[WEIBO UPDATE] Lay’s Thoughts After Watching Happy Camp


Watched the message segment on Happy Camp late into the night. This is also my true words~

Same question; before answering it for all of us it is that difficult to put into words
Same question; in the midst of answering it all of our answers became unified
Same question; after answering it, all of us became that emotional
Tears are left for my little mates. After experiencing all of this, we will mature and change. It must have been tough on you all. I’m exceptionally worried about you all.
Many fans have told me that they are tired. Are you tired? Then temporarily rest, it’s fine.
Actually all of you have the right to love the person you choose. Every person you all love all are very talented
But also please everyone don’t pull on the string too tight, or else the tired person is you. I don’t want your support for someone to become your burden and change into arguments. I think every one of the people you support will think like this. Then you all should give yourself a space for some relaxation
Trans © Icingonyou 2014

In regards to this black topic, it has followed me for over a year. I have never done it and I don’t need to explain. It’s just that I don’t think that white can be said into black nor can black be bleached into white. This is simply some discussion that is raised by speculations, because everyone does not understand the actual circumstances. Of course everyone has the right to speculate, fathom, discuss. It is understandable. This is why everyone please don’t mind it too much.
I am also anticipating the company’s changes as EXO is developing. I also value each person’s views/thoughts and dreams. For the purpose of creating more opportunities for ourselves, we won’t proceed bullheadedly, because everyone of us EXO is very talented and is filled with endless individualistic charisma.
The company is a good company. I am willing to believe in the company, that it will continuously make progress, change. Games have their rules. Companies have their systematic approaches. No one can be 100% in sync with another person. However, in work people can adjust to one another, listen to one another’s thoughts, be amiable to one another. This way things can be achieved with half the power. I believe EXO will be even better.
Trans © Icingonyou 2014

Actually as each member is increasing his individual popularity, it also brings EXO and the company even higher honors.
I hope we, the company, and the fans strive together.
I hope EXO can once again create history. I anticipate EXO’s rising empire. I want EXO’s rising empiric history!
Trans © Icingonyou 2014