[NEWS] Korean Idol Group EXO-M Hugged Idols on Their Parents’ Behalf @ Immortal Song

As understood, the participation of Korea’s very popular idol group, EXO-M, has lead to the support of uncountable number of after 90-ers fans, to the extent that when they were performing live, it evoked the screams and cheers of the fans there.

And the first thing they did after arriving at was to go to the resting rooms of every participating artistes to introduce themselves and give out their new album, as a form of courtesy. Even though the artistes were a little surprised, the distance between them was reduced in a short while, and PING AN even brought out a plate of oranges to give them, wishing them that all their wishes will come true.

After knowing that they chose to perform the song <一起吃苦的幸福 (Happiness Of Undergoing Hardships Together)> , WAKIN CHAU was very surprised. “I am now of the same generation as parents, and we easily think that children nowadays are living too comfortably. But these few youngsters actually chose this song, to experience the happiness of undergoing hardships together. Suddenly I felt very comforted that ah, actually you guys understand.” At the recording venue, the members of EXO-M revealed that “In Korea, Teacher WAKIN CHAU’s <朋友 (Friends)> is really very popular, but we chose <一起吃苦的幸福> as this song is more apt for the situtation of our team. The few Chinese members have worked through 3-4 years in another country to debut, and the Korean members may have some problems in communication when in China. So everyone is working hard together, and this is a blessful thing. It can be a blessing to go through hardships too.”

One thing worthy to mention is that, towards the end of the recording of the show, when WAKIN CHAU was on stage with the rest of the singers, EXO-M’s Chinese members LAY and TAO excitedly hugged WAKIN CHAU on behalf of their parents. This is because LAY’s mother and TAO’s father are fans of WAKIN CHAU, and LAY’s mother even took a plane to Shanghai to watch her son perform with her own idol on the same stage.

In addition, during the interview where EXO-M were asked about their feelings about going up against the Black Panthers (黑豹乐队) who have debuted for over 27 years, these boys, who are just a little over 20 years of age on average, admired them a lot. “They are really great, and we respect them ! It has been a long time since Black Panther debuted, and this is an unimaginable thing to us, because it is not easy for a group to perservere on for such a long time. It is very honourable for us to be able to participate in this show and perform on the same stage as them.” LAY even added on cheekily that “I feel that their main vocal is very handsome.”

Source: Netease
Trans: ☆ boonyi ☆