[TRANS] Kai @ GQ Korea Magazine August Issue


I could be completely different later. I think that’s really interesting. I said I heard too much classical music in the past so I don’t find it fun anymore and don’t actively listen to it, but 20 years later, I could be enjoying classical music, right? It would feel very strange.

The first time I really smelled flowers was the flowers I got at graduation. After that I always smell them when I receive them, because I like them so much. But I don’t like them so much that I remember each and every flower scent. I don’t use a lot of perfume either. Honestly, I don’t really like when others use it too.

I can’t cook. I imagine though. One time, I imagined for some reason that it would taste good to put corn in my egg bowl. So I actually tried it and it wasn’t good. It wasn’t good at all! Was it bad, because there was no ketchup? I tried again with ketchup. Wow, it was so bad, that I realized then, I can’t cook.

I like the color red. Honestly, it doesn’t suit me well. It’s a color I wouldn’t take if someone gave it to me. Even though I wouldn’t take it , I like red the best. Its a completely irrelevant color to me, but I like that when I look at it, it’s “color.” But in my closet, I have a lot of whites and blacks.


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