[TRANS] Kyungsoo’s Story @ Ize Magazine

After the outdoor shoot has ended, D.O. who is sitting down docilely and quietly with his head down got attracted to the small insects on the ground. “The feet are so small?”, after seeing the baby shoes in the studio, his round round eyes became even bigger.

Although during times like this D.O. looks like a child, but in reality, he is a “real man”. Like how once the group photoshoot started, D.O. who was sitting in the center position said “Okay, let’s start”, while trying to get the members to focus at the same time .
Like a child, yet giving off an indifferent feeling with his eyes, this kind of reversal is D.O.’s real charm.

D.O.: I was born on January 12, 1993.  I am EXO-K’s main singer. I played the role of being hit by Luhan during the EXO Music Video drama episode that was released not long ago, this role was decided by the director based on my image. But in reality this is not my real image… right? Do I really have that kind of image? The other members always tease me. I do not know why either. Because there isn’t really a way I can make myself look more authoritative, I still treat the members like I usually do. Sometimes I know that I should do some aegyo, but it’s really hard.

I am better at barbecuing meat than the other members so I am in charge of barbecuing meat. Although there isn’t really any special technique, I usually get a feel of it while barbecuing, and this feeling is hard to describe with words. Ah, it must be really interesting if I can go for Happy Together 3’s Late Night Market, but as of now I still do not have any special recipe that I can show. Everyone thinks that I am very good at cooking but this is actually a misunderstanding, I only cook because I enjoy the process. It’s probably because during interviews, the other members always say I take care of them like a mother, hence this kind of image was created.

Q: Isn’t it the case that you are forced to cook because the members always ask you to cook?

D.O: Actually if they request for me to cook, I will not cook for them. It’s when I feel like cooking, then I will cook and share it with the rest.

I really like to sing along while Chanyeol plays the guitar. Probably because we have been training together since our trainee times, we are very in tune with each other. Even if I change the beat, Chanyeol will change along with me, and if Chanyeol changes the tempo, I will catch up with him too. (Chanyeol: The number of songs that we have prepared for performing after we debut, amount up to almost 15.) Ah yes. “Nothin’ On You” which we sang on KBS 2FM Super Junior’s KTR is one of them. I have been listening to a lot of R&B music since young, hence I really like it.

In the future when we have a concert, during my solo stage I want to have just a standing microphone, and use just my voice to properly perform African American music.

I like Chris Brown and Justin Bieber, and listen to their songs often. Actually up until now I still haven’t been able to get over the trauma of “Superior Orchestra”. Although I can’t seem to find any special method, but first of all I think I need to gather much more experience in order to overcome myself.

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[TRANS] Kai’s Story @ Ize Magazine

“Oh! There’s a modern choreography that I saw and cried to recently!” Kai’s voice loudened. The charismatic Kai on stage excited talking about the dance he likes is actually closer to being a boy his age, Kim Jong In, rather than Kai. He’ll become a boy again when he’ll strike a pose very sternly and D.. blows bubbles next to him, leaving him with his eyes curved and bursting into laughter. The continuing change between Kai and Kim Jong In could easily be found, and it was an interesting discovery.

Kai. Born on January 14th 1994th. Studied ballet since young age. I’ll watch Mnet’s <Dancing 9> and contemplate what would have happened if I continued ballet. Probably studied abroad and went ‘all-in’?

