[EXO-K OFFICIAL MESSAGE] Sehun’s Birthday Message

Sehun & Tao Message

Thank you for congratulating me on my birthday.
It was a very happy day.
For the first party, the members rang the bell ding dong as soon as it turned 12 and came into my room~ (t/n: his hotel room)
I want to upload a picture of the party but…
I really, really, really liked it~
Today Tao………..hyung wrote a message and I saw it…….
It made me squirm (t/n: from embarrassment)………..ㅎㅎ
I was really happy because there were so many people congratulating me
To those whose birthday is today, happy birthday~
I hope you had a good day~
We are going to comeback soon so get ready to give us lots of love~ ㅎㅎ
We worked hard preparing~

source: exo-k’s website
translation cr; zesha @ exok-trans

[OFFICIAL EXO-K UPDATE] Kyungsoo & Kai’s Birthday Messages

Kyungsoo's Birthday Message

Hello. This is EXO’s D.O.
I am truly thankful to all of you for congratulating me on my 22nd birthday and for always making me happy.
But I want to make you all even happier.
Please look forward to it.
trans cr: fy-exo

Kai's Birthday Message

Hello. It’s EXO’s Kai.
I’m pretty late again, right? What are you doing now instead of sleeping?
Kai was reading everyone’s birthday letters, and when I looked up it was already 4 am. Continually reading all these letters warms my heart, and I am very thankful.
Unfortunately, I couldn’t spend my birthday with fans this year, but being able to meet our fans during our schedules made me happy.
Everyone sang Happy Birthday and within such a short period of time, there were some who confessed their love and read their letters to me. Because of this, I didn’t realize how much time had passed. In addition, we attended a very fun movie premiere in the evening!!
January 14th was a cold winter day, but due to our fans, it seemed like a warm spring day. Similar to how I felt the warmth from our fans, I hope I, too, am a warm light for you.
Ever since the teaser days up until now, the points at which you started liking me may differ, but I believe the times we will get to spend together in the future will be the same. As we get to know each other, for the next 10 and 20 years, let’s like and appreciate each other just as we did from the beginning. Us…!!
Up until now, this has been Kai, one of the happiest people in the world~

P.S. Today, even though it was very cold, fans still came despite the weather. Though there were some people who couldn’t come, thank you all so much. Please stay warm.
trans cr: Nana

[OFFICIAL EXO-K UPDATE] Chanyeol’s Happy Birthday Message

It is EXO’s vitamin Chanyeol!

Happy Birthday~ Happy Birthday~

Hello everyone!!
I visit the official homepage after a long time! You’re glad to see me right~?

Today is my 22nd birthday!It’s already my second birthday after debut.
I think time goes by really fast!
It seems like just yesterday that I spent my birthday with everyone last year.

This year we promoted Wolf and Beauty.. promoted Growl.. received first place!
As well as receive a big award!!
I think it was year filled with truly good things!
That is why it is an even more happier birthday.

It’s been around three months since the end of Growl promotions but you guys miss us right!?
I miss you guys so much tooㅠㅠ
Please wait a bit more. We will go to meet you guys with a different side of us!

Thank you very very much for wishing me a happy birthday!! I love you all~♥

source: EXO-K’s Official Website
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[OFFICIAL EXO-M UPDATE] Chen’s Birthday Message

[FROM. CHEN] Hello. It’s Chen!!!

Hello. It is Chen!!!

Right now we are in Germany~^^I am sorry I am greeting so late.ㅜㅠ

I was so surprised at the surprise party that the members prepared…;;These rascals!!!ㅎㅎㅎ
I spent a happy birthday here with the members!!

And because a lot of fans congratulated me, thank you so much.I’m very thankful for your always loving heart and I love you.^^

source: exo-m’s website
trans cr: nahbit @ exok-trans
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