[NEWS] Xiumin and Kim Yoo Jung to film a MV

Xiumin and Kim Yoojung are scheduled to film a music video.

However, above all else, what captured the fans’ interest was the post the Kim Yoojung’s side left. It is because they left a post saying, “Are you spending an enjoyable Sunday? On Monday Yoojungie is filming a music video with EXO Xiumin. You’re curious right? We will upload soon on Uooz Community. Have an enjoyable weekend.”

Following this, fans are curious and being suspicious over the content and whose music video EXO Xiumin and Kim Yoojung will film for on the 7th.

Netizens are showing reactions of, “What kind of combination is Xiumin and Kim Yoojung,” “But Xiumin and Kim Yoojung are nine years apart?” “Even if Xiumin is a baby-face, with a child actress?” “I’m anticipating whose mv it is,” “Is it Xiumin’s acting challenge?” “If Kim Yoojung is coming out, the quality is guaranteed.”

source: Star N News
translation credit: nahbit @ exok-trans
source: EXO-M Trans

[TWEET UPDATE] EXO & Snsd’s Sulli & Yoona @ SK Telecom LTE Commercial Filming

[OOOO Noot] First noot fam Yoona, Sulli’s pleasant commercial filming set selca! Who are these that we only see the backside of? Are they a new noot fam? ^^

source: SKT world’s twitter
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