[VOTE] EXO – GROWL @ EatyourKimchi Kpop Chart

Although EXO just released their new MV today, GROWL is already #1 on EatyourKimchi Kpop Music Chart. Keep it up!!! Exotics! We should definitely get this song reviewed by Kpop Music Monday.

Click here to vote.

Let’s go EXOTICS!!!


[VOTE] Kpop Charts – Pick EXO’s Wolf for next week’s Kpop Music Monday

EXO just made their comeback today but us fans, have already crashing the Kpop charts with our support for them.
For next week’s Kpop Music Monday on Eatyourkimchi by Simon and Martina, I want them to do a review on EXO. We’re 2nd!
Let’s team up and get EXO onto #1!
You can go here to vote for them: http://www.eatyourkimchi.com/kpopcharts/

Let’s go EXOTICs!