[TRANS] Yifan @ SE Weekly Dec. Issue Week 48


On the day of the Mr. Six Beijing premiere, less than three hours before the red carpet began, Kris Wu Yi Fan was watching a show in one of the rooms of a hotel near Dongzhimen. The cameras were rolling, and Kris Wu just sat there silently for ten seconds, after which he suddenly let out “Uncle Li is very mad, the consequences will be severe!” (line from Feng Xiaogang’s <A World Without Thieves>) Ok, taking a look at Kris Wu’s face and then at Ge You (actor who played Uncle Li), we have nothing more to say. The next shot was the entertainment program director presenting a phrase. Kris Wu glanced at it and said with eyes full of confusion to the person beside him, “What does it mean, “In the name of the moon, I will punish you”.“ What? He doesn’t know of <Sailor Moon>? Gosh, Mr Wu, you must really not be from this world.
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