I have no other things I want to improve in, other than dance and music. If I could become a ballerino now, I want to create a choreography that holds the meaning that I can’t give up a girl I love and express that feeling with my body. I’m a perfectionistregarding performance so I criticize myself when I make a mistake. At home, I’ll think ‘Ack, why did I get it wrong there’, like that. I really like the R&B genre. If I have a unit or solo debut opportunity, I want to show an awe-inspiring performance with a strong beat and mild music. Men likeMichael Jackson, Usher, Chris Brown are really sexy on stage.When I went to an Usher concert, I exclaimed ‘Wow! Really, how is that done?’ And I was applauding before I knew it. (Laughs) He really won over ladies’ hearts with simple gestures. The members danced recently on <Weekly Idol>. First off, I think Suho-hyung will be really good if he practiced a little more and Chen, like his nickname ‘Funky Funky Chen,’ has a unique rhythm sense and displayed the funky feel very well. I think he’ll do well in rocking as well. Oh, on <Weekly Idol>, Sehun kicked my butt and it’s not that my feelings were hurt, but I have a different reason as to why I was so shocked. Normally when people kick butts, you kick with the top of your foot. But Sehun kicked with his foot turned upwards. So… it went in between my cheeks. Hahaha. But I also kicked Sehun’s backside. I playfully kicked, thinking that I don’t get an opportunity to kick backsides so often, but I was flabbergasted since he kicked so hard. I’ve been watching EPL games since my first year of high school and I became a Chelsea fan. This season, I think Chelsea will probably place first or second? So if earthlings could migrate to EXO planet, I want to become either a ballerino or a soccer player. If I could compare myself to an animal, I am a jaguar. First off, I have dark skin, and jaguars are normally slow but when they are on a hunt, they change 180 degrees. I am usually lax but when I dance, I concentrate like no one else, so we are similar in a sense.

Source: Ize magazine.
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[TRANS] “Fifty Million People to Recognize EXO is Our Goal” @ Ize Magazine Interview Part ③

We can only describe it as a surprising happening. The phenomenon that EXO recently showed was one that was unpredicted from a rookie who debuted just over one year ago. ‘Growl,’ which was released over a month ago is still in the top 5 on music charts and their first album <XOXO> and repackage album sales combined together surpassed way over 700 thousand albums. Debuting with ‘MAMA’ in April 2014, after having a hiatus of around one year, they passed ‘Wolf and Beauty’ and can now say they were a success by certainly stamping the name EXO  with ‘Growl.’ And during the time of debut the 12 members that were split into EXO-K, Korean promotions team, and EXO-M, Chinese promotions team, have become one like their cheer, “WE ARE ONE” and showed a performance on the next level. In order to ask them how they were able to grow in such a fast time, <IZE> met EXO. EXO interviews that will be revealed throughout four days, the last is stories about EXO’s time, trainee period, and goals. With this sorry heart, let’s run by looking at Kai and D.O, Kris and Chanyeol’s sesame-like story.

Free Time
When you guys have free time, what do you usually do in the dorm.
Chanyeol: I shared a room with Tao in the past, and this friend does one man minor roles for fun. He acts like talking like this and then moving over a bit and then talking like that, and then he changes into a different character saying, “Ah, where is this place?”
Xiumin: He doesn’t do that when he’s by himself. When the members are just still or look bored he jokes around. It’s a type of aegyo but, I wish he didn’t do that. The person watching is uncomfortable. (laughter)
Tao: Hahahaha. Hyung does it with me too! We do it in the dorm together all the time? If I go, “Xiumin, let’s do it together,” you go “Uh, okay.”
Xiumin: Then I was bored too.
Tao: There is a fun act that we do together. Let’s show them. (laughter)
Xiumin: What is there to show. It’s always just shooting the gun and dying from a gunshot.

I also heard that you split into EXO-M and EXO-K team to play basketball.
Xiumin: Overall, EXO-M members are friends that liked to exercise since young. As predicted, we played basketball a lot and like it so our stamina is a bit higher. Even if you look objectively, our positions are split perfectly. The tallest Kris is center and fast Luhan is kind of like a guard feel. He’s really good at doing 3-pointer shots. Because Tao is strong, he is the power forward and Lay is also a forward feeling but he’s a bit different than Tao. Because I’m not good at basketball, I am the ball boy. (laughter)
Sehun: I want to first clap for EXO-M’s basketball skills. Kris hyung has skills of an athlete and the rest of the members are all good too. EXO-K members all really can’t play. (laughter) Because the level difference is so bad, we try not to play basketball. The fact that we played a game was when we were trainees.

