[WEIBO UPDATE] Luhan’s Message about the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge


I just successfully donated on the “getting cold for the rare disease awareness” charity page! You should immediately tag three of your best friends, and together participate in the #IceBucketChallenge, and donate to ALS through its charity that is set up to support the rare disease community (who are nicknamed “cold people” because of the shrinking of their muscles due to the disease). Give your strength to those with the rare disease by “getting cold” via charity! Do you accept the challenge?
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ALS (2)

It’s difficult for me to understand the pain ALS patients undergo by pouring ice water on myself, so let’s put more interest on the disease and the patients ☺ Thank you Lay nominating me. Attached is a 2 minute video of ALS patients taking up the Ice Bucket Challenge
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[MUST WATCH] Suho Completes the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Hello this is EXO’s leader Suho. Because I don’t have a personal sns account, I am posting this on member Sehun’s instagram. First, I am so happy and honored to take part in a good campaign like the ice bucket challenge due to my good friends Kwanghee hyung, Eddy Kim. I hope that through my ice bucket challenge at least one person will become aware about amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Because I was challenged by two people I will pour the ice bucket twice on my head and donate 200 dollars. Next I challenge EXO’s Sehun, Boa sunbaenim, actor Byun Yo Han. Thank you.

Sources: sehun’s twitter | translation

[NEWS] EXO Nominated to Participate in ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

ZE:A’s Kwanghee Nominates EXO’s Suho
@1 #아이스버킷챌린지 #박원순시장님 #彭于晏 #EXO수호

Eddy Kim Nominates EXO’s Suho

Weibo TV Nominates EXO’s Luhan and Lay to Participate in the Ice Bucket Challenge

You Can Learn More How to Donate Here: ALS Association