[TRANS] Kai & Sehun Featured @ Grazia Magazine, August Issue

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Q: Coffee vs. Tea?
Kai: Tea. I can’t drink coffee very well; Americano is like poison to me. I only drink it when I lose rock-paper-scissors with my friends.
Sehun: Tea. I only drink coffee when I’m really tired; I don’t drink it for pleasure. We’re still babies *laughs*.
Q: So then you guys don’t really talk about alcohol then?
Kai: We don’t really drink.
Q: “Don’t” or “can’t”?
Kai: We drink sometimes but we don’t really enjoy it. As of now it’s still fun without drinking.
Sehun: Me too, only a bit during dinners.
Q: Summer vs. Winter?
Kai: Winter.
Sehun: Winter.
Q: Morning vs. night?
Kai: Night.
Sehun: Night as well.
Q: Mountain vs. ocean?
Kai: Ocean. I’m sick of mountains after going so often when I was young.
Sehun: Mountain. I used to be part of my school’s hiking club.
Q: Books vs. films?
Kai: It used to be books; nowadays, films.
Sehun: It was always films for me.
Q: Action film vs. romance film?
Kai: Of course, action.
Sehun: Me too. Too much romance tires me. There’s romance in action movies. Just look at Iron Man; it has a story about loving the secretary.
Q: Do you read comic books/manga as well?
Sehun: I used to be really into it a while back; roughly three months?
Kai: My favorite manga used to be the Dragonball series when I was a kid; read it at least 10 times. Works by Bernard Werber for books. I almost finished reading the Les Thanatonautes series, but haven’t gone to finishing it; our debut was around then. Also, Keigo Higashino. Those two are my favorites.
Sehun: Hm, I don’t think books are for me. My Sweet Orange Tree (Meu Pé de Laranja Lima), which was given to me by my manager hyung, was the most recent book I read.
Kai: I have a reason for reading books as well. I used to transfer schools a lot. I’m really shy, and there wasn’t much time to make friends so I spent a lot of time in the library, since there wasn’t much to do whenever I had some spare time.
Q: That’s like a scene from a teenager film. A transfer Adonis trainee reading a book in the library.
Kai: *laughs* Is it?
Sehun: Oh, so maybe that’s why I never got close with books. I always had a lot of friends wherever I went.
Kai: When Sehun transferred, I was at the same school as him.
Q: Puppy vs. Cat?
Sehun: Puppy.
Kai: Me too; I’m raising one right now.
Q: Girl like a puppy (cute, pure) vs. girl like a cat (sexy, bold)?
Sehun: A girl like a cat.
Kai: Me too.
Q: Pure girl vs. sexy girl?
Sehun: The latter.
Kai: Me too, although it doesn’t really matter.
Q: Someone who’s talkative vs. someone who’s not?
Kai: I don’t like loud but someone who’s funny and talks a lot.
Sehun: Rather than having little words, the type whose stories don’t end.
Q: You’re attracted to someone – one who starts a conversation vs. wait for the person to come to you?
Sehun: If I really like the person, I ask for their phone number or approach them.
Kai: Rather than waiting, I think I also actively try to engage in a conversation. But after experiencing a lot of people, first impressions aren’t as important to me now. I learn about how they talk and their overall qualities as we spend time together, and thus naturally discover whether our “code” matches or not.

