[TRANS] Yifan @ Cosmopolitan China January Issue


When Kris Wu Yi Fan was shooting for Cosmopolitan, it was during the time of the Paris terrorist attacks. This topic left the whole world shocked and in sorrow. It is hard to live in solidarity in this world, be it manufacturing clothes or making art; it is hard not living in the present, not living while contributing to society, and it will be hard to continue on for long. Wu Yi Fan is well versed in these principles. But at the same time, he is able to see that there are some people who live with a sense of “powerlessness”. “After all, this world cannot be changed by one person alone, to be honest, many people think of changing the world but it is not really realistic. More than often, (change) would require everyone’s combined efforts.”
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[TRANS] Yixing @ Cosmopolitan China Beauty Bible 13th Monthly Issue


Zhang Yixing
Emphasis on the Hardworking Type
Opening up Zhang Yixing’s tightly packed work schedule, you will find that he’s in screen-dominating mode: From variety shows to movies, from tv shows to various award ceremonies, you’ll see his silhouette figure there. But towards the question “Do you feel like you’re an idol?”, he emphasises NO: “I’ve never really felt myself to be an IDOL. If it’s necessary to give a label for my current status, I’m the Hardworking type.”
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