Trainee Period
Whether it be long or short, you guys all had a trainee period but what influence did that time give to you.
Suho: When you go through the trainee period during your adolescence, you become more cautious and you tend to save your words. Because you have to compete with other friends and in order to achieve the dream of a singer, you end up living a working lifestyle kind of life. Not that I had another job but doesn’t social life always make one tense and give the burden of having to complete something. Because I endured that since young, I think there is a part of me where I’m a little careful in everything I do.
Baekhyun: On the other hand, if you have a long trainee period, your mental strength because really strong. Compared to people who had short trainee periods, I don’t think they go through slumps because of small things. Earlier this year, I went through a slight slump because of singing. It was because I didn’t know how I was supposed to sing. Because I already debuted and I have to show right away, I fell into worries on ‘what should I do.’ However, Suho hyung is not like that and is always maintains his composure. I think because his will power is strong, he can endure not going through slumps. Of course there are bad points too. Hyung’s personality is the complete opposite from me, because we’re stuck in formality, I want to break that.

How are your two personalities different.
Baekhyun: Hyung is the type that seeks practical rules and I am the type that seeks expediency. For example, if there was a math problem and someone taught me how to solve it, I always found an expedience. (laughter) I am the type that thinks a lot about ‘what do I have to do in order to find a faster way to solve this, what can I do to memorize this faster.’ Once when we were showering together, Suho hyung told me that because of me he became softer. I as predicted looked at hyung and thought, ‘a person can be that serious.’ Originally, I was a person that was like a feather that could soar through the sky but thanks to hyung I think I changed a bit.

How were the other members’ trainee periods.
Sehun: I was casted in sixth grade and officially started my trainee period in my second year of middle school. Because it was when I was really young, at first I was a bit confused and starting from my first year of high school I thought ‘I can’t do it like this.’ Because the other people’s dreams are solid and stuff. Starting from then I did dance practice a bit more.
Xiumin: I followed a friend to the audition and luckily passed and joined the company. At that time I was a high school third year preparing for the college entrance exam and because I wouldn’t be debuting right away but would have to go through a trainee period, I thought a lot. But because the only place to trust was the company, I think I just constantly faithfully practiced.
EXO’s Goals
How do you think it’d feel if you suddenly went to an ordinary young man from this situation.
Kris: Because I dreamed of being a basketball player before, to be honest I can be a basketball player again. However if I had to spend my life as a normal person, I don’t think I’d be able to accept that. Most likely everyone will be like that. Because in a foreign country, 4-5 years ago I came to Korea and tried really hard while practicing. If I suddenly lost this job, I think I’d be sad and taken aback.
Sehun: If I were to be honest, I think because there is freedom, there are some good aspects. However, I don’t want to go back. (bashfully laughs) Because I am EXO.

You debuted and now because you officially started gaining popularity, you guys started to get busy. For a while now you guys will be living a life like this, what are the things that you think everyone should keep no matter how hard they are.
Lay: It’s something we do even now but, it’s to not forget to say “thank you” when someone does something for another.
Chen: Proper man of his word. Because even if we really grow older and quit the job as an idol, if we were to show that we’re proper men of our word, we can leave a good image for people.
Baekhyun: I want to make a promise amongst the members. Even if we have a lot of free time, to only go home, to only meet male friends, or to only exercise. To be honest, I don’t think it’s a time for us to be having fun yet. That is my thought but… till thirty five? I wish that no one forgot the ‘person that they wanted to be’ when we debuted because we were so lost in pleasure. I hope no one forgets their own goals. Because of one thing like that, I can’t see EXO falling apart.
Suho: For me, it’s to love EXO members.  Not excluding a single person.
Baekhyun: Suho hyung will guide us all towards a good direction. Because he’s always a proper person.

Then what is EXO’s goal overall.
Lay: Right now, rather than a member individually being popular or showing, I think EXO being more known is more urgent. Our Suho, leader said this once, “Fifty million people in Korea recognizing EXO is our goal.” I think we still have a long way to go.

How many people do you think recognize EXO now.
Suho: I think for teens it is nine out of then and for twenties it is six out of ten. (laughter)

Lastly, if you were to define EXO with one word.
Kris: For me, EXO is a pizza. Each member is a pizza slice because all twelve members must be there for us to be one.
D.O: If only one is missing, then it is not perfect.

source: Ize
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[TRANS] Baekhyun’s Story @ Ize Magazine

With Baekhyun and Chen, who finished shooting first, we went out to the studio garden and started to talk while carefully looking through the LP that were prepared as props. Although we can see that Baekhyun is the center of EXO’s “beagle line” just by looking at his eyes filled with curiosity and mischievousness, his eyes that twinkle even more when he talks about his thoughts on singing and the future are a charm that I honestly didn’t know about. On top of that, I think it will be quite a fun time seeing how he who said “rather than being afraid of making mistakes, I think I will get better by going up against it at the actual fight,” will grow.

