[ENG SUB] EXO’s Sasaeng Fans Pose As News Reporters @ Asia Song Festival Press Conference

*Two of EXO’s sasaeng fans were able to get into the Press Conference as they posed as news reporters. Luckily no one was hurt, because SM Entertainment’s management team was able to notice these two suspicious girls early: they asked for interview passes but they were unable to give it, so were kicked out (one had a fake id pass).  Due to their action, EXO did not go up during the press conference.


[NEWS] “EXO November Comeback? SM ‘New Album Time Up In The Air’”

Regarding EXO’s comeback rumor, SM has replied “it has not been confirmed.”

With the news of EXO coming back in November, there is already a lot of anticipation. However, regarding this, SM has revealed to Newsen on the 9th, “The time for EXO’s comeback is still up in the air.”

While promoting their official first album ‘Wolf and Beauty,’ and ‘Growl’ in the summer, EXO has been rising to the top. Including their repackage album sales, they had an album sale of over seven hundred thousand in twelve years (t/n: meaning last time anyone sold that many albums was 12 years ago) and true to the name, they are rising as this year’s best group.
As much as they have received wholehearted support, although it hasn’t been long since they finished promotions, there are comeback rumors going around. Although we are anticipating if they will be making a comeback and recording as a million seller before the year ends, their company has announced that everything is still up in the air.

source: Newsen
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[TRANS] EXO Interview @ Men’s Style October Issue ‘Mr. Seductive’

Cover Page

12 stylish, fashionable and good-looking guys

Cover Story

They’re not merely legends.Even though EXO are already popular all over Asia, they’re still not as widely known as the Chinese idols! But don’t worry, they’re only around 20 years old plus they have a few, extremely charming Chinese members – if we say that distance gives rise to beauty, the Korean members have given the Chinese fans endless dreams and a feeling of mystery… And, the Chinese members have undoubtedly allowed Chinese fans to believe in them even more – they’re responsible for affinity…
Through this photoshoot, the staff sincerely felt their charisma is not limited to them only being on stage but from now on, in the clothing world, the fashion circle, movies, dramas, shows…….There are so many places that they could develop in. All of this makes people continuously look forward to their future.
EXO are not merely a legend!
They are the most perfect beings!
They have the most fierce future!
They will slowly enter every single industry!
Because work is busy, we are currently working hard to complete our EXO interview, plus after that there will be many more tasks to do, so regrettably, we will have to wait for the next issue to see you again for the exclusive interview.
For the interview this time, our editing staff have completed their tasks. They have prepared just about a week’s schedule – we have got to know each and every one of the group members distinctly, we will do our best not to ask them anything they’ve been asked before and use questions in which everyone is interested in, so that we can give everyone an even truer, more in depth EXO!
Everyone please do look forward to it! 


This big boy with a tall stature is without a doubt, TAO. As someone who has practiced 11 years of martial arts, his sporty style is obvious. He is a boy who is both manly and seductive, an angel who is cold yet gentle.


During the gaps of the photoshoot, KRIS would come over and tell us about his deep interest in designing clothing, and excitedly discussed with our fashion editor about the clothing this time… … If one day, you see a fashion label by KRIS, you probably would not be surprised!


When this sincere line sounds, it makes people uncontrollably think of all the stories about him… … BAEKHYUN is someone who has always been able to give people a piece of silent goodness, even when he is at his happiest, his smile is still graceful.


CHANYEOL, makes people who can’t help it but link him to certain, friendly characters in story books. This has led to feeling a natural sense of closeness when you first meet him… … In reality, CHANYEOL can be considered one of the cutest members… …


SEHUN, a boy who exudes the air of a noble… … As EXO’s youngest member, everyone will find his every action and expression, a cute kind of pride, even when he is tremendously cold, you will still find that this is just another cute act……


LUHAN, this eye-catching Beijing boy, even though he is very quiet and gentle here, he is still a bright star. Simply from his warm, smiling face and cute bow we can understand why he receives so much attention….. why he makes many people reluctant to part with him.


A domineering dance posture and his little wheat-coloured skin leave a heavy impression, as well as his contrasting, youthful maturity and sexiness. But still, he is a shy young man who can also act cute. When facing compliments and praise, he will use a bright and clear laugh to hide his shy self.


The perfect lead singer on stage, Chen, is a very energetic young man in his private life. In particular when he’s with Chanyeol and Baekhyun, the atmosphere becomes explosively high! Seeing Chen who has such a cute face, the people beside him can’t help but feel extremely happy under his influence.


Because of EXO,it was the first time our editors knew of the phrase ‘to be in charge of’, so this time, our editors decided that we would use it for the first time here -that SUHO is most definitely ‘in-charge of smiles’ in EXO -no matter when you look at him, you will always see his smile that is as warm as the sun, graceful, polite and well mannered -there isn’t any air of a leader about him. Perhaps it’s his gentleness and kindness that has allowed him to become a leader that is protected and loved by everyone.


After going through professional training in Korea, LAY no longer holds a Changsha countryside air around him. The him with many skills and talents had an exceptional disposition during the photoshoot……Of course, what was most unforgettable was still his bashful smile and his dimples……


D.O. who looks even more like the ‘maknae’ may present himself ‘maturely’ because he doesn’t wish for other people to say that he is small -he looks very cute, but his speech and actions make people feel a unique sense of manly charisma. D.O. is a very good kid, using his own words, he is ‘the kind of person who quietly observes’, when the members are playing around, he is always silently looking on from a side, and then laughing along with everyone.


When looking at him at the photoshoot, XIUMIN looks like an outgoing person who likes to smile, but he does not like to talk, and has the feel of a lone ranger, he is also a little shy, and is calm no matter the situation……