[WEIBO UPDATE] Tao Being a Sweetheart

“Thank you all for always wishing me to have a better result, but you guys don’t really need to work so hard for it. I don’t care. What happens if I’m first place. What happens if I got it. Such materialistic stuffs are not worthy for you guys to waste your time on it. It’s all fleeting clouds (not important). I understand your heart. But it’s just that I was hoping more that you guys can use all those time for yourself. Let yourself do more meaningful and happier stuffs.”

“I don’t care about popularity. It’s not important, it doesn’t affect my everything too. Because the ones that should come to me will come sooner or later. I will do well as myself. After all, it’s not like I have nothing. I have you guys under the stage, your screams and cheers, I can see you guys everywhere I go, getting to see your joyful smiles, are these not enough? Going forward with you guys without stopping and letting more and more people acknowledge the existence of EXO, the existence of my members and I, together, enjoying every single stage, that is what we should do.”

credits : tao’s weibo | translation by tao-hua@tumblr

[WEIBO UPDATE] Tao Comments on Last Year’s Participation in Diving Show

I really had a wonderful time on the diving show last year. To me, the scar it left on my leg is a scar of happiness from the depths of my heart. That was during our promotional period and I really miss those times. Because all of you were with me and the members were with me, I was really happy. If it is possible, I really wish I could relive those times and finish competing on that diving show. 

Screenshot of comment taken by: 黄子韬吧PreciousTaoBar 
Trans cr: xwnne

[WEIBO UPDATE] Tao Spends New Year’s with Family

New Year's Message

Having finished New Year’s Eve dinner at grandpa and grandma’s house together with my dad and mom, is really blissful. Seeing all members of my family are living in peace and safe, healthy, I am very happy and very reassuring. Everyone should also spend some quality time with your family today. Wishing everyone Happy New Year, and that all your dreams will come true. Also thank you for your persistence, support, and everything you have done. I love you all. My VVHL.
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New Year's Message#2

YO~ HAPPY NEW YEAR~ What are you doing? Finished eating? Having fun??? (hm)
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[WEIBO UPDATE] EXO-M’s Lunar New Year Messages


Even when the world is so big, one still needs to return home ♥ A brand new year, a brand new start. Continue what needs to be continued. Pursue what needs to be pursued ~ May everyone of you who I love and love me in 2014 be safe and healthy everyday! Little horse run ah run ah run ah


Happy New Year ~


Good work, good work. Arrived home, arrived home. Reunion, reunion. Eat, eat. Be happy, be happy. Welcoming the new year, welcoming the new year. How about you? I wish everyone’s 2014 to be a lucky year. I am currently watching CCTV Spring Festival 🙂 by dandan


I wish everyone a happy lunar new year! ^_^

[WEIBO UPDATE] Tao mistakenly shares link to mp3 version of him moaning?

Just now @weipan I discovered a very good file “Huang Zitao moaning.mp3”, I recommend that you too come take a look!

11 minutes later: I did not do anything, why did I get onto the hot search list…is it because of you guys? I got an award. Thank you guys. Thank you ~ Also it was just a slip of my hands…..Don’t….

Don’t be like this. My God…..How can you guys do this….Mistake…

Link to the audio file, for anyone who’s interested.

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[WEIBO UPDATE] Tao Clarifies the Meaning behind his Bracelet

Following the recent waves of whispers and fans conversation on weibo in regards to Tao’s Cartier bracelet , he had posted a clarification via his weibo that he is NOT dating!

This bracelet was a small goal from when I was young. I bought it without a care for it being a symbol for couples or not~I am the only one wearing it, I kissed it is because I thought it can bring some good fortune to me ^ I love it^~^ Don’t think too much of it (or make random assumptions)~

To clarify, the stories started mainly because:

1) From wiki : Unlike traditional bracelets, which are either wide enough to slip them over the hand onto the wrist or can readily be opened in order to put them on, the Love bracelet is designed to be opened only using a special screwdriver that is supplied with every bracelet.The screwdriver is also available in the form of a necklace, allowing the bracelet to be “locked” onto one person while the “key” is kept around the neck of another as a symbol for their commitment to their relationship.

2) He was seen publicly showing it off via airport pictures and also as he was seen kissing it before competing on ISAC.

[WEIBO UPDATE] Tao’s Message to his Fans

好久不见HL们,很想你们。谢谢一直以来所有HL对我得付出,不管是投票 贴吧 为我照得照片 和制作的视频,每一封信每一份礼物,我都有看到,和每一次现场的应援你们也很棒,让我能够看见有你们的地方,真的很开心很喜欢。 为了这些你们付出了很多我都知道。可是你们还是为我做了。谢谢你们HL~

希望以后不管去哪里站在什么样的舞台,都可以一眼看见你们。 HL永远是最特别的存在,如果团结起来你们无法阻挡。至高无上的每一个HL,你们是最棒最好的! 忘记刚出道那时的HZT吧,已经不存在了!现在的我,和你们已经不再一样了。我慢慢在长大你们慢慢在强大。我不属于任何人!但我为HL而存在!

还有谢谢所有EXO粉丝为我们做的一切。没有你们,就没有我们的今天。 我爱你们。

要记住,做为HL要感到自豪,因为你们是特别的尊贵的强大的无处不再的HL。没有人能和你们对抗相比。 因为有你们,我感到骄傲。 加油吧~

Long time no see HLs (t/n: HL is the abbreviation of Hai Lang or waves in english, which is what Tao calls his fans), I miss you all very much. Thank you all HLs for the things you’ve done for me all this while, be it voting, tieba, taking photos or making videos, each letter and each present, I see them all, and each fan support you guys give at the performance venues, you all are very awesome, places where I am able to see you all really makes me very happy, I really like it. I know you all have done a lot for all these. But you all still do it for me. Thank you HLs~

I hope that in the future no matter where we go or what kind of stage we stand on, I will still be able to see you all. HLs forever have the most special existence, once you all unite, nothing can stop you all. To each and everyone of the supreme HLs, you all are the best, the most awesome! Forget the Huang Zitao from the debut period, he doesn’t exist anymore! The me now, and the all of you now are different already. I am slowly growing and you all are slowly getting stronger. I don’t belong to anyone! But I exist for HLs!

Also thank you to all the EXO fans for everything you’ve done for us. Without you all, there won’t be the us today. I love you all.

Remember, to be proud of being a HL, because you all are HLs who are special, strong, and are everywhere. No one can compare to you all. Because of you all, I feel proud. Jiayou~

source; tao’s weibo
trans cr; amy @ exom-trans
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[WEIBO UPDATE] Kris, Luhan, Lay & Tao’s Autumn’s Festival Messages

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!!!! ~ Has everyone eaten mooncakes yet? ^^

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!!!! Happy ~ Happy~ Happy~Happy happy happy

Everyone should quickly return home to have a reunion dinner. Don’t let your family wait for you. The dishes are getting cold. Happy Mid-Autumn Festival everyone!

Wishing everyone a Happy Mid-Autumn Festival. Spend more time with your family. I miss all of you very much! ♥

Source: Kris, Lay, Luhan, Tao @ Weibo