[NEWS] Some Rumors that Need to be Refuted

  • SM has taken over the members’ personal SNS accounts and is posting on their behalf.

You do not know this. We do not know this. There is no reason for us to believe that this is true. Tao has already expressed his frustration over the fact that people do not believe it was him who wrote those Instagram/Weibo posts.


  • Their manager, Ahreum, was seen holding the boys’ cellphones in her hand. She was the one who updated their Instagram accounts.

No, no, and no. The photo of their manager holding a few cellphones in her hand is old. It was taken last year and she was probably holding onto to their phones for them while EXO was filming.

  • Tao’s Instagram post contained some grammatical errors and therefore was written by a non-native speaker/someone who is not Tao.

This is not the first time that Tao has been open and straightforward in his online statuses, and the way he wrote them resembles the ones he wrote before. Also, people make typos and grammar mistakes while writing on the internet all the time.  

  • Baekhyun said that he got slapped by an SM staff member for not wanting to hand over his phone so they could unfollow Kris on Instagram/post on Baekhyun’s behalf.

This did not happen. Baekhyun never said anything about getting slapped/maltreated by a member of their staff.

  • Luhan created a Facebook account where he stated that their management took over their personal Instagram/Weibo accounts.

Seriously??? There is literally nothing that can be said to make this sound more ridiculous than it already is.

  • Tao posted his updates from different mobile devices (an iPhone and an Android) so he wasn’t the one posting them.  

Tao has both an Andriod and an iOS phone. 

  • Luhan changed his header photo on Weibo to a picture of a galaxy.  

Apparently, the header photo on Weibo changes automatically. The picture has no meaning whatsoever.

  • SM artists have unfollowed SMTOWN on Twitter.

No, they haven’t. If anyone has bothered to check, they’d realize that these idols were never following SMTOWN in the first place or that they unfollowed  the account months ago.


  • Chanyeol and Sehun didn’t update their Instagram accounts themselves because they were performing at M! Countdown at the time.  

EXO-K’s performance was pre-recorded. They filmed it before the news even broke out. Obviously they had time to do whatever they wanted after that.

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[NEWS] Kris Files for Termination of His Contract with SM Entertainment

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On the morning of May 15, Sina.com reported that “EXO-M’s leader Kris has filed for a termination of his exclusive contract with SM Entertainment.” The article stated that the news had not yet been confirmed, and then listed a few reasons on why Kris might be filing for a nullification of his contract (none of which have been confirmed by Kris or his lawyer thus far).

After that, various Korean news portals announced the same thing, citing Sina as the source of the news. Upon getting in touch with SM Entertainment, it was reported that SM was not even aware of the lawsuit, and that the company had stated that such rumors “are unheard of.”

However, after a few hours, the Seoul District Court confirmed to eNews that they’d received a lawsuit request under Kris’ Chinese name. (The documents pertaining to his lawsuit can be searched on the Court’s website.) They also reported that the Hankyul law firm would be handling the case on behalf of Kris, and that Cho Bum Suk, the same lawyer who represented Hangeng in 2009, would be representing Kris personally. The law firm’s representatives have therefore confirmed that Kris has filed a lawsuit against SM Entertainment for a termination of his contract, and they expressed their wish to handle the case as discreetly as possible, without revealing any details to the media.

In response to the Seoul District Court’s confirmation, SM Entertainment stated that they are “still looking into the facts regarding Kris’ request to terminate his contract,” that “it is a rather bewildering situation,” and that they will do their best to ensure that EXO’s activities go on as planned.

On the May 15 episode of M!Countdown, Osen met up with Suho in EXO-K’s waiting room, where they managed to ask him about his opinion on the dispute. Suho stated that he and the other members had a long conversation regarding the lawsuit and that they do not understand Kris’ actions at all. He also stated that Kris’ behavior is “irresponsible” and that he clearly was not thinking of EXO (when he filed the lawsuit). He added that the rest of the members do not have issues with the company, and that Kris should “cancel the lawsuit immediately and apologize to the company and his fellow members.”

Regarding the rest of the members’ reactions, Tao unfollowed Kris on both his Instagram and Weibo account, while Chanyeol, Lay and Luhan unfollowed Kris on Instagram. Sehun posted a picture of a question mark on his Instagram with the caption “…” while Chanyeol posted a photo of EXO’s logo with the caption “encourage the good, punish the evil.” Tao, however, posted this picture with the following message attached:  

He posted the same message on Weibo and stressed that it was indeed he who wrote it:

Finally, Tao’s last Weibo update:

Off the record: this is all we really know so far. There are still many things left unconfirmed. What we know for sure is that, yes, Kris has filed a lawsuit against SM Entertainment. The reasons behind this remain undisclosed. Do not buy into the rumors and conspiracy theories you find online. Trust that Kris and EXO will be able to pull through this and that everything will turn out well, whatever the outcome may be.

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[WEIBO UPDATE] Tao Clears Up Confusion


The things that many people have looking at is not the truth. Many people like to stand on the side of the minority. Many people are not willing to believe in the truth. Many people hope that this person and us will walk to the end together while looking out at the silver ocean, but this person has left us. I hope that all is well for you. EXO fighting. We love you all. For us the world holds no limits! No matter what happens. Together.
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[INSTAGRAM UPDATES] Compilation of Messages Made on May 15th


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권선징악 勸善懲惡

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권선징악 勸善懲惡  (Encourage the good, punish the bad)



路很长,想去哪里都可以,决定没有谁可以替别人做。 事实大众永远都是被隐瞒的, 也许大众会偏向少数的那一边,但那却不是真相。真相永远只有经历这些事情的人们才明白。比如我们11个成员,我们的S.M公司和工作人员。可在外面却被颠倒了好与坏。你们不会感受到被人背叛之后的那种感觉,被背叛之后所有人却向着一个背叛别人的人,你们可以有自己的观点和立场,但我还是想说,错与对事实分明,我们问心无愧。一个人想要走,拦不住,想方设法的会逃离这里, 所以逃离成功了。在我们不知情的情况下果然还是瞒着我们和公司还是没有回来。野心会伴随许多人,但希望每个人都能够善于运用。练习练的满头大汗,却突然发现有一人不会在回来的消息, 演唱会又要11个人重新开始准备了,好累。 EXO사랑하자~  

(The road is long and it is fine to want to go anywhere but the decision cannot be made for someone else. The truth will always be hidden from the public, and perhaps the public will be biased towards the minority, but that however is not the truth. The truth can only be understood by those who experienced these matters. For example, us 11 members, our S.M Ent. and staff members. But from the outside the good and the bad are reversed. You all won’t feel the  emotions of the aftermath of a betrayal and that everyone is standing on the side of the betrayer. While you all have your own perspective and stand point, I still want to say that, the truth behind the wrong and the right is clear, and we can question ourselves with no shame. When one person wants to leave, it cannot be stopped, and he will think of various ways to escape this place, and he has succeeded. Under the premise of us not knowing anything and even hiding from us and the company, he still did not return. Ambition will accompany many people, but I hope everyone can put it to good use. While in practice, we practiced till our heads were soaked in sweat, we however suddenly discovered that the news of someone not returning. The concert would need to be prepared again for  the 11 of us. It’s tiring. EXO let’s love!)

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