[NEWS] EXO SK Telecom Fansign Event Cancelled After Massive Crowd Causes Standstill

EXO was scheduled to hold a fan signing at the SK Telecom T-World store in Seoul′s Sinsa-dong on January 14, but the event was ultimately canceled due to safety concerns as crowds of fans caused a standstill. But it once again proved EXO′s popularity.

Fans crowd Sinsa-dong hot spot Garosugil for the fan signing

The streets are taken over by fans

The fans wait for EXO

The police are called in for crowd control

Security steps up to control the crowd

Fans crowd around for updates on the event

Photogs squeeze in for a shot

The event is ultimately canceled, but it once again proves EXO′s popularity

[NEWS] TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho Says He Nags on EXO A lot

TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho confessed that he is a strict SM senior and nags on EXO a lot.

Attending the January 14 broadcast of SBS Power FM’s Power Time, U-Know Yunho said, “Out of all my hubaes, I’m the closest to EXO.”

“I’ve been nagging a lot on EXO lately. I share all the know-hows and tips I have with them. But maybe EXO’s fans will hate me for saying this,” revealed the TVXQ member.

He added, “I think EXO members have been receiving a lot of love because they work hard. I hope they don’t settle and continue to strive to work harder.”

Source Cr: Mwave News