Baekhyun.  I was born on May 6th, 1992. With same-aged Chanyeol, Chen, we are called the‘beagle line, but from my perspective I think those two are easier to control. (laughter) When we first debuted, because I was not used to looking at the camera while doing even a short ment, my face was shaking, but because we kept doing it for a couple of months, it is a bit natural now. When I feel like I am lacking something, I monitor people who are good at it and learn. That is why I wasn’t shaking while thinking ‘this is scary what should I do,’ but because instead I let out a war cry, ‘I will fight with this!’ while looking at the camera, I feel like I was able to overcome it faster. Because I enjoy watching MBC <Sunday Night> ‘Real Man,’ I even thought of what I would do if I went out. But because I have a fear of heights… I don’t think it’d be easy if I had to go through helicopter drop training or water repel training, but I will try to overcome it! I can say that I am in the ranking for game skills in EXO. I think because I played a variety of games since young, I am a little better than the other members. One of the computer game genres that I am most confident in is the FPS game. Sometimes I make fun of D.O but I don’t make fun of it so that we get offended but it’s only to the extent where I give him fun nicknames. I think D.O really like’s it when I call him ‘dyodoro’ from boxer Fedor. However when I call D.O like this, the most important part is that I do it ‘as provokingly as I can!’ (laughter) Whenever I get to have a color stage at our concert, I want to use one pin light and sing a ballad song with the topic of separating with the piano. If I can migrate earthlings to EXO planet, besides singer, a role I want to take is a college student.

source: Ize
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[TRANS] Chanyeol’s Story @ Ize Magazine

Just 5 minutes. Just this amount of time is more than enough to feel Chanyeol’s affirmative energy. Bringing up the mood of the atmosphere is a part of his fundamentals and he says, “Think of it as March. Ah~ it’s warm,” as he films under the strong sunlight. Chanyeol, who is scared of insects but watches in fascination once he discovers a baby cricket, possesses a charm which makes it impossible not to smile even by just watching him because he really is bright and innocent. This is the reason that the image of his eyes twinkling whenever a question is asked, even as he plays mischievously with D.O by hitting him to the point of making a thwacking sound, remains in my memory for a long time.

Chanyeol. Born on November 27th, 1992. I possess a positive personality and I veer on the side of loving myself. It’s due to my parents passing down a lot of their positive energy to me. I’ve liked people ever since I was little and I received much love from people with the sociability I nurtured on the playground! I think that even now at funny moments, no matter what action I take the members enjoy it. Taking my health into consideration, nowadays I’m researching a way to make people laugh through words. But when I can’t do something I need to do because I’m in pain, I become down and receive stress. I fell hard for Muse after seeing them for the first time at the Pentaport Rock Festival when I was in my third year of middle school. It was so cool that they could create such an impressive sound with three members. If I were to go to a rock festival now, I would be shaking my head with everyone and thrashing. I’ve played the guitar since my first or second year of middle school. Maybe it’s because I learned on my own, but I’ve formed certain habits. So I don’t play along unthinkingly as I listen to music like I used to, and am practicing in order to lay down the foundation for the fundamentals. Oh, recently my father gifted me a good guitar as an early birthday present so I’m continuously touching it. Anywhere, all the time. (laughter) I’ve immensely liked rap ever since I was a trainee, but it’s true that there aren’t many opportunities to show it. I prepare in order to properly show it whenever an opportunity arises like on radio programs. Lately I’ve appeared on variety programs often, and I met Kim Bosung sunbaenim on KBS’s Happy Sunday – Mama Mia. I said that I would join the UFO association then, but I haven’t been able to yet. Because I haven’t seen sunbaenim after the recording. When playing rock paper scissors with the members, the trick to always winning is to trust only in myself. If earthlings could move to Exo Planet, aside from being a singer I want to try being an ordinary college student. I enjoy the webtoon Cheese in the Trap, and I want to become a heartwarming college sunbae like Yoojung sunbae and treat my hoobaes to a meal and enjoy the romanticized campus life.

