[NEWS] SM Takes Legal Action Regarding False Issues of EXO Kris

SM Entertainment has announced they will begin seeking legal action against those who are spreading false information regarding Kris’ leaving EXO.

They also urge sasaengs, fans and netizens to stop harassing EXO members through online media. Furthermore, SM asks not to believe untrusted sources and to wait for the responsible sides’ explanation.

Before, there were rumours about Kris’ reason of nullifying his contract.

Kris’s law firm, Hankyul, released an interview through Chinese media, Sina, and said the reason of his lawsuit wass no other than requesting equal treatment and for his ambitions as an artist to be considered. They also said, “Kris received several movie and drama role proposals, but they were all refused by SM Entertainment.”

Sources: TenAsia & KoreanUpdates

[NEWS] SM Ent. Takes Legal Action Against False Rumors About EXO & The Company

Since the news about the termination of Kris’ exclusive contract broke out, many false rumors and personal attacks on the EXO members and the company have been circulating online, and we will be responding to those with legal actions. The EXO members are struggling to cope with the rumors and malicious comments, so the company will respond firmly against them.

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[INSTAGRAM & WEIBO UPDATES] Kris: Darkness in my eyes but lights up in the sky

(I’m) One person against a multitude, (but) I’m alright, I wish you all the best, and that everything will get better and better for you guys. Thanks to all of those who are supporting me, thanks for all your voices of support. Wu Yi Fan will always be here!

[NEWS] SM Ent. Decides to Proceed with EXO’s Concert & They have Failed to Contact Kris

Despite the lawsuit case, SM Entertainment will still proceed with EXO’s concert as scheduled.
On May 16th, a representative from SM Entertainment told Star News, “The concert will be held next week as scheduled and we are doing the best for the concert.”
He also added that they couldn’t contact Kris at the moment and the current situation is still unknown (whether Kris will be attending the concert or not).
EXO will hold their very first solo concert, ‘EXO FROM. EXOPLANET #1 – THE LOST PLANET -‘, since their debut at Seoul Olympic Gymnasium on May 24th-25th.

[NEWS] SM Ent. Asked Kris to Return to EXO

SM has confirmed the validity of the lawsuit filed against them and express their understanding of the situation, but continue to urge Kris to cooperate and return for EXO’s upcoming tour of Asia.

Belatedly, Kris were reported to submitted a lawsuit against SM. He asked to nullified his contract on SM, and rumoured to be the same case with what happened to Hangeng and JYJ.

But, both SM and Kris still not speaking to public about the case, beside admitting of the lawsuit were put on Seoul District Court. K-Media speculated this week is going to be a crucial moment for both sides, which decided the future of EXO.

Source: Korean Updates