page 45

Q: If you could go back in time?
Sehun: I want to go back to when I was 2 and just play around without thinking about anything.
Kai: Either 16 or 17. Or 6th grade of elementary school (7th grade in U.S). Thinking about it now, I think that was my turning point.
Q: Ronaldo vs. Messi?
Sehun: Messi.
Kai: I really love soccer and have been watching for a long time, but Messi is on a whole new level. Although appearance-wise, Ronaldo is cooler, soccer skills is Messi for sure.
Q: Watching soccer vs. playing soccer?
Kai: I like watching.
Sehun: I lean towards watching as well.
Q: Then, the type of exercise you do?
Kai: Cycling? *laughs*. Dancing or necessary light exercises. Sometimes I play soccer, but to be frank EXO-K is neither great at soccer nor basketball. *laughs*. A few are going to the gym to build their bodies, though.
Q: Something you’ve done with perseverance for the longest time?
Kai: Dancing.
Sehun: Dancing.
Q: Jazz dance vs. ballet?
Kai: Ballet.
Sehun: I haven’t done either but usually urban dancing.
Kai: Instead of focusing on one, I’m learning multiple genres right now.
Sehun: Dancing is fun, but difficult. There’s always something new to learn.
Kai: Even if I dance for the next 10 years I think it’ll be difficult.
Q: You always have earphones in your ears; what do you listen to?
Sehun: Depends on my mood. Nowadays, DJ Snake; basically, I listen to club music, although I haven’t been to a club since I debuted when I was a student.
Kai: If there’s a song that I like then I just listen to that artist’s album as a whole until I get sick of it.
Q: Idols you looked up to as a kid?
Sehun: I never really had an obsession with one.
Kai: Michael Jackson. I became obsessed with him after watching a video of him in 3rd (4th grade U.S) grade, and I still watch it sometimes. I even look up videos of other artists who have imitated Michael Jackson.
Q: Photos vs. Videos?
Kai: Videos.
Sehun: Me too.
Q: If possible, Main actor vs. director?
Kai: Actor. I’ve never thought about productions so it’s a bit unfamiliar.
Sehun: Even so, director.
Q: If you could collaborate with any unit/group in the world?
Kai: Wow, first one with Sehun who’s on our team. *laughs*.
Sehun: Still, I’ll stick with Adam Sevani. He’s the protagonist of Step Up 3D, and was originally a dancer. Whether it’s performance, I want to try everything with him.
Q: Car vs. motorcycle?
Sehun: Car.
Kai: Car. We both got our driver’s licenses when we had time, but we don’t drive yet.
Q: Controversial questions from now on. T-shirt vs. shirt?
Kai: Oh, that’s hard. Still, t-shirts, since there’ll be more chances to wear them.
Sehun: Shirts. I think I have the most type of shirts in my closet.
Q: Suit vs. casual?
Kai: Suit.
Sehun: Suit. I feel like a man when I wear a suit.
Q: Hat vs. shoes?
Kai: Hah, this one’s really hard. *sighs*. Still, shoes. Even when I was obsessed with hats, I still paid more attention to shoes. Possibly because I dance.
Sehun: Shoes for me too. I used to love wearing snapbacks with a shirt, matching the Nike Jordan series. I haven’t worn them for a few months, but I seriously have a lot of Jordans at home. To be honest, all of our members are similar.
Q: Outfit for when you take some time to look nice?
Kai: First, no hats.
Sehun: Shirt and slacks, matched with a pair of loafers that reveal my ankles.
Q: Do you guys pick out your airport fashions?
Sehun: Of course. The night before, I need to choose an outfit that fits me and make sure it “feels” right in order to sleep well. Besides dancing and singing I have a lot of interest in fashion. Sometimes I arrange a day to look around/shop for clothes with my stylist hyungs.
Kai: I’m more of the type to just think about what I’ll wear the night before, since we have little time the morning we leave.
Q: Something you always carry inside your back when you move around?
Kai: My phone and charger. Oh, and sunglasses when going to the airport.
Q: That’s it? You wouldn’t need a bag then.
Kai: Yes. Actually, I hate carrying things in my hands so I don’t really carry a bag around. But sometimes I remember something I need after I send off my stuff in the airport. On days that happen, I carry stuff around in a shopping bag.
Sehun: I also often travel around without a bag. I wear my sunglasses, stuff my phone and earphones into each pocket, and just carry around my passport.
Q: What do you do the most with your phone?
Kai: Youtube.
Sehun: I constantly search things up; it’s closer to a habit. Sometimes I wonder why I have a phone.
Kai: I lose my phone often so I also spend a lot of time without it. I’ve gone around empty handed for over a month once. It’s the ones that are around me who are uncomfortable; I was really comfortable.
Q: Late-night snack – Chicken vs. pizza?
Kai: Ah, this isn’t even a match. Obviously, chicken.
Sehun: For sure, chicken, no?

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