Translation cr: 4rang

[TRANS] Kris’s Story @ Ize Magazine

Shortly but strongly. Even when he boldly gave off these precise words, Kris was full of confidence. Kris effortlessly and freshly laughed when the members looked at a larva and said lightly, “Let’s eat it!,” or when they bounced off the bed, he said, “Haha, I’m an action actor!” after they finished their photoshoot. The reason why Kris considers EXO as a pizza is because they have to be 12 members to form a whole circle.  The more we know about his world, the more we strangely get pulled into the whole new world.

Kris: I was born on November 6, 1990, in China but grew up in Canada. I am EXO-M’s leader and rapper.When rapping in Korean, the pronunciation was really hard. Because the pronunciation is stronger and clearer compared to how it is when we talk, even when doing it naturally, some may find it a little awkward when listening to it. In “Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio”, together with D.O and Chanyeol we had practiced Dynamic Duo’s 죽일놈 (Guilty) really hard so it was really lucky that the reaction was good. Besides rapping, I have a lot of interest in writing songs & lyrics, fashion designing, DJing etc. Among all the lyrics I have written, I am most satisfied with “Just one more time, one last time”. A handsome style starts from wearing the clothes which fit you best with confidence. And it is important to remember that you want to challenge a new style. Ah, I just remembered that in future I want to launch a brand under my own name, but it’s a secret.

Kai: If you talk about it now, people may steal your idea and do it first.

Kris: No they can’t. But even if it is handsome/cool, there must be a name which has a link to me. No matter who see it they will think “Ah, this is Kris’ brand”. Since a long time ago, I’ve been watching and studying Korean variety programs. But no one can do it like Chanyeol.

D.O: If you record a program for a long time you might feel really tired but Chanyeol can concentrate so well and not feel tired. It’s amazing.

Kris: There was this time when I stood outside the bathroom watching out for Tao for 30 minutes. That was when I thought, “Ah, Tao is still really young.” But because now we don’t have enough time to sleep properly, I can’t do it anymore. But even with insufficient sleep my skin is still good…I was born with it. Wasn’t I? (laughs) I don’t have any special treatments for my skin but I do wash my face well.I think I have a lot of interest in acting. That’s why I’m watching a lot of Korean, Chinese and Hollywood movies. Even though now I can’t show much of my acting right now, in music videos I still work really hard to show it in that short period of time.

source: Ize
trans by: WeiTing @ 901106.net
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[TRANS] Chen’s Story @ Ize Magazine

Chen will hum along with the background music “Super Mario” while bending down to tie his shoelaces, and start dancing by himself to the music being played while waiting for his turn to take photos, completely fits his nickname “Funky Funky Chen”.

Although he feels proud about the results achieved from training so hard, he will also critique himself very objectively, and accept the members’s teasing very well, maintaining an attitude of understanding the other person’s intention when they said those words, his cheerful, sunny image hiding a meticulous/considerate and thoughtful soul deep inside. The words “A man with a beautiful inner side/soul” will involuntarily surface in our mind, this description was created just for him.

Chen. 1992.9.21. Although I like to joke around, I feel that I am still different from Chanyeol and Baekhyun. (Laughs) This two friends seriously have the ability to be noisy/playful from morning all the way until the middle of the night. When filming MVs we usually end up working through the night, and I really got surprised by their ability to stay noisy/playful all the way to the end. (Baekhyun: Although I have the restless, noisy type of personality, I jut need to rest for a little while and can go back to being lively again. Haha!) Members all call me “Funky” but actually I feel that my “Funky”ness is probably just me being slightly mischievous in my actions.

Because I am the lead singer and am in charge of the high notes, I have been working hard to be able to project a nice voice. First, I will start to relax my vocal chords bit by bit from the low notes, and try not to lick my lips before I go on stage, only drinking a sip of water.

