[HQ SCANS] EXO @ So Cool October Issue Nr. 96


[TRANS] EXO @ So Cool Magazine, Nr. 96, October Issue Part ②

T/N: The magazine editors split the members into the 2 covers based on whether they thought the members were “Cat” or “Dog” type, so the “Dog” cover was Lay, Kris, Chanyeol, Tao, Luhan and Sehun. and the “Cat” cover was Kyungsoo, Baekhyun, Suho, Xiumin, Kai and Chen. 😀


  1. The concepts of “Cat”-style boyfriends and “Dog”-style boyfriends are very popular now, which one do you think you belong to?
    “Cat” Style: Calm, intelligent, introverted, meticulous, lazy, willful, thinks too much
    “Dog” Style: Passionate, sporty, extroverted, hardworking, slightly insensitive, places a lot of emphasis on friendships and relationships.
  2. Other than your own songs, what songs have you been often listening to?
  3. If you were to get a one month-long holiday, what do you want to do the most?
  4. What do you think is your greatest change in the new album?
  5.  If you had the opportunity to be the first male lead in a movie, what character do you want to be?
  6.  Normally how do you communicate with your fans?


  1. I should be a combination of both cat-style and dog-style, in front of my friends I can be rather crazy and a little willful; towards my girlfriend, I will tend to be 大男子主义(T/N:a man who can bring happiness and safety to people around him; believes his responsibilty is to protect his wife and children, hence receiving his wife’s respect), always wanting to protect her.
  2. Lately I been into listening to hip-hop style music.
  3. If the vacation break is one month long, I want to travel the world, go take a look at the world’s different sceneries and cultures.
  4. I feel like I didn’t have a big change, I am always this good-looking (laughs), just my hair just got shorter.
  5. Actually I am a little conflicted, on one hand I want to act a cool assassin, but on the other hand, I also want to act a rather tragic male-lead, I am confident that I will act the part very well.
  6. We have very few opportunities, so I find it a pity. If we have fanmeets, then I think this should be a very good way to communicate.


  1. I feel like I am a dog-style boyfriend, because I am rather extroverted, passionate.
  2. I normally listen to R&B music more often, i’s quite similar to my personality – lighthearted.
  3. If I really had a one-month vacation, I wish I can go home and spend it with my parents.
  4. I think my biggest change is still my hairstyle, the styling compared to last album’s, it’s very different.
  5. I think that as long as it is the male lead, I can accept it (laughs), and will earnestly try to act it.
  6. During our performances and at airports, is when we communicate with our fans relatively more, it’s always a pleasure to see them.


  1. I think I am a dog-style boyfriend, because I tend to place a lot of emphasis on relationships.
  2. Usually I listen to a big range of music styles, I listen to a lot of different genres of music,
  3. I really want to travel with my family, together experience a family like feeling.
  4. I think that there wasn’t any changes, if I had to mention one, it should be my dance abilities, I am probably more adept now on stage.
  5. If I have such a great opportunity, I want to play the role of a villian even more.
  6. My method is rather easy, I smile brightly and wave to our fans who come to see us.


  1. I think that I am a dog-style boyfriend, my personailty is more like dog-style too.
  2. Lately I have been listening to Kangta sunbae’s songs.
  3. If I had a vacation, I really want to meet up with friends, together go play freely or drink a few cups together (laughs)
  4. I think that my biggest change is on my outside appearance, because during our last album I still had a little baby fat, now I have lost more weight. A second change is that I can perform on stage with more ease.
  5. I think for acting, there is a greater possibility that I will be a cameo, because I still want to put more energy into singing and dancing.
  6. There is rather more interactions during our fansigns and there are performances in which we interact with everyone, if in the future there is a possibility of holding a concert, I wish we can interact with everyone even more.


  1. Cat (-style), but I emphasis a lot on feelings!!
  2. I personally like the more soothing ballads, some R&B and soul style music.
  3. Go to a rather crowded place and freely play, and I also want to go to a peaceful place to enjoy my personal time.
  4. We have changed a lot in every aspect, for example, all of us have grown/matured, in our dancing, singing, little movements, facial expressions? etc. Although we are still lacking, we will still continue to grow (do better).
  5. Chaebol? (laughs) Actually any role is fine with me.
  6. I think that through our official homepage or during fansigns and stage performances (do we communicate with our fans), actually there are not a lot of chances, I wish in the future there are even more opportunities to get to know everyone.


