danger. Isn’t that what a super hero’s role is. (Suho)
  • I want to fly. I think it would be comfortable when we go from our schedules. (Chen)
  • Like Spiderman, I think I would quietly live my own life while preceding. (Kai)
  • I want to fly in the sky freely. I want to help those that are in trouble or hurt. (Chanyeol)
  • I want to fly in the sky. Because I can’t fly. (Kris)
  • I want to live freely. (Luhan)
  • Whether it is home or wherever I want, I want to fly there. (Lay)
  • If we become a super hero, do we have to do something? (Xiumin)

-When you see a female, where is the first place you look at. Why?

  • I don’t have anything like that. I think feel is most important. (Sehun)
  • Although I have any standards, I think I try to see the person’s overall facet. (D.O)
  • Skin. I personally like a female with nice skin. (Baekhyun)
  • Face. (Tao)
  • Face. I like a girl who smile brighting while greeting when we first meet. If I want to see her smile, I need to see her face. (Suho)
  • Eyes.  Even when talking, I like talking while looking in someone’s eyes. (Chen)
  • Personality. Even if her appearance is outstanding, if her personality does not match then she is not harmful. (Kai)
  • I look at the feeling a lot. If she is a person that connects well with me or not. (Chanyeol)
  • Eyes. This is the place I look at first. I like pretty eyes. (Kris)
  • Legs. (Luhan)
  • It is the eyes. (Lay)
  • I don’t really know. (Xiumin)

source: E-Daily
translation cr; nahbit @ exok-trans
please take out with full credits
do NOT repost on tumblr

[TRANS] “EXO is One Team” @ Ize Magazine Interview Part ②

We can only describe it as a surprising happening. The phenomenon that EXO recently showed was one that was unpredicted from a rookie who debuted just over one year ago. ‘Growl,’ which was released over a month ago is still in the top 5 on music charts and their first album and repackage album sales combined together surpassed way over 700 thousand albums. Debuting with ‘MAMA’ in April 2014, after having a hiatus of around one year, they passed ‘Wolf and Beauty’ and can now say they were a success by certainly stamping the name EXO with ‘Growl.’ And during the time of debut the 12 members that were split into EXO-K, Korean promotions team, and EXO-M, Chinese promotions team, have become one like their cheer, “WE ARE ONE” and showed a performance on the next level. In order to ask them how they were able to grow in such a fast time, met EXO. EXO interviews that will be revealed throughout four days, the second day, we prepared the way EXO practices together and the back story to their appearance on On top of that, you can also meet Suho and Baekhyun, Chen and Lay’s detailed stories.

Team Practices’ Value
How did you practice for the performance of ‘Growl.’ There must be members who are specialized in rap and vocals since the beginning.
: For dance, during our trainee period, in the basic class we started learning from bounce and riding the rhythm and starting from the next level, we learned dances that were more and more harder. Because at that time we were individually judged, we needed to match the balance between the skills of a person who dances well and the skills of a person who does not dance well. That is why if we become one team, we try to hold onto someone who dances really well and tries to be in the spot light too much, and try to help someone who is lacking to be better.
Kai: Even after debut, we learned in the aspects that we individually lacking in and taught in the areas that we were good in. Suppose Chanyeolie hyung felt himself that he was lacking in his dance skills, he will go to a member that dances well and ask how he should practice. And because it was a whole practice, we tried to match the choreography angle the same.
Chen: While promoting ‘Wolf and Beauty’ and ‘Growl,’ I ended up using the same room as Kai and after finishing the day’s practice, before we slept, we talked a lot. They were conversations like ‘today it was like this, tomorrow I should do it like this.’ Although he’s a dongsaeng, I had a lot of things I could learn from him. When we practice, because Kai always matches to my level and teaches me how to dance, it was easy to take it in. After listening, the next practice I would do it the way Kai had told me and add gestures. And even then if it wasn’t working, Kai would fix it again.

You must have felt the value of practicing as a team.
: The meaning was really big. If I was practicing by myself, my skills will exceed slowly, but if in front of friends that dance well, I learn a lot of good things and learn quicker.
Chen: Before I came into the company, I never touched the thing called dance and my training period was short as well. But seeing as how I debuted in a performance group, in the beginning it was really hard. However the members would come hand practice with me whether it be early in the morning or even late at night, and soon I was able to follow these friends. No matter how hard something is, I think we can do everything when with the members. I think that me being bale to dance on stage like this now is all thanks to the members.