A while ago, we went out for a while to stroll along Han river, and an ajumma said “EXO right? My daughter really likes you all”. I felt so amazed after hearing it. A few of the members were there too, she probably knew we were EXO from recognizing one of us… And the one she recognized was me, seriously! (Laughs) It probably was due to the performance on KBS’ Immortal Song. The first time going on that stage, Baekhyun and I sang “I really do not know” together, and because it’s a exquisite balled we practised a lot and discussed a lot. We needed to express the emotions in the lyrics and at the same time coordinate well so our voices become one, just discussing “This part I will sing like this, then the next part you sing like this”, we ended up staying past 5 am in the morning.

I like the movie “Avengers”, if I can pick a character I want to become Thor. Because then I can control thunder to my heart’s content. Sometimes (we? I? ) will call D.O. “that little guy”. I am not afraid of D.O.’s punches at all. Because D.O. is a “little guy”. I have an older brother and I will sometimes think what it would be like to have a younger sister. If she does something ill-mannered, I will probably reprimand her strictly. Also, I must explain to her, let her understand why doing that is not right. If humans can stay on EXO Planet, other than a singer, I want to be a normal university student, who works part time to earn his own pocket money.

English Translation: rellasoo
Original Chinese translation by @_原博易主_ on weibo

[TRANS] Yixing’s Story @ Ize Magazine

His long lithe neck and deep deep eyes, unconsciously lead people to think of herbivores, this kind of mood will allow us to taste/slowly enjoy his quiet and considerate personality. But the Lay that can do a Kristina voice imitation of “Kim~Chi~Jji~gae~” with a sincere expression, is indeed a man with the charm of reversal. Answering any question with no hesitation, using a large amount of vocabulary that is seriously surprising, and the way he answers questions enthusiastically, makes us anticipate his extremely unique personality. As though it is rightfully this way, no matter how busy, how tired and how hard it is, he definitely will not forget to say “Thank you”, like he will never stray from the promise he set for himself no matter now or in the future.

Lay. 1991.10.7. When I was asked what should be filled in after KaNaTaLaMaPaSaAjaChaKaTa’, of course it must be ‘Pa’. Pa, Pa, Hip hop~ Yeah~ (Laughs) I have always been learning Korean meticulously. I learnt “cool” phrases from Sehun and used it on broadcast programs before. (Laughs) Baekhyun also taught me a low of amazing phrases, lately I learnt the word “Vitamin”.

Because I like to shower, it’s until the extent that if I’m soaking in the bath I can last in there for up to 10 hours. But we can only have showers in our bathroom, if the dorm suddenly has no more hot water it would be terrible. Fortunately, our dorm is really not that bad, we can keep having hot water to use. Haha! I like the majority of Stephen Chow’s movies. I like Shaolin Soccer the most out of all of them.

I really want to eat a meal with Mr. Lee Soo Man. If it’s me ordering I will probably order Pasta or Pizza, but since our Chairman seems to like Kimchi Jjigae, so I will probably get Kimchi Jjigae.

In EXO, my role in healing. Although I cannot heal my members much in reality, no matter what happens I will always pray and be happy for them. If EXO planet can have humans living in it, I want to make delicious food and share it with everyone in the world. I want to be able to eat delicious food and live happily with the people I love.

English Translation: rellasoo
Original Chinese translation by @_原博易主_ on weibo

[TRANS] Suho’s Story (ft. Lay) @ Ize Magazine

Suho: I was born on May 22nd, 1991. I am EXO’s leader. I often buy food for the members, and I feel proud when the dongsaengs thank me and tell me they want to buy food for me too after deliciously eating the food I bought them. On the other hand, when I confidently buy food that I think is yummy but they don’t finish it as if it tastes bad, I feel a little empty. (laughs) I think of golf as a hobby rather than a specialty. When I was in middle school, I tried learning golf for about 6 months at a fitness club out of curiosity but I wasn’t really that good. As the leader, soon after our debut I was in charge of answering questions about EXO’s meaning or album concept, and because of it, I was seen as a stiff and exemplary kind of character.

Lay: Our leader is really dignified and he works hard in everything. He’s awesome.

