[NEWS] Xiumin, Luhan & Tao @ 2014 Idol Sports Athletics Championships

Over 200 idol stars will be participating in MBC’s 2014 New Year’s special “Idol Athletic Championships.”

On January 9, MBC announced, “The recording of ‘Idol Athletic Championships’ will be held on January 13 at the Seoul Jamsil Indoor Stadium and the Students’ Gymnasium.” The network also revealed one of the events will be a futsal (an indoor variation of soccer played with five players on each team) tournament and disclosed the names of the idol stars that will be participating in this event.

The participants of the futsal tournament are:
SHINee: Minho
Infinite: Woohyun, Hoya
EXO: Luhan, Xiumin
BEAST: Yoon Doo Joon, Lee Ki Kwang, Yang Yoseub
Teen Top: Ricky
2AM: Im Seulong
Tasty: Soryong
Surprise: Gong Myung
Block B: UKwon
B1A4: Baro
BTS: Jimin
Lunafly: Sam
B.A.P: Bang Yong Gu, Young Jae
BTOB: Seo Eun Kwang, Min Hyuk
ZE:A: Tae Hyun, Dong Joon
VIXX: Ravi
M.I.B: 5Zic, Kangnam
AJAX: Hyo Jun
Boys Republic: Suwoong
Goo Ja Myung
Noh Ji Hoon
Eric Nam
Sean Lee

*They are members of Team A

In addition to the first futsal tournament, another new sport will be added – curling. Archery, which was conducted as a team sport, will be held as an individual event.

The “2014 Idol Sports Athletic Championships” will air at the end of January in time for Lunar New Year.