  1. Probably cat-style boyfriend, I think I am a rather meticulous, stubborn, like to think a lot, kind of person, which is why I think a cat-style boyfriend is more like me.
  2. Usually I like to listen to some R&B music, lighthearted-style music can make people become happy.
  3. If I am allowed to, I would like to spend time with my parents, and use time wisely to improve my Rap skills and variety skills.
  4. I think my image had a rather big change, compared to the previous album, there is more personality.
  5. i think that no matter what role, I will challenge and digest it, and express it in the best way.
  6. Our meeting methods are very special every time, most of the time it is at the airport, so there are times when we see our fans and talk a bit, also during our fansigns or at performances.


  1. The concepts of “Cat”-style boyfriends and “Dog”-style boyfriends are very popular now, which one do you think you belong to?
    “Cat” Style: Calm, intelligent, introverted, meticulous, lazy, willful, thinks too much
    “Dog” Style: Passionate, sporty, extroverted, hardworking, slightly insensitive, places a lot of emphasis on friendships and relationships.
  2. Other than your own songs, what songs have you been often listening to?
  3. If you were to get a one month-long holiday, what do you want to do the most?
  4. What do you think is your greatest change in the new album?
  5.  If you had the opportunity to be the first male lead in a movie, what character do you want to be?
  6.  Normally how do you communicate with your fans?


  1. I am a dog-style boyfriend, because I am rather extroverted, passionate, so a dog-style boyfriend is more like me.
  2. Lately I have preferred listening to ballads, some R&B and soul style music.
  3. On a vacation, the thing I want to do the most is go home and eat home-cooked food, because we usually have a tight schedule, so we often tend to buy delivery, so I really miss the taste of “home-style” food.
  4. My greatest breakthrough in this album, is gaining some improvement on my dancing (skills) and on stage gain a bit more of an at-ease type of confidence.
  5. Actually I really want to try to play the role of someone who is likes to joke around, makes the audience want to dislike him a little, yet can’t seem to dislike him.
  6. Normally there are not a lot of chances, it is mainly through our performances that there are more interactions.


  1. Probably a dog-style boyfriend, because I especially emphasize feelings, and rather affectionate,  enjoy interacting with people, so I am rather similar to dog-style.
  2. Skrillex, Draft Punk, Beenzino, Jazzyfact, I mostly listen to electronica or Jazz, Hip-hop more. Lately the song I’ve been listening to the most is Daft Punk’s “Within.”
  3. I want to go to the shore with the rest of the members and play freely, or go visit my teachers.
  4. The biggest change is that there are more singing parts for me…haha~just joking~ compared to “MAMA,” now I have participated more in subvocal or back-up vocal.
  5. I want to play the role of a rebellious student or  a Church oppa/hyung, or a extremely free neighbour oppa/hyung, etc, hehe~ there are a lot of role I want to try!
  6. On stage through music or through fansigns that we communicate with our fans, I wish we can as soon as possible hold a fanmeet.


  1. I feel like I am neither, I should be a “lamb-style” boyfriend, the type that is rather gentle, like to take care others, of course during many occasions I too wish I can be the taken-care of person, also I tend to be more stubborn and a little persistent.
  2. I tend to listen to Western music more, also some C-POP. Entertainers I admire the most are Jay Chou, Wang Lee Hom and Fang Da (Khalil) Tong.
  3. The previous vacation break, I spend it with family, this time I want to travel, go see the world.
  4. I feel like I became a bit more MAN (masculine), there are some aspects in which I became more mature, of course there are a lot I still need to work on, I will continue to work harder to show a much better self.
  5. I think that as long as I have time to act, for me this will be a challenging opportunity. This is why I will earnestly portray my best with any role given to me.
  6. The place that we usually communicate with fans the most is at the airport, also at the concert venues, as long as they are beside us, we will talk to them, though we tend to worry about their safety, that they will get squished and that they will fall.


  1. Probably dog-style boyfriend, because amongst men, I am rather loyal, take my friendships seriously, am polite to girls, and am the more gentlemanly kind.
  2. I especially like to listen to Maroon 5’s songs, when you listen to their songs they give you a lot of feelings.
  3. If there is a holiday, I really want to go back to my old middle and high schools and visit my teachers, and see my friends during middle school, high school and university, also visit the friends that we worked together with.
  4. For this comeback, during my singing parts I jump around a lot, and look very cute, but at the same time show a hint of sexiness, so I really enjoy the times I get to perform on stage.
  5. I want to try to act as a trustworthy school sunbae, or a cute, mischievous, slightly crazy, but dares to take the first step and confess to girls kind of role.
  6. Most of our interactions is through fansigns, or through leaving messages on the official homepage, every time we leave messages on the homepage I always ponder for a long time what exactly should I write.


