[VIDEO] Chen & D.O @ Mnet Wide Entertainment News {w/translation}

Translation from description of video:

“Who is J-Walk’s favorite idol?
J-Walk: I like EXO. Dear EXO fans, I also like EXO

Baekhyun: Hello
DO: Hello
DO looking back even though no one called him

Chen: What is the song we are singing today?
DO: Miracle in December
Chen: What kind of a song is it?
DO: It is a beautiful sentimental pop ballad. It’s about break up with a woman of your love and missing her.
Chen: please listen carefully of the lyrics.
Chen+DO: LOL
DO: We are supposed sing this~ We shouldn’t laugh
Chen: I know. [sigh]

Chen: Isn’t the song nice? Thank you
DO: Thank you for coming, I love you
Baekhyun: Should we say good bye?
Fans: ah~~~~~~~~~~~~
Baekhyun: We’ll say good bye! One Two Three!
Baekhyun+Chen+DO: We are One! Thank you!

Chen: For this album, we are not the only ones performing but other members will be joining so please look forward to it.
DO: It’s a secret
Chen: Yes, how the members will change will be a secret.”

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