Suho: However, I’m surprisingly a fun person. (laughs) People who have never talked to me and just seen me from afar might not know, but if we talk or message for 5~10 minutes, then you will know that I’m a fun person! On MBC Weekly Idol, D.O said regarding my face, “When he just sits there, he’s handsome, but when he smiles, he’s ugly.” But rather than ugly, I think the expression “less handsome” is more correct. I know D.O was being funny because it was on an entertainment program, but honestly… I do agree that I’m not very handsome when I smile. (laughs) When I watch MBC I Live Alone, I feel good about living together with the members. Nevertheless, when I’m really tired and want to sleep and the members come into my room one by one to say something to me, I sometimes think that I need some time to myself. If Earthlings could migrate to EXO-planet, I would want to try being a teacher who teaches knowledge to students and values empathizing with them.

trans credit: dyonut

[TRANS] “EXO is One Team” @ Ize Magazine Interview Part ②

We can only describe it as a surprising happening. The phenomenon that EXO recently showed was one that was unpredicted from a rookie who debuted just over one year ago. ‘Growl,’ which was released over a month ago is still in the top 5 on music charts and their first album and repackage album sales combined together surpassed way over 700 thousand albums. Debuting with ‘MAMA’ in April 2014, after having a hiatus of around one year, they passed ‘Wolf and Beauty’ and can now say they were a success by certainly stamping the name EXO with ‘Growl.’ And during the time of debut the 12 members that were split into EXO-K, Korean promotions team, and EXO-M, Chinese promotions team, have become one like their cheer, “WE ARE ONE” and showed a performance on the next level. In order to ask them how they were able to grow in such a fast time, met EXO. EXO interviews that will be revealed throughout four days, the second day, we prepared the way EXO practices together and the back story to their appearance on On top of that, you can also meet Suho and Baekhyun, Chen and Lay’s detailed stories.

Team Practices’ Value
How did you practice for the performance of ‘Growl.’ There must be members who are specialized in rap and vocals since the beginning.
: For dance, during our trainee period, in the basic class we started learning from bounce and riding the rhythm and starting from the next level, we learned dances that were more and more harder. Because at that time we were individually judged, we needed to match the balance between the skills of a person who dances well and the skills of a person who does not dance well. That is why if we become one team, we try to hold onto someone who dances really well and tries to be in the spot light too much, and try to help someone who is lacking to be better.
Kai: Even after debut, we learned in the aspects that we individually lacking in and taught in the areas that we were good in. Suppose Chanyeolie hyung felt himself that he was lacking in his dance skills, he will go to a member that dances well and ask how he should practice. And because it was a whole practice, we tried to match the choreography angle the same.
Chen: While promoting ‘Wolf and Beauty’ and ‘Growl,’ I ended up using the same room as Kai and after finishing the day’s practice, before we slept, we talked a lot. They were conversations like ‘today it was like this, tomorrow I should do it like this.’ Although he’s a dongsaeng, I had a lot of things I could learn from him. When we practice, because Kai always matches to my level and teaches me how to dance, it was easy to take it in. After listening, the next practice I would do it the way Kai had told me and add gestures. And even then if it wasn’t working, Kai would fix it again.

You must have felt the value of practicing as a team.
: The meaning was really big. If I was practicing by myself, my skills will exceed slowly, but if in front of friends that dance well, I learn a lot of good things and learn quicker.
Chen: Before I came into the company, I never touched the thing called dance and my training period was short as well. But seeing as how I debuted in a performance group, in the beginning it was really hard. However the members would come hand practice with me whether it be early in the morning or even late at night, and soon I was able to follow these friends. No matter how hard something is, I think we can do everything when with the members. I think that me being bale to dance on stage like this now is all thanks to the members.

When practicing, is there a rule that is autonomously decided.
: There is not something that we decided on. It is not an atmosphere where we force one to practice. Because we all live together in the dorm and move together, there is no way there can be a member late to practice.
Xiumin: For now, it’s when we do it, let’s do it right.
Baekhyun: Because everyone works hard there is nothing like ‘today let’s do over four hours.’ If amongst the twelve members, one member doesn’t want to practice, we consider that person and let them go to the dorm and for those who want to practice more do it individually. But even then, I think basically we do over eight hours of practice a day. It’s because we must prepare perfectly so that we can show a different side.
Chen: Especially because our hiatus time after ‘MAMA’ was long, we prepared very hard amongst ourselves as well.

