[TRANS] Luhan & Lay @ The Celebrity, vol. 01, “Music Fantasy”


“Korea was a dream to me. That’s why I thoughtlessly came to Korea from China.” it may soudn rash, but in the end Luhan made his dream come true. Just a few years ago he was a regular student learning Korean at a language school while dreaming of becoming a singer. But then he was given a “fate” like chance. It was a proposal to be casted into SM Entertainment. “I could not believe it when I got casted. I still can’t forget the excitement and happiness I felt at that time.” He can’t imagine his life without music and dance, which began with his fondness for H.O.T during his elementary years. In order to chase after his dreams, Luhan came to Korea and attended a language school. While he took on a part time job at the university area of Shinchon, he familiarized himself with Korean culture. “It might be because I’ve lived in Korea for so long, but even my taste buds have changed to that of Korea. Beef intestine, pig’s feet, and loach soup are foods I enjoy the most.” These days Luhan feel the most greedy towards singing. “I’ve already started a list of songs I want to sing when I have a solo concert some day. I want to be able to show my fans an awesome performance as soon as possible.” The desire to hold a concert pushes him to practice today, and continue to practice. Luhan is happy that many people recognize and acknowledge EXO. He is happier than anybody else because he’s able to achieve his dream to show his singing and dancing to the masses. “I would like all 12 of us to be able to go on stage for a long time under the name of EXO. And in order to achieve that, I’ll continue to try my hardest.”

LAY 레이

Lay was able to start his solo career after coming in 3rd place in an audition program in Hunan, China. At the time Lay was an elementary school student, and therefore couldn’t make his dream of debuting a reality. “If I had debuted then, I wouldn’t have been able to become an EXO member. I like who I am right now. I mean the fact that I’m an EXO member, and even seeing myself on stage like this.” When asked if he has any lingering attachments to going solo his reply is simply, “Not at all.” Lay was able to join as a wonderful EXO member after a lot of effort. “I’ve always felt familiar with music, which might be because I learned to play a traditional Chinese instrument at a young age. I like to listen to Kpop, and Chinese pop too, of course. I would like it if Chinese mainstream music could gain interest just like Kpop.” After seriously learning dance, he started searching out and listening to rhythmical and exciting music. He even makes various dance moves that flows with different songs. Although he went through a hard time because of a hip injury due to excessive practicing, but when he’s dancing even the pain is forgotten. The stage is a place that excites him that much. He says in his unaccustomed Korean that he has something he really wants to say to his fans. “When I come out I would like it if you would scream a lot. Ah! Like that.” Lay who shows off hard charisma when on stage, was actually a guy that possessed a child and pure charm to himself.

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[TRANS] Baekhyun & Sehun @ The Celebrity, vol. 01 “Music Fantasy”


Amongst EXO fans, everyone knows that Baekhyun loves puppies. It’s to the point that he was given the nickname “Mungmoongee.” His fans him call that because of his droopy eyes which make him look like a fluffy white haired puppy. “I’m very interested in pets, because I had a pet dog ever since I was young. If I have the opportunity, I would like to raise an abandoned dog.” Baekhyun’s love for animals was deeper than I realized. Although he hasn’t been able to actually accomplish it due to his busy schedule, Baekhyun expresses that he wants to visit an animal shelter in good time. “It’s only a small wish, but when I succeed a little more and am able to do good for my community, I would like to open an animal shelter.” Baekhyun is more than aware that he must try even harder in order to achieve this. That’s why he’s never lazy when it comes to practicing and developing himself no matter how busy he is. Not only was he a guy that sang well, danced well, and even had many talents, but he also has a warm heart. Maybe that’s why Baekhyun especially hogs the love of noona fans. “I think it’s great that I have a lot of noona fans. Because even if I act a bit childish or do weird things, they understand all of it. But I hope they see my cool performances on stage and not just as cute.” The always cute and bright boy was suddenly becoming a young man with conviction. “There are so many things I want to do, but the reason I don’t rush into them is because I believe in timing. I hope many people cheer me on when I try out new things.”


