[WEIBO UPDATE] Tao @ Meilishuo CF Filming Site

#天团EXO-M代言美丽说# 听闻@EXO-M 正在美丽说的广告片拍摄现场~ 有位成员躲在可爱的大熊后面哦!他一直在抱着哦!据说真相已经出现在某人的微博头像里了哦~~[可爱] 
#Idol group EXO-M endorses Meilishou# It is heard that when EXO-M was at the Meilishuo CF filiming site, there was a member who was hiding behind a cute teddy bear! He was consistently holding the bear! It is said that the truth has already been exposed on the said person’s weibo. [CUTE]
Trans cr: Icingonyou

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