In a situation where everyone is tired to the point that they’re going to faint, who is the member that endures till the end.
: If we feel like we’re going to die, then we all rest together. Because we can’t be tired tomorrow because we practiced one more hour today.
Lay: When I see it, I think everyone endures it well. When we really feel like we’re going to die, if we order hamburgers once, then we all gather strength again. (laughter) Once I thought, ‘why is it that when we order hamburgers, we gather strength,’ and I think it’s because when we eat, we gain weight, and then because we have to exercise, we practice harder. And if atmosphere maker Baekhyun makes a hwaiting atmosphere, we all gather strength together.

{Immortal Song}
Does Baekhyun have a know-how on how to make the atmosphere better during a situation where everyone is tired.
: For instance, if someone got a move wrong, I make everyone laugh by expressing that more ridiculously. It’s not like I say something funny and make the atmosphere better. (laughter)

A member that is in charge of that type of role, for your first appearance on you went with just Chen, and because you had to be more serious, it must have been nerve wracking.
: If you look at it in one way, because it was the first performance where we were singing in front of many people representing EXO, it was burdensome. Maybe it was because of that, I’m not the type that gets really nervous on stage but I was really nervous then.
Chen: While singing I saw Baekhyun’s hand and it was shaking hard. (laughter) After that, the next time we appeared, we went with a lot of members, and for sure I was able to tell that the difference between when with the members and without was big.

Were the other members who went on able to adjust to it pretty quickly.
: Originally when I stand on stage, I get more nervous than the other members. And because Jeon Youngrok sunbae was in front of of us on I was so nervous I don’t even know if I sang.
Kai: On that program, the session is all live. But we weren’t able to match the song and dance to it because of the situation status. Our turn was the ending performance but because we went in late, the guitarist played for a longer time. (laughter) If we had matched it before hand or if we had more experience, we would have been able to deal with a situation like that better but because we were nervous and on top of that unable to prepare a lot, we were slightly taken aback. Although it could have been better, we worked hard.

{Promoting in China}

Even then, I think the fact that you guys were able to appear on a program like that, EXO-K and EXO-M promoting together, was something meaningful. Originally Chen and Xiumin debuted in EXO-M but isn’t it hard promoting in an unfamiliar place.
: When the company asked me, “we’re going to have a Chinese and Korean team, what do you think?’ I first answered without any hesitance that I wanted to go into the Chinese team. Of course my parents worried a lot. Because I didn’t even discuss with them and I just said it because I wanted to. But, after debuting and going to China for the first time till now, I think that I made a really good choice. Although there is a language wall between the Chinese fans and I, with just the fact that I can let them hear my song, I am happy. Sometimes fans ask me why I didn’t promote in Korea but either way, EXO is one team. Just because I debuted with EXO-M doesn’t mean I can’t meet with Korean fans and because I can go around with the other members like this, I don’t have anything I feel lacking.

Even then, was there not something that was hard to adjust to.
: It was the language aspect. Even if walking the street and I look at the signs, it’s in Chinese and because even the people talk in Chinese, I can’t understand. Because I didn’t go after I learned Chinese perfectly. However now because I adjusted well, the ear that listens and the eyes that see have been pierced through a lot. If I see a sign in Chinese, I end up going, “Uh, I know that!” Should I say that instead, when I go to China I feel a sense of closeness.

When you were tired, the other EXO-M members must have been of support.
: It was a relief that the Chinese friends can speak Korean well. Ah, but there were pros and cons. Because they are good at Korean, even when we went to China we communicated smoothly and my Chinese skills didn’t not improve. (laughter)
Tao: To be honest, even during our promotions in China, so we don’t forget, we talked to the hyungs in Korean.
Xiumin: In the end, we received and gave help to one another.

EXO-K members also officially started Chinese promotions starting this year but did you come to agree to these two people’s problems.
: Chinese is especially hard. The intonation is all different and for most people, if they don’t live in China for a long time or study for a long time, it’s hard but the fact that these two promoted until now is really tremendous. When recording the album, because we had to record in Chinese without knowing anything, it was hard.
Chen: These friends are good as well. Although I don’t think it’s better than my skills from debut. (laughter)

source: Ize
translation cr; nahbit @ exok-trans