[NEWS] Baekhyun is the “Entertainment Star of EXO”

Baekhyun_6               In 2013 the best music discovery was without a doubt EXO. It’s expected that they’ll continue to lead in 2014. News of EXO members in dramas and movies are being circulated, and it seems that they will show off their many talents in various categories, just like their senior group Super Junior. So then, who is the entertainment member of the group? While it is true that all 12 members have shown their individual charms and charisma on entertainment TV and radio programs, Baekhyun is the most outstanding member of them all.
               Baekhyun’s words flow like a mighty river.
               This 20-year old idol star sure knows how to talk. His ever flowing witty banter is his greatest strength. He has the perfect persona of a silly male college student. Baekhyun’s wit shines most brightly in MBC Every1’s “EXO’s Showtime.” On the show, Baekhyun leads the conversations, and often acts as an MC. He has been dubbed the entertainment chameleon for his ability to adapt to the situation. His great entertainment skill and potential were highlight in the 6th episode, when EXO left on a vacation. Some members left for the market, and the remaining members soon grew bored. At that moment, Baekhyun decided to have an impromptu talk show with D.O. He showed up wearing a bandana and sunglasses, and left his talk show guests speechless with his hosting style. In one instance Tao expressed “I ate and slept today,” to which Baekhyun responded by making a big deal out of the situation, eliciting much laughter on the show.

                 Not only that, Baekhyun went on to dissect the different faces in EXO. According to his observations, Kai has the darkest face, Tao has a greenish dark face, and Chen looks like a dinosaur. When it came around to Chanyeol, he commented, “Chanyeol has fairy ears… like Yoda.” Thanks to Baekhyun’s quick wit, he is quickly becoming a favorite entertaining idol for EXO fans.
On top of that, Baekhyun isn’t shy about his adlibs. He said that if he were to propose, he would say, “This flower is a johwa (fake). And I jowa (like) you.” His play on words doesn’t really make sense, but is sure entertaining. The members perceived it as corny, but the viewers loved it.
                 Baekhyun is EXO’s entertainment leader, bringing the members together.
                 Baekhyun shows sympathy towards the Chinese members who are still getting accustomed to the Korean entertainment ways. EXO has 4 Chinese members. Speaking in Korean is difficult enough for these members, but they have the added burden of having to be, well, entertaining on this entertainment program. Baekhyun is very mindful of the Chinese members, and takes care of them.
                 Baekhyun’s ability to take care of his members on entertainment shows was evident on “EXO’s Showtime.” When Luhan expressed confusion over the word “ip soo” (lit. “enter the water”), Baekhyun made up a word “poongdongsoo” to explain the definition to Luhan. “Poongdongsoo” is most likely derived from the word “poongdong,” which is a Korean onomatopoeia for the sound made when one rambunctiously enters the water. “Poongdongsoo” was subsequently added to the open online Korean dictionary, to the amusement of many fans. Baekhyun also explained everything in detail to Tao, despite Tao’s immaturity. In doing so, Baekhyun was able to change the awkward perceptions views many have towards the Chinese members into a positive and charming image by helping them adapt to the Korean entertainment world.
               Baekhyun truly is a gem in the entertainment industry, and is shining more and more brightly with each passing episode. At their debut showcase, Baekhyun had expressed to MC Super Junior’s Leeteuk that he’d love to appear on a show together. He has shown interest in the entertainment industry. In 2014, we hope that Baekhyun’s entertainment influence will grow, and that he will one day become an entertainment MC, just like he wanted on the day of his debut.
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[TRANS] EXO @ KPopStarz Interview

Transforming themselves from 12 super powered aliens from extrasolar planet to 12 charming wolves, the super rookie idol, EXO growling the Korean waves with their powerful comeback after a year and continued to climb up the ladder of success with their repackaged album promotion.

After showcasing a splendid and yet another extraordinaire performance on Saturday’s night, 8th September 2013 for MTV World-Stage 2013 at Sunway Surf Beach, the EXO members talked about their recent unexpected successful comebacks and future plans in an exclusive interview with the selected media representatives.

As the EXO members, dressed handsomely in plaid school uniform costume, walked into the centre stage, they were welcomed by the medias and MTV VJ’s Alan Wong and Hanliloefer. Flashing their bright smiles, the group introduced themselves, “We are One, We are EXO!”

When the group was asked about being the first artist in 12 years upon their record-breaking selling albums and their feeling to reach this mark and achievement, the leader (EXO-K leader), Suho answered ‘We are very happy to achieve this kind of success; even in Korea or China, we could have never imagined that we will achieve this success and receiving love from all over the world. The next comebacks, we will showcase a definite quality album/piece of work and a more solid performance.’

Debuted with MAMA where the group promoted as EXO-K and EXO-M, EXO made a remarkable 360 degrees turn when they performed as 12 members in their recent comeback of ‘Wolf’ and ‘Growl’. When asked about challenges the members faced performing as the big no ’12’, Kris (EXO-M leader) stated that it was hard to organize in the beginning and it took the group more time to perfect everything especially perfecting and synchronizing on stage. He further stated that eventhough 12 seems to be a big number; the aura and energy from the 12 members gave them a more powerful image when they were on stage. Furthermore, when asked about the advantages of being in a group of 12, Baekhyun answered ‘We can perform a more variety type of performance while performing as 12 in comparison with 6 members only. Therefore, we can showcase our versatility and better performance for the fans and the audiences.’

Recently, some EXO members had been selected to be part of the ‘Immortal Songs II’, a show which features idol singers performing songs of legendary singers. It is considered a rare feat for an idol group to be part of the program and EXO has proven their talents and felt honored to be part of it. Chen further stated that the show’s concept was already different from their normal performance as one whole group. In this program, they were performing as sub-unit (i.e. only 2/3 members were involved), hence the absence of other members was felt (sometimes they do feel they missed the presence of others while on stage). However, they appreciate this kind of new experience as it was also a new experience for them to be compared to their usual 12 members EXO promotions.

In addition to EXO’s recent popularity, it was hard to deny the fact that they are set to become the next Kpop big thing within such a short span of time. The voice of EXO, Chanyeol, when answering the question of what differs EXO from other groups and what is their ‘selling point’ stated that performing separately as EXO-K and EXO-M itself was already something really special compared to other groups because they were promoting in both Korean and Chinese. Hence, this was their biggest advantage as they can capture more and wider group of audiences.

In addition to that, when asked about collaboration with international artists or superstars, EXO humbly stated that they would love to collaborate with all of the superstars especially when they were the experienced ones and it would be an honor if they could collaborate with anyone of them. They further stated that if there were given the opportunity to release an English album in the future, they would love to grab this opportunity, and quoting Kris ‘Nothing is impossible’ hence requesting the fans to anticipate and look forward for this. They were also being secretive about the next concept that they would showcase to fans in the future but as for now, they hope the fans will keep supporting and look forward for their next surprise.

On their last message to fans, on behalf of the group, Suho once again thanked the fans for their love and support and EXO promises the fans that they would definitely comeback with a much greater and better performance; definitely better than Wolf and Growl!

To EXO Fans…gidarilgeyo (wait for it)~

Special thanks to MTV Asia (Viacom International Media Networks) and Edelman for giving Kpopstarz the exclusive interview invite.

Written by Amalina A. | Photo by Nik Tim
Source Cr: KpopStarz