[RADIO] SJ’s Heechul mentions EXO @ KBS-R Cool FM Sukira Kiss

Heechul mentioned EXO while talking, and Ryeowook said “You’ll do (WGM) with EXO?!”
Heechul said “No butㅋㅋ if i do, the ratings will sky rocket”
Heechul said he worked to memorize EXO’s Xiumin’s name.
Ryeowook said “So you’ll do WGM with him!? He is said to look like SoHee~”


[NEWS] Dynamic Duo thank EXO for making their song ‘Guilty’ shoot up to #1 on real-time charts

Dynamic Duo thank EXO for making their song ‘Guilty’ shoot up to #1 on real-time charts

EXO sang an oldie but goodie, Dynamic Duo‘s “Guilty”, and the hip hop duo took to Twitter to thank their hoobaes for bringing the song out of the closet once again.

Dynamic Duo’s Choiza thanked EXO and tweeted, “Thank you, EXO!!! RT On Super Junior’s ‘Kiss the Radio’, EXO’s D.O., Chanyeol, and Kris sang ‘Guilty’! It is currently #1 on MelOn’s real-time search chart!!” He also shared a screenshot of the old classic rising up to #1, showcasing the power of EXO.

Gaeko also tweeted, “Ooh what,” expressing his pleasant surprise at the popular idol group singing his song.

Credit: allkpop

Check out EXO’s cover of “Guilty”!