When practicing, is there a rule that is autonomously decided.
: There is not something that we decided on. It is not an atmosphere where we force one to practice. Because we all live together in the dorm and move together, there is no way there can be a member late to practice.
Xiumin: For now, it’s when we do it, let’s do it right.
Baekhyun: Because everyone works hard there is nothing like ‘today let’s do over four hours.’ If amongst the twelve members, one member doesn’t want to practice, we consider that person and let them go to the dorm and for those who want to practice more do it individually. But even then, I think basically we do over eight hours of practice a day. It’s because we must prepare perfectly so that we can show a different side.
Chen: Especially because our hiatus time after ‘MAMA’ was long, we prepared very hard amongst ourselves as well.

In a situation where everyone is tired to the point that they’re going to faint, who is the member that endures till the end.
: If we feel like we’re going to die, then we all rest together. Because we can’t be tired tomorrow because we practiced one more hour today.
Lay: When I see it, I think everyone endures it well. When we really feel like we’re going to die, if we order hamburgers once, then we all gather strength again. (laughter) Once I thought, ‘why is it that when we order hamburgers, we gather strength,’ and I think it’s because when we eat, we gain weight, and then because we have to exercise, we practice harder. And if atmosphere maker Baekhyun makes a hwaiting atmosphere, we all gather strength together.

{Immortal Song}
Does Baekhyun have a know-how on how to make the atmosphere better during a situation where everyone is tired.
: For instance, if someone got a move wrong, I make everyone laugh by expressing that more ridiculously. It’s not like I say something funny and make the atmosphere better. (laughter)

A member that is in charge of that type of role, for your first appearance on you went with just Chen, and because you had to be more serious, it must have been nerve wracking.
: If you look at it in one way, because it was the first performance where we were singing in front of many people representing EXO, it was burdensome. Maybe it was because of that, I’m not the type that gets really nervous on stage but I was really nervous then.
Chen: While singing I saw Baekhyun’s hand and it was shaking hard. (laughter) After that, the next time we appeared, we went with a lot of members, and for sure I was able to tell that the difference between when with the members and without was big.

Were the other members who went on able to adjust to it pretty quickly.
: Originally when I stand on stage, I get more nervous than the other members. And because Jeon Youngrok sunbae was in front of of us on I was so nervous I don’t even know if I sang.
Kai: On that program, the session is all live. But we weren’t able to match the song and dance to it because of the situation status. Our turn was the ending performance but because we went in late, the guitarist played for a longer time. (laughter) If we had matched it before hand or if we had more experience, we would have been able to deal with a situation like that better but because we were nervous and on top of that unable to prepare a lot, we were slightly taken aback. Although it could have been better, we worked hard.

{Promoting in China}

Even then, I think the fact that you guys were able to appear on a program like that, EXO-K and EXO-M promoting together, was something meaningful. Originally Chen and Xiumin debuted in EXO-M but isn’t it hard promoting in an unfamiliar place.
: When the company asked me, “we’re going to have a Chinese and Korean team, what do you think?’ I first answered without any hesitance that I wanted to go into the Chinese team. Of course my parents worried a lot. Because I didn’t even discuss with them and I just said it because I wanted to. But, after debuting and going to China for the first time till now, I think that I made a really good choice. Although there is a language wall between the Chinese fans and I, with just the fact that I can let them hear my song, I am happy. Sometimes fans ask me why I didn’t promote in Korea but either way, EXO is one team. Just because I debuted with EXO-M doesn’t mean I can’t meet with Korean fans and because I can go around with the other members like this, I don’t have anything I feel lacking.

Even then, was there not something that was hard to adjust to.
: It was the language aspect. Even if walking the street and I look at the signs, it’s in Chinese and because even the people talk in Chinese, I can’t understand. Because I didn’t go after I learned Chinese perfectly. However now because I adjusted well, the ear that listens and the eyes that see have been pierced through a lot. If I see a sign in Chinese, I end up going, “Uh, I know that!” Should I say that instead, when I go to China I feel a sense of closeness.

When you were tired, the other EXO-M members must have been of support.
: It was a relief that the Chinese friends can speak Korean well. Ah, but there were pros and cons. Because they are good at Korean, even when we went to China we communicated smoothly and my Chinese skills didn’t not improve. (laughter)
Tao: To be honest, even during our promotions in China, so we don’t forget, we talked to the hyungs in Korean.
Xiumin: In the end, we received and gave help to one another.

EXO-K members also officially started Chinese promotions starting this year but did you come to agree to these two people’s problems.
: Chinese is especially hard. The intonation is all different and for most people, if they don’t live in China for a long time or study for a long time, it’s hard but the fact that these two promoted until now is really tremendous. When recording the album, because we had to record in Chinese without knowing anything, it was hard.
Chen: These friends are good as well. Although I don’t think it’s better than my skills from debut. (laughter)

source: Ize
translation cr; nahbit @ exok-trans