Yifan’s Birthday Messages on Social Media
Day after Birthday

My birthday has passed! I’m sincerely thankful for all of friends’ wishful messages for me. I’m really touched… Thank you all. Words cannot describe the depth of my thanks. I hope along the future road I still have all of your company. I love you all. To everyone ♥ ♥ Lastly, love you mom!
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Birthday Gift for Fans

Served as producer, lyricist, and composer. haha… Really busy enough 😂 On this special for me day, I’m giving this gift “Bad Girl” to everyone. I hope you all would like me. Go! Listen! Everyone please don’t be shy to repost
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Birthday Messages from Celebrities on Weibo
Celebrity Wishes for FanFan

TFBOYS-王源: Yifan Ge, Happy Birthday
李易峰: (song lyrics) Wanted to give you another Happy Birthday
何灵: Happy Birthday Mr. Fan 
王思聪: Yifan Happy Birthday 
杨幂: Cheers Cheers Mr. Fan, Happy Birthday
范冰冰: Sounds good! Next time I see you, you have to sing it for me live! Fan Fan Happy Birthday, and always be sunny! 
William威廉陈伟霆: Bad Girl directly translated is “bad girl”…If you’re still a bit not convinced by my thorough interpretation, please listen to the song. Happy birthday bro 
陈学冬: Hello Fan Fan Yin, I’m Dong Dong Qi*… Wishing you Happy Birthday…Big Sales on the new song… Am I so fast?**… Continue sleeping…Good night
李晨: (It’s your) birthday (and you’re) still giving us a present
*陈学冬 is playing on the name of their characters in L.O.R.D., which is 银尘 (yin chen) and 麒零 (qi ling).
**Here, 陈学冬 is playing on the sound of the Chinese characters 沙发 (sha fa)
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Celebrity Wishes for FanFan(2)

刘亦菲: Fan Fan Happy Birthday. New song. Everyone let’s listen together
凡家小肉: Papa’s new song. I’ve already listened to it in the bathroom. Happy Birthday
黄晓明: Different Fan
邢昭林: Happy Birthday! Mr. Fan~Coolness is up to you. Foolishness is up to me! Moreover, there is still “Bad Girl.” It’s a very good listen 
郑恺: Clarification: About the lyrics where it says “bei tai” (rebound), it’s really wasn’t me who forcibly implanted it
Sy__Jessica: Bad girl. Congrats on the album and enjoy the birthday festivities
郭敬明: Fan Fan Happy Birthday! Never thought that you would be revealing in the MV. It seems like, I could only make you take off even more in L.O.R.D. in order to surpass this. Like a godly horse, wishing you Happy Birthday, and everyday face value +1
包贝尔: aiya aiya Happy Birthday
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Celebrity Wishes for FanFan(3)

郭采洁: Because Mr. Wu said in Bad Girl there is a rebound, I’m not going to speak more of it and repost~ However, one more thing, Happy Birthday. 1106 is really a good day
林更新: Happy Birthday Mr. Wu. Conquering the bad, it’s a shame that I cannot personally give my blessings. Tonight, go explosively high
倪妮V: The new song is really good. Wishing you Happy Birthday 
蒋劲夫:Happy Birthday. New Song. Everyone let’s listen 
吴亦凡工作室:#WuYifan1106HappyBirthday# Boss Wu, you’ve worked hard. Happy Birthday. Another year. Everything is in progress #WuYifanBadGirl#
古巨基LeoKu: (It’s) late night and groups of people are up for your hit song! Happy B’day Handsome Boy! 
李沁: Little Fan Fan, Happy Birthday. Every wish can be made real 
乔任梁: Late. Sounds good that couldn’t react on time. Becoming introverted again 
陈柏霖: Happy Birthday, Bad boy
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Celebrity Wishes for FanFan(4)

