[TUTORIAL] EXO-M’s Alarm Clock Ringtone via Meilishuo

EXO-M @ Meilishuo Alarm Ringtone

The gods of EXO-M wake you up!
I have you wake up early a day, you “give” me your companionship for hundred years.
Duration of Event: 6/25 – 6/30

EXO-M @ Meilishuo Alarm Ringtone steps

Meilishuo app 4.4 version is now released! Those with Androids are in luck! Do you want to interact with each EXO-M gods in 0 distance? Do you want to wake up and look at EXO-M affectionately? The new version comes with the ability of an EXO-M alarm, so what you are waiting for? If you don’t download, the gods will be others’~An even more intimate and new app is waiting for you to test out~ 
Step 1: Download the Meilishuo 4.4 version app.
Step 2: On the Meilishuo front page find the EXO-M alarm.
Step 3: For the purpose of showcasing your love for your favorite EXO-M member, please set your alarm at 5:20 a.m.!
Step 4: When at 5:20 your alarm rings and your favorite member wakes you up, take a screenshot of the member when he is at his cutest, allowing the sweetness between you and the member burst!
Step 5: Upload the screenshot onto the event page, click on the share button (分享男神图片), and you’ve succeeded in participating in the event!
The editors will organize the successful uploads everyday and on the following day, a surprise will be sent out to you, so make sure to sign into your account.
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Please note: As of now, the app is only available through Android. iPhone users please anticipate.

EXO-M @ Meilishuo Alarm Ringtone steps1

Want to have EXO wake you up??!!
Click on EXO alarm on the front page.
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EXO-M @ Meilishuo Alarm Ringtone steps2&3

After clicking on EXO-M alarm, a new page will appear requiring you to set up your alarm (添加闹钟). After clicking on that button, a notification will pop-up telling you that under the following circumstances, the alarm will not ring:
1. The phone is turned off;
2. After the alarm goes off and all the content in the phone is mistakenly wiped out by security software;
3. The software is downloaded into a SD card and after the phone restarts the software is unable to start-up itself;
4. When using earphones, it is unable to ring;
5. The alarm sounds are set to the lowest volume;
6. Video clips are stored in an SD card, the SD is damaged or taken out.
Once you understand these circumstances, click on (知道了).
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EXO-M @ Meilishuo Alarm Ringtone steps4

Setting the alarm:
1. Choose the time.
2. Choose the days of the week the alarm will ring.
3. Save the alarm.
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EXO-M @ Meilishuo Alarm Ringtone steps5

Last step: Click on 设为闹钟 (set the alarm) button to meet the members!
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EXO-M @ Meilishuo Alarm Ringtone_2

Now you’re set up! Don’t forget to share this app with your friends by clicking on 分享给好友~
Trans © IcingonyouEXO-M @ Meilishuo Alarm Ringtone_3Fan support for EXO-M members!
Don’t forget to share your love towards your bias by setting your alarm once at 5:20 a.m.!

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[EVENT] EXO-M Fanmeet via Meilishuo

via Meilishuo EXO-M is holding a special 30 people fanmeet and you can win a ticket through downloading Meilishuo app on your iOs and Android phone and participating in the three day draw. Each day, you have three chances to win a ticket plus other great prizes! You are 100% bound to win a prize! The drawing is between May 20th and May 22nd (China Standard Time). EXO-M is waiting for you!
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[WEIBO UPDATE] Tao @ Meilishuo CF Filming Site

#天团EXO-M代言美丽说# 听闻@EXO-M 正在美丽说的广告片拍摄现场~ 有位成员躲在可爱的大熊后面哦!他一直在抱着哦!据说真相已经出现在某人的微博头像里了哦~~[可爱] 
#Idol group EXO-M endorses Meilishou# It is heard that when EXO-M was at the Meilishuo CF filiming site, there was a member who was hiding behind a cute teddy bear! He was consistently holding the bear! It is said that the truth has already been exposed on the said person’s weibo. [CUTE]
Trans cr: Icingonyou