  1.  I am half cat-style and half dog-style, so I think I am a cat-dog type. I love to sleep and am more meticulous, but I will work very hard to achieve the things I am passionate about.
  2. I love to listen to Michael Jackson, he is a legend to a lot of people, I will listen to his songs when I am thinking.
  3. During “MAMA, ” I appeared with a more strong image, this time it’s a more “student” kind of feeling.
  4. I prefer to film a biography kind of movie, to talk about my life story, starting from debut to our peak, to how I lead the rest of my life, it does not have to be my own life story, it can be another person’s life story too.
  5. Of course there is a need to see my parents, usually because of a lot of training practices, there is no time to interact with them, I really want to go the shoreline with my parents and play.
  6. Because I have no Weibo or SNS or any social media contact of the same kind, I will dance extra hard on stage for everyone. I also will look at the messages left by everyone on the official homepage, not too long ago, a fan made a video compilation of all my dance moments in chronological order, when I saw itI was very moved .


  1. I think my personality as a whole points to me as a dog-style boyfriend, because I place a lot of emphasis on relationships.
  2. Lately I prefer to listen to R&B songs, there is no specific singer.
  3. If there is a holiday, I really want to rest, and if I can, I want to go on a backpacking trip.
  4. I am more mature than before, and am more comfortable with being on stage, my singing abilities probably also improved.
  5. No matter if it is the male lead or not, if there is an opportunity to act, I will put all my heart and energy into portraying the character to the best.
  6. Right now there isn’t a special way to interact with fans, it is still mainly through our fansigns.

Magazine interview transcript by: skychwu88 on Exo’s Tieba
Translation Cr: Icingonyou

[TRANS] EXO @ So Cool Magazine, Nr. 96, October Issue Part ①

Height: 187 cm
Date of Birth: November 6, 1990
Astrology Sign: Scorpio
Hobbies: Reading, Sleeping, Basketball, Travel
Role in EXO: EXO-M’s Leader, Main Rapper
On the album’s “wish list” you wrote “To fly,” what is the meaning behind “fly”? 
“Fly” refers to the goals I want to achieve, from a long-term perspective, I hope in the future I will be able to try acting in some dramas , to develop in the entertianment industry, because I personally look forward to this particular part of my career. As for a short-term, I am very interested in clothing and styling, therefore I am very mindful to clothing coordination, such that the STYLE that I wear on variety shows and at the airports were all prepared by me.

Height: 183 CM
Date of Birth: May 02, 1993
Astrology Sign: Taurus
Hobbies: Shopping, Internet Surfing, Sports, Play games
Role in EXO: Rapper, “Martial Artist”
When you are in a bad mood or feel very tired, how do you adjust yourself? 
I feel the most important thing to do is to adjust my attitude (towards the situation), to try my best to not feel bad. To release stress I often listen to music, practice Rap, do sports, go to the shore, or go have a walk by the Han River (in South Korea), quietly thinking over the situation is also a great way to release stress.

Height: 178 CM
Date of Birth: April 20, 1990
Astrology Sign: Aries
Hobbies: Singing, Dancing, Soccer, Rubik’s Cube
Role in EXO: EXO-M’s Lead Sinber, Dancer, “Good-Looking”
Can you share with us your most favorite song in the new album? 
In the album, my favorite song is “Butterfly Girl” (Don’t Go), this is a song that has a lot of emotions, mainly because it expresses the determination and yearning we have towards love, and an positive attitude towards a future that is filled with happiness.

Height: 185 CM
Date of Birth: Novmber 27, 1992
Astrology Sign: Sagitaurus
Hobbies: Music, Acting
Role in EXO: Rapper, Atmosphere Maker, Reactions
Usually you are a member who is able to create the atmosphere, do you have any thoughts of developing into the entertainment industry?
Of course! I don’t stress as easily (as others), if I feel stressed out, I will shout loudly, or laugh loudly, that’s why I always look like I’m full of energy, by doing this I can cheer up the people around me. Besides entertainment talents, I still want to show everyone my compositions or other talents I have too.