李治廷: Sounds good! Happy birthday dude! A tad late. Haven’t been able to adjust to the time difference
任泉: Wishing this artistic and talented, seriocomic, ambitious young man Happy Birthday~
金世佳: Music can give you wings to fly even higher bro (thumbs up) and happy birthday
宋秉洋: Bro! Happy Birthday!!!
吳京: Tang Seng*reciting scriptures right? haha, Happy Birthday!
鸡毛蒜皮与鸡毛蒜皮: Every little boy needs to experience a Bad girl in order to grow mature. Happy Birthday young man!
谢楠: Happy Birthday! Fighting sir Fan!
巴特尔: Wishing a good friend, Happy Birthday. The new song is also a good listen (thumbs up 3x)
胡海泉: Sir Fan, using your new work to wish you Happy Birthday! Bad girl, Nice Song! Fighting, almighty superman!
*Tang Seng is a character that Yifan plays in an upcoming movie where he is a monk.
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Celebrity Wishes for FanFan(5)

严屹宽: Dance genre (is) very hi. But DiDi (younger brother) who’s your bad girl (smirk) Not treasuring even such a handsome DiDi
舒淇: Fighting
小龙Ashton: There’s a new song to listen to. Big thumbs up! Mr. Fan, once again, I’m wishing you Happy Birthday
陈汉典: Fan Fan~ Happy Birthday
一百张: Happy Birthday. Being young is great @Mr_凡先生 
冯小刚: Happy Birthday Xiao Ye
angelica张字: Cool cool birthday star came to give us presents?!
大左: Fan Fan Happy Birthday! Sounds good!
陈繎: Congrats @ Mr_凡先生 . I like this song’s title 《Bad Girl》. I’m cousin Zhang Yue… ^_^
郝邵文: Happy Birthday! Sounds good Sounds gooooood~
李梦VIVIEN: Happy Birthday
肖飞向上: Happy Birthday, handsome DiDi. See you tomorrow
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Celebrity Wishes for FanFan(6)

陈砺志: Your character is very good. This many reposts… Tomorrow I will sit in as your guest. You have to perform nicely 
劉宏willliu: Happy Birthday! After today, it would be another beginning! 
籽月qq: Happy Birthday! Wishing that light and love will always accompany you. A new song on every year’s birthday, we would listen and learn it!
陈震宇Chris: Too good to listen!
Ray_YuYu: Another year. Time flies by! Happy Birthday bro! Can’t be there this year but have fun like I know you will 
李晖616: Happy Birthday
Kevin傳圣凯: Fan Ge, Happy Birthday. New Song is exceedingly thumbs up!!
萨支磊: Happy Birthday, Mr. Fan. I’m looking forward to next year’s your and Liu Yi Fei’s @致青春2原来你还在这里
DJ乐天: Xiao Fan Fan, Happy Birthday! When you have the time, come be a guest at my show #WuYiFan1106HappyBirthday#
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Celebrity Wishes for FanFan(7)

李冰冰: Face and talent, double the worth, are off the charts. Fan Fan Happy Birthday!!!
姚晨: Yifan Happy Birthday. The Director is yelling for you to return to film the night scenes!
张柏芝中文网官方微波:#WuYiFan1106HappyBirthday#Handsome FanFan, Happy Birthday! New song is such a good listen!
邓超: Hello everyone, I’m Wu Yifan. I’ve received your wishful messages. I’m definitely the latest in wishing myself Happy Birthday. I’m me, I love myself @Mr_凡先生 
汪东城: I’ve heard that today is the 
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Celebrity Wishes for FanFan(8)Celebrity Wishes for FanFan(9)

Yifan’s Birthday Pictures


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[WEIBO UPDATE] Yixing, Yifan, & Luhan Celebrates Dragon Boat Festival


Wish everyone good health on Dragon Boat Festival. I have already ate zongzi.* Small secretary has already conveyed. Please rest assure
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Small zong* with clear corners. How great to refill an expression? Hey, good health on Dragon Boat
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Good health on Dragon Boat ~ About zongzi… One word! Sweet or salty?
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