[TRANS] EXO’s Official 2014 Season’s Greetings Calendar Messages

Chanyeol: 2014 Spend ‘Year of the Horse’ with EXO as well~!! Let’s love!!

Baekhyun: Even in 2014!! Whether you’re asleep or awake, You’re going to think about “EXO!”….right…? ㅠ.ㅠ. …Think of us~! ♥ >.<

Sehun: Spend it happily with EXO~

Kai:  Let 2014 be filled with happy things~ ♡♡

D.O: In 2014 always be happy and be filled with good things~! Thank you!

Suho: 2014! Be Happy~ ♡

Lu Han: I wish you all the best for 2014! I hope all your wishes come true! ♡ I love you all! 2014 We will work hard! I love you! ♡

Kris: 2014 ^_^ Have a good year. Thank you! ♡

Chen: In 2014 as well~ Be filled with things that make you smile. Happy things ^__^ ♡

Xiumin: 2014 ‘Year of the Horse’ spend it happily with EXO~>.<

Lay: 2014 – I wish everyone happiness~ Everyone be happy~

Tao: In 2014 as well be happy~ I hope that everyone will be happy every day!!! AB Tao.

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[NEWS] EXO Awarded ‘Artist of the Year’ @ 2013 HIMAF

On November 23 and 24, the 1st Hawaii International Music Award Festival (HIMAF) was held in Hawaii. This award was hosted by Hawaii Tourism Administration and state government and its purpose was to integrate all ethnic groups by music.

EXO was awarded as the ‘Artist of the Year’ as the group spent the busiest yet the best year for mega hit song ‘Growl.’

Source: mydaily.co.kr

[NEWS] Kris Actually Korean in Disguise?

EXO’s Kris has a special palate, making people suspect that he′s actually a Korean in disguise.

On MBC’s EXO’s Showtime airing on December 5, the question of the day was, “What do members do during their free time after all their schedules are finished?”

In order to answer the question, the EXO members went to Hongdae in order to show what they do after work, including shopping and eating at delicious restaurants.
The person to get the most spotlight of the day was Kris.

Delighted to try mak-chang (cow or pig intestines) for the first time, Kris surprised everyone by showing his taste for Korean delicacies.

Kris also showed his skills in mixing up a Korean old-fashioned lunch box and drooled upon seeing soondae (sausage stuffed intestines with noodles) and cow liver, making people believe that he is actually a Korean in disguise.

The EXO member continued to shock everyone by not letting go of his chopsticks and chowing down even to the late night of filming.

Upon seeing how Kris ate everything, Chan Yeol commented, “There is a reason why Kris is so tall.”

Photo credit: MBC 
article: here
Article: CJ E&M enewsWorld Lee Na Rae
Translation Credit : Yeawon Jung