[NEWS] Kris to Collaborate with Chinese Director and Author Guo Jingming in New Film Project

EXO Kris’ next industry venture has been revealed. On June 16, at the Shanghai International Film Festival, director Guo Jingming attended a press conference with the main cast of “Tiny Times 3,” where he made an official statement regarding the EXO-M leader.

He said, “Yifan [Kris] is a good actor. We haven’t yet started on the scenario. Once the project gets started, we’ll have a discussion. We need time to prepare.”

The director continued, “Our [Yifan and I] project is going to be quite a fun and mysterious one. I can’t say anything right now, but when the time is right, you’ll find out,” revealing Kris’ impending debut as an actor.

Guo Jingming is the director of the highly popular film series “Tiny Times,” and is also the author of the original novel of the same name. Previously, media had reported that Kris had joined Guo Jingming’s “City of Fantasy” project, a film based on the director’s first book.

In related news, Kris’ lawsuit against SM Entertainment was recently forwarded to arbitration.

Source: soompinaver

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