[WEIBO UPDATE] Luhan & ‘Back to 20’ Movie Cast Members

Luhan & Back to 20 Cast Members

@Vicki Zhao When I was thinking of you, you appeared! It was that late, that far and you were that tired, and yet you still came over from the Shunyi Film Festival. Hugging you is a bliss! My fellow partners look so shy ~ @ Director Leste Chen @ Wilson Chen @ Luhan ah… I didn’t leak out my costume/attire in the movie right? #Backto20#

[NEWS] Luhan Confirmed to Participate in the Movie “Back to 20”

EXO’s Chinese member Luhan takes on his first acting challenge. On the 23rd, a Chinese media revealed that Luhan will be filming alongside with Gui Ya Lei, Zi Shan Yang, Wilson Chen, in the movie ‘Back to 20(重返20歲)’.
After confirming with S.M Entertainment, they revealed that Luhan will indeed be a part of the cast for the movie. Reporter from TVReport have confirmed in person that the claim “Luhan is cast in a movie” is true.
According to the media, “Back to 20(重返20歲)” is a fantasy genre movie about a 70 year old grandma, who suddenly transforms into a 20 year old lady. It is the Chinese version of the hit Korean movie “Miss Granny(수상한 그녀)”.
China’s Sina Entertainment Movie producer revealed that the casting for the movie is already complete and China’s child movie stars Yang Jasan and Jin Baekrim will be included in the line up. Luhan’s role will be the grandson of the main character. A representative said that as long as there isn’t any change of plans, the filming should start on May 20th. S.M. Entertainment has also revealed to the reps of TVReport, “We are currently accommodating EXO-M’s schedules along with Luhan’s filming schedules.”
Luhan is currently promoting under EXO’s Chinese unit, EXO-M with their new mini-album “Overdose” in China.

Source: Daum
Trans cr: Daily EXO