[NEWS] Xiumin @ the 2014 Brazil World Cup Column pt. 2

[EXO Xiumin’s Goal Taste Honey Taste] “(I) Predict that Lee Chungyong will Score Against Belgium!” Won’t Lose Hope in Advancing

Hello. I am Xiumin (24·Kim Minseok) from group EXO. Have you been well? It’s tiring because you guys are all getting up at dawn to watch the World Cup matches and then going to work and studying the day, right? I’m watching the soccer highlights in between going to my schedules and practicing in the practice room. Not only for Korea, but also because I really like Lionel Messi from Argentina. Because Messi has been scoring every match so far during the World Cup, accumulating to four goals in total, I am enjoying the World Cup as a fan with a happy heart.

The team I am going to talk about today is our very own Ko~rea. You know why right? Ah, I’m nervous already. The Korean team will go against Belgium on the 27th, 5 a.m. (in Korean time) at Arena de Sao Paulo in Sao Paulo, Brazil for the 2014 Brazil World Cup Group H match. Because this match against Belgium determines if the miracle of advancing will come true for us, I am awaiting this match even more. Our team must win against Belgium and watch over the results of the Russia vs. Algeria match.
I think that Belgium is the strongest team among the four teams that are grouped together with Korea in Group H. Because we currently have a record of one tie one loss, Belgium can seem a bit uncomfortable for our team.

That is why I think the goal keeper’s role in this match is very important. Although I’m not sure who among Jung Sungryong, Kim Seunggyu, and Lee Bumyoung was chosen as the best 11, I believe that that whoever it may be, they will show us a great performance. Please become Korea’s spider hands.

Whether I watch a soccer match or I’m out playing soccer with my friends, I think I’ve always put emphasis on the defenders. Although every role is important, if I had to choose one, I think the defense is the most important. Defense has to be firm for attackers to have a chance and if we lose even one goal, because that leaves a big impact on the match, I think it’s best that we don’t let a goal pass through. If we don’t let the other team score, at least we can tie. That is why, although I am not very good at soccer, every time I had a chance to play, I wanted to play as defense midfielder. I think I am better at center or defense than at attacking. Haha.

Because our Taegeuk Warriors displayed more strength during times of trouble, we should be able to receive a positive outcome, right?

Looking beyond the possibility of our Korean team being able to advance, I hope that we advance no matter what. Every Korean will probably think like me. Right? Rather than thinking about the possibility or what we have to do, I think we have to go against Belgium with what we did up till now, showing off our own team color and rhythm. This is the last match in our groups and because it is a very important match, I think we need backbone and patience. I believe that they will show us their fighting spirit until the end of the match, the last minute.

Because the only thing I hope for is victory, I don’t doubt that our Taegeuk Warriors will play a match that leaves them with no regrets. Haha. I’m getting serious for no reason. This is something I don’t realize when I’m alone but seeing our country become one and seeing our players fight overseas for our country makes me get choked up. It’s something hard to explain, a peculiar feeling.

Which player will score a goal? To be honest, the score is important but because this match against Belgium is a match that we have to win, I wish we can just blindly score a goal. Haha. I wish I was “Master of Glim” Lee Youngpyo commentator.

I personally think that Lee Chungyong will score a goal during this match. I just had this hunch that Lee Chungyong will score a goal. It’s too bombastic to say that it’s a prediction but I will carefully put my anticipation towards Lee Chungyong. Lee Chungyong, please be strong~ I am earnestly cheering for you!

Our players that went to play in the 2014 Brazil World Cup: Kim Shinwook, Park Chuyoung, Son Heungmin, Lee Keunho, Ji Dongwon, Koo Jacheol, Ki Sungyeung, Kim Bokyung, Park Jongwoo, Lee Chungyong, Ha Daesung, Han Kookyoung, Kwak Taehwi, Kim Younggwon, Kim Changsoo, Park Jooho, Yun Sukyoung, Lee Yong, Hong Jeongho, Hwang Seokho, Jung Sungryong, Kim seunggyu, and Lee Bumyoung. Our 23 Taegeuk Warriors! Finally our exciting important match is right in front of our noses. I will wait for you guys to comeback safely with a win.
I, Xiumin, will also diligently support with everyone. Korea Fighting! Our National Team Fighting!

Organized = Reporter Oh Sehun

source: sports seoul
trans: @ilkh0

[TUTORIAL] EXO-M’s Alarm Clock Ringtone via Meilishuo

EXO-M @ Meilishuo Alarm Ringtone

The gods of EXO-M wake you up!
I have you wake up early a day, you “give” me your companionship for hundred years.
Duration of Event: 6/25 – 6/30

EXO-M @ Meilishuo Alarm Ringtone steps

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Step 4: When at 5:20 your alarm rings and your favorite member wakes you up, take a screenshot of the member when he is at his cutest, allowing the sweetness between you and the member burst!
Step 5: Upload the screenshot onto the event page, click on the share button (分享男神图片), and you’ve succeeded in participating in the event!
The editors will organize the successful uploads everyday and on the following day, a surprise will be sent out to you, so make sure to sign into your account.
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Please note: As of now, the app is only available through Android. iPhone users please anticipate.

EXO-M @ Meilishuo Alarm Ringtone steps1

Want to have EXO wake you up??!!
Click on EXO alarm on the front page.
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EXO-M @ Meilishuo Alarm Ringtone steps2&3

After clicking on EXO-M alarm, a new page will appear requiring you to set up your alarm (添加闹钟). After clicking on that button, a notification will pop-up telling you that under the following circumstances, the alarm will not ring:
1. The phone is turned off;
2. After the alarm goes off and all the content in the phone is mistakenly wiped out by security software;
3. The software is downloaded into a SD card and after the phone restarts the software is unable to start-up itself;
4. When using earphones, it is unable to ring;
5. The alarm sounds are set to the lowest volume;
6. Video clips are stored in an SD card, the SD is damaged or taken out.
Once you understand these circumstances, click on (知道了).
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EXO-M @ Meilishuo Alarm Ringtone steps4

Setting the alarm:
1. Choose the time.
2. Choose the days of the week the alarm will ring.
3. Save the alarm.
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EXO-M @ Meilishuo Alarm Ringtone steps5

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EXO-M @ Meilishuo Alarm Ringtone_2

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[INSTAGRAM UPDATES] Compilation of Messages Made on June 26th


[룸메이트] 이번주 내레이터 “안녕하세요 EXO 목소리 찬열입니다” (자동음성지원^^) 내레이션으로 또 한번 성장할 찬열의 생생한 녹음 현장 여기있~찬열! 이번주 일요일 4시 15분! 눈 번쩍, 귀 쫑긋 열고 보쟈~보쟈~♪ #sbs#roommate #찬열


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