[TRANS] EXO’s Official 2014 Season’s Greetings Calendar Messages

Chanyeol: 2014 Spend ‘Year of the Horse’ with EXO as well~!! Let’s love!!

Baekhyun: Even in 2014!! Whether you’re asleep or awake, You’re going to think about “EXO!”….right…? ㅠ.ㅠ. …Think of us~! ♥ >.<

Sehun: Spend it happily with EXO~

Kai:  Let 2014 be filled with happy things~ ♡♡

D.O: In 2014 always be happy and be filled with good things~! Thank you!

Suho: 2014! Be Happy~ ♡

Lu Han: I wish you all the best for 2014! I hope all your wishes come true! ♡ I love you all! 2014 We will work hard! I love you! ♡

Kris: 2014 ^_^ Have a good year. Thank you! ♡

Chen: In 2014 as well~ Be filled with things that make you smile. Happy things ^__^ ♡

Xiumin: 2014 ‘Year of the Horse’ spend it happily with EXO~>.<

Lay: 2014 – I wish everyone happiness~ Everyone be happy~

Tao: In 2014 as well be happy~ I hope that everyone will be happy every day!!! AB Tao.

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