[TRANS] Yifan @ Vogue China July Issue


Q: Recently you were invited to the Met Ball in New York for the first time as Vogue China’s special guest, did you have any special experience(s)?
A: It’s an honor to participate in the “fashion Oscars”. Other than being extremely elated, there’s a special kind of excitement I feel too. Perhaps it is because there was a period of time where I lived overseas, so upon seeing this kind of cultural exchange between eastern and western cultures, it means a lot to me. And I feel that apparel and fashion is a kind of universal language, no matter where you are or where you come from, you can interact and communicate. I also hope that such a ceremony can be held in China one day.

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[TRANS] EXO Official Staff Diary Update: I’m Addicted into You a.k.a. Sweetness

Staff Diary pt1

[Idol Futsal World Cup]
Last Thursday night, did you watch the broadcast of Xiumin and Luhan’s fantastic active participation in the Idol Futsal World Cup?
Soccer!! The first thing to come to mind right now is EXO’s lovely soccer representative players!!
Xiumin hyung and real man Luhan!!
Did you fans who were present at the stadium with us since the afternoon well receive the special support we prepared?

Staff Diary pt2

To deliver constant coolness, these witty guys prepared Overdose Dutch coffee and grapefruit juice as a form of loving their fans ~ ♡.♡
This is why we are expressing our addiction for these older brothers~!!
We are deeply within this fatal fantasy flavor~!! ♬

Staff Diary pt3

Staff Diary pt4

Tomorrow is the day of the broadcast of 2014 DREAM CONCERT where you can see EXO’s Overdose stage performance. The Dream Concert had EXO-K in 2012 to perform, had EXO continue their performance in 2013 and this year welcomed back EXO for the third time.
Our EXO members for the first time were properly facing the seated audience, and before going up on stage, EXO looked and looked at the pretty state of the fans who were cheering for them, and it was so pretty that I too secretly clicked~!! clicked~!!
This is the state of the fans and EXO mutually facing each other. ^ ^

Staff Diary pt5

Maknae Sehun, too, captured the pretty state of the fans with the lens.

Staff Diary pt6

He also nicely took pictures of his buddy Tao~
We are highly looking forward to stylish model Tao and model-like Photographer Oh’s pictures as well. ^—-^

Staff Diary pt7

Together with the behind the scenes’ state of EXO in the waiting room at the Dream Concert.

Staff Diary pt8 Staff Diary pt9

Staff Diary pt10

I’m leaving also a instant snapshot of the everyday sculpt-like Tao. ^ ^
While wishing for your never changing love and the return of EXO with even more handsome sides, because 2014 DREAM CONCERT will broadcast tomorrow at 2:15 pm on SBS, please also highly look forward to EXO’s stage performance 🙂

Trans © Icingonyou

[INSTAGRAM UPDATE] Chanyeol: Why was I sleeping here?

내가왜저기서자고있었지.. #설정아님 #절대아님 #누가찍었지 (Why was I sleeping there. #NotASetup #ItsReallyNot #WhoTookThisPic)