Height: 184 CM
Date of Birth: April 12, 1994
Astrology Sign: Aries
Hobbies: Listen to music, dance, act
Role in EXO: EXO-K’s Dancer,  “Image Representative”(门面担当), Maknae
From the previous album until now, how you think EXO has grown in music? 
“MAMA” is classic SMP style, “XOXO” is meant to be closer to audience, so we used unique song lyrics and an addictive melody. Everyone can feel there is a different kind of charm, and get to see a 180 degrees different EXO.
Height: 178 CM
Date of Birth: October 07, 1991
Astrology Sign: Libra
Hobbies: Dance, Compose, Write Songs
Role in EXO: EXO-M’s Lead Dancer, Sub-Vocals, “Music Instruments”
We heard that you compose lyrics, so what genre do you write? 
I often will spontaneously hum a melody based on my emotions, and on some ideas that I have at the time, and readily record it down, and when I have free time, will make it into a demo. I will carefully memorize all the songs I have already written so far, waiting for the right time to share it with all of you.

Height: 174 CM
Date of Birth: May 06, 1992
Astrology Sign: Taurus
Hobbies: Singing, Play Piano, Hapkido, Karate
Role in EXO: EXO-K’s Lead Singer, “Eyeliner”
Fans from various countries say that you speak their local languages very well, do you have any special secret to doing this? 
It is because every time before I go to new country, or after I have arrived at the country, I will learn from the locals their greetings and basic conversational phrases, I will to the best of my ability imitate the local’s intonation.  I think this is probably one of the main reasons why everyone says I speak the local languages very well.

Height: 173 CM
Date of Birth: May 22, 1991
Astrology Sign: Gemini
Hobbies: Singing, Acting, Golf
Role in EXO: EXO’s Main Leader, EXO-K’s Leader, “Mama”
When EXO received first place for the first time, you cried very emotionally, so are you a a very emotional person? What kind of things do you feel can move you the most?
Ha~ I feel so embarrassed about crying that time, but it was because I felt very emotional as it was the first time we got first place. My natural personality is the emotional kind, I belong to the kind of people who like to enjoy looking at the scenery while simultaneously thinking about various questions. Usually I will watch a lot of movies or TV dramas, but I feel that documentaries will move me the most, as it will leave me with a lot of resonance and emotions.

Height: 178 CM
Date of Birth: September 21, 1992
Astrology Sign: Virgo
Hobbies: Singing, Enjoy Music
Role in EXO: EXO-M’s Lead Singer, the final stabber (T/N: a member that attacks with sharp comments even when the other member is already down or literally on the verge of being done for)
Under official data it mentions that you can play the piano, is it possible that this talent will be integrated into your music in the future?
I think that after I polish my skills and then show this talent to everyone, because there are still a lot of areas that needs preparation, so it needs to be a longer waiting time, but of course I hope in the future I can participate in music production, but I still need more practice in technique.

Height: 173 CM
Date of Birth: March 26, 1990
Astrology Sign: Aries
Hobbies: Soccer
Role in EXO: EXO M’s sub-vocalist, sub-lead dancer, in charge of sweating
From the third year of high school, did you already have the dream of being a singer? 
I think that all children dream of being a celebrity during some part of their youth, and I am not an exception.  One of my friends who also wanted to become a celebrity, went along with me to attend the competition, and in the end, my dream came true, I was very happy.

Height: 173 cm
Date of Birth: January 12, 1993
Astrology Sign: Capricorn
Hobbies: Singing, Dancing, Cooking
Role in EXO: EXO-K’s Lead Singer
On stage you give off a full aggressiveness feeling, but on other programs, you are rather shy, so which is the real you? 
Actually both are part of the real me. On stage I love the very charismatic feeling, in private I am in a very calm and natural state, and apart from showing off my charisma on stage, I wish I can let everyone see a natural me.

Height: 183 cm
Date of Birth: January 14, 1994
Astrology Sign: Capricorn
Hobbies: Sleeping, Read manga, Watch Anime
Role in EXO: Overall Lead Dancer, EXO-K’s Lead Dancer,  in charge of being “Sexy”
Recently, you were a cameo in f(x)’s comeback, and the SM family frequently have share-performances, what kind of collaboration are you looking forward to the most? 
Not too long ago, f(x) and I shot a couple of cover pictures, I think that if I can help them out in any way is a very happy feeling, and it can show off my worth (laugh).  At the same time I am looking forward to working with every SM artist, if I have to choose then I want to choose SHINee’s Taemin, because him and I are the same age, but compared to me, he debuted earlier, usually we will share and learn from each other’s dance moves, which is why I am really looking forward to collaborating with him.

Translation cr: Icingonyou
Magazine interview transcript by: skychwu88 on Exo’s Tieba
Please take out with credits.