[TRANS] EXO @ Japan “Hello!” Greeting Party via SMTOWN NOW

EXOSMTOWN NOW – Asia Trend Group’s visit brings out enthusiasm of the youths!
Breakthrough 500,000 ticket applications, predicting trend in Japan!

EXO, who is currently a hot topic due to the news of their comeback, has ended their first event in Japan successfully.

EXO held they ‘EXO Greeting Party in Japan “Hello!”’ over 3 days, from 11th to 13th April, with a total of 5 times at Japan’s Saitama Super Arena. They showed a powerful stage on this large scale event in front of over 100,000 fans, leaving a strong impression on the local fans.

The fact that they are overseas artist who have not officially debuted in Japan, having over 100,000 people attending their first event is very unusual. EXO has already sold out 50,000 tickets even before the event started and thus increased the originally 4-time event to a total 5 times. The response they received were comparable to worldwide pop stars’ visit. They were the main topic of the Japanese fans and media too.

EXO performed their hit songs, ‘Growl’, ‘MAMA’, ‘Wolf’, ‘Miracles in December’ as well as ‘Don’t Go’, ’3.6.5′, ‘Lucky’ and more at the ‘EXO Greeting Party in Japan “Hello!”’. They gave a colorful performance to the local fans, showing their unique music style and performance. The members answered a variety of questions asked by the fans, communicated and greeted the fans in Japanese, which they practiced beforehand, showing the friendly side of them. It became an even more special time for the fans.

(T/N: Omitted parts regarding the local fans.)

On the other hand, after successfully finishing their first event in Japan, EXO will be holding their comeback showcase with Samsung Music on the coming 15th at Seoul Jamsil Indoor Stadium. They will showcase their first stage of their title song from their new mini album, ‘Overdose’, which will mark the start of their promotional activities. The showcase can be streamed live through Samsung Music, bringing interest and attention from the fans.

Translated by Arielle @ sehnsored for OhSehun.org. Please take out with full credits.