[TWEET UPDATE] Son Ho Young Tweets a Private Text Message From Suho

Son Ho Young: Although it’s just a message, I am still very grateful for it. I’m in a good mood, so I uploaded this. I will definitely watch it (EXO 90:2014) today. Everyone let’s watch the MV that Suho filmed, ok? (trans © ray_0203 ; source © tweet account: exoverflow)

SuhoSubject: Hello Son Ho Young sunbae ~ Hello Son Ho Young sunbae, today we filmed EXO 90:2014 again, I realized that the episode that we’ve filmed with g.o.d sunbaes will be aired tomorrow.  Thinking of my sunbaes, I wanted to say something, so I asked the PD for your contact number. That filming day was really unforgettable! Really! Thank you so much. If you have time tomorrow, remember to watch it~ (trans © ray_0203 ; source © tweet account: exoverflow)