[TRANS] Yixing’s Interview @ Yes! Magazine Vol. 1179


 Q: Recent Status 
Q1: A recent goal you have?
A: Comeback as soon as possible
Q2: Something that made you happy recently?
A: XOXO (Kiss&Hug)’s sales crossing the 900,000 mark.
Q3: Something that you found interesting recently?
A: Performing at the Gangnam festival.
Q4: Something you want recently?
A: A vacation
Q5: Somewhere you went recently?
A: Busan
Q6: How has your life been recently?
A: We’ve had more rest.
Q7: Someone you missed recently?
A: My family in China
Q8: Someone you care about recently?
A: Fans
Q9: A present you received recently?
A: Candy
Q10: Any recent thoughts you have been having?
A: That fans need to love EXO using a correct method.


 Q: Favorites 
Q11: What colors do you like?
A: Black, purple and blue.
Q12: What food do you like?
A: I like all kinds of delicious food, especially meat.
Q13: Any favorite beverages?
A: Green tea, cola, soda.
Q14: Any favorite movie genre?
A: Action films
Q15: Favorite singers?
A: JJ Lin, Jay Chou, Leehom Wang, Khalil Fong, Justin Timberlake
Q16: Favorite activities?
A: Basketball
Q17: What is your ideal type?
A: Filial, kind, has big eyes, long hair, smiles prettily, speaks cutely, knows how to do household chores
Q18: What do you want to say to fans the most?
A: Thank you
Q19: Favorite musician?
A: Beethoven
Q20: The thing you take along the most?
A: Earphones


 Q: Daily Life Activities
Q21: What must you definitely do when out shopping?
A: Buy Snacks
Q22: Which member are you the closest to? 
A: The 3 members from China. 
Q23: What do you do at your dorm? 
A: Learn how to compose music. 
Q24: A music instrument you can play well?
A: The piano
Q25: What will you do during vacation?
A: Go back to China
Q26: What do you do when you are bored?
A: Draw my cute drawings
Q27: What do you do often?
A: Play basketball and dance
Q28: What do you mostly say to the people around you?
A: You’ve worked hard
Q29: Do you joke around often?
A: I don’t joke around! But my members think I am hilarious!
Q30: What expression do you always make? 
A: Smile


 Q: Memories
Q31: Your childhood dreams?
A: To become a music producer
Q32: What kind of child were you in school?
A: I didn’t talk much
Q33: A unique trait you’ve had since you were young?
A: I have very good focus, I tend to become addicted to something very easily.
Q34: Your past dating experiences?
A: Not a lot
Q35: When was the first time you composed?
A: When I was 13 years old, out of interest, I composed a song for fun
Q36: What was your biggest achievement?
A: In 2005, when I won 3rd place on Hunan TV’s Star Academy
Q37: The thing that makes you most sad?
A: That I wasn’t able to open a store for my mom.
Q38: The most unforgettable thing?
A: The first opportunity to participate in a TV program
Q39: Your first impressions on your members?
A: I had deep impressions on everyone
Q40: The thing you cherish the most? 
A: The friends I knew in the past


 Q: Imginations
Q41: If EXO was no longer popular, what will you do?
A: I will return back to China to develop as a solo artist
Q42: If you can become EXO’s leader, will you accept it?
A: No, I lack the ability.
Q43: Between being a singer and a behind the scenes music producer, which would you pick?
A: A behind the scenes music producer.
Q44: f you could go back in time, what would you cherish the most?
A: Time I spent with my family
Q45: If you had to confess, what would you say?
A: I like you
Q46: If you were dating, what kind of boyfriend do you want to become the most?
A: Love a girl wholeheartedly, do anything for her, provide her with a warm embrace
Q47: If you could, what bad habit do you want to change?
A: Not knowing how to speak well
Q48: If you argue with your members, what would you do?
A: I’ll really want to apologize, but I’ll just wait passively for the other party to reconcile with me.
Q49: If EXO had a long vacation, would you prefer to be with your members or do your own things individually?
A: Go on a holiday with the members
Q50: If tomorrow was the end of the world, what do you want to do the most?  
A: Return to China to look for my parents.

Scans CR: KISMET(exokismet.egloos.com) Translations Cr: rellasoo  

[NEWS] SMTOWN Week Christmas Concerts

SM have announced on their website that they’ll be holding a week of concerts for individual artists in Seoul between the 21st and the 29th for all their major artists.

EXO and F(x) will have a joint concert on the 24th and 25th December at the Kintex in Ilsan. Tickets can be purchased on the from http://ticket.gmarket.co.kr. For overseas fans, SM are setting up a tour package through their SM Travel website. At the moment it only says ‘coming soon’.

Tickets will go on sale from the 12th of November starting with SHINee.

ticketinfoThanks to frantastic for the English ticket info. The Dream Maker website has the full list of concert details and ticket sale times (under board). It’s all in Korean.

Source: SM Official Korean Website