The little rascal that was good at running and loved to run and play with his neighborhood friends. That was the type of child EXO’s Sehun used to be. After catching the eye of an SM Entertainment recruiter while he ate ddukbokki during 6th grade, his live started brand new. “I never even dreamed of becoming a singer. I impulsively auditioned and became a trainee, but I didn’t know what I was supposed to do. I just did my best at what they told me to do.” Time passed like that as he trained, and he suddenly started to dream of “dance” during his 2nd year in junior high. Once he had set a goal, dancing every single day became enjoyable. “I gained confidence as people around me complimented me as a good dancer. I’m just lucky that I was able to find something I was good at at a young age.” He says he can’t imagine what he would be doing right now if he wasn’t a singer. Becoming an adult this year there are many things he wants to do. He wants to see a rated R movie, and even have a beer with his hyungs. “The thing I want to do the most is get my license and go on a drive on my day off. But it’s unknown whether the hyugns will actually get in a car that I’m driving.” The biggest goal for the now adult Sehun is getting EXO’s name out to even more people. He says that EXO would not be where they are right now without all of their fans’ support. Though his fans are more than understanding, he feels sorry to his fans because he’s unable to express his feelings very well. “Let’s go to the very end together. As long as our fans are with us, EXO will reach the top. I’ll make sure that happens.”

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[TRANS] Kris & Kai @ The Celebrity, vol. 01, “Music Fantasy”

KAI 카이

The father of a young boy secretly filmed his son’s ballet performance, which he learned since 6th grade, and sent it to SM Entertainment. “Although I auditioned because of the video my father sent in, I was dropped from the first audition. But afterwards I found this new world of dance, and began to dream of becoming a singer.” Thanks to ballet he even extensively researched jazz dance, and once again auditioned and this time qualified to become an official trainee. But the road to debut was not easy. There were a lot of good dancers among the trainees, like Shinee’s Taemin, which cause constant nervousness. “I’ve secretly peeked through the slits of windows to watch others practicing and even practiced for two days straight except when I would eat. Effort was the only road to survival.” His effort resulted in him becoming an EXO member which also resulted in an amazing debut. Thought he is tired from his constant schedule, he often looks up other musicians’ videos in order to keep his senses up to date. He especially watches his idols Michael Jackson and Chris Brown videos over and over again. “Even though I see a dance, I don’t copy it completely and instead try to change that dance to make it my own.” Kai who is passionate about dance, naturally begins to move his body to the music that flows during the middle of the photo shoot. Dance is his everyday life as well as something he wants to and something he definitely wants to achieve.

KRIS 크리스

There is a member that especially takes longer in the fitting room for the photo shoot. That person is Kris. As he speaks to the stylist about this and that about clothes, he tries on the clothes he likes and even holds it up against him while looking into the mirror. “I’m really interested in fashion. Music and performance is important on stage, but I also believe that clothes are just as important when portraying EXO.” When asked if there is a brand he likes, without hesitation he replies that he’s completely in love with Christopher Kane these days. He has no clue how time flies by when searching collections of various brands, or visiting the shop of a unique designer. “I don’t like it when it’s just about brand names and luxury. When there is style I like I carefully think and choose things before purchasing, and wear it for a long time. Rather than follow the trends, I also like to reform clothes to fit my style.” Kris is famous amongst his members for cuttings sleeves or scratching things up and making it the clothes very Kris like. He wants to one day launch his own brand so studies fashion on his own as well. “Although launching my own brand is far into the future, but if it happens to do well I want to use the profits to do something good. Because it’s a given that you give back the love that you received.” When I mention he could even be a model because of his great body structure he smiles and says, “I actually wanted to be a basketball player when I was younger.” Just imagining the clothes he would make, makes me believe they would be absolutely awesome.

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[INTERVIEW] Chen & Suho @ The Celebrity, vol. 01, “Music Fantasy”

Chen 종대 

The young man that wonderfully sang “Really I didn’t Know” and “With You.”. That person is Exo’s Chen, who showed off his awesome vocal abilities on “Immortal Song.” “My parents really liked it once I started to appear on ‘Immortal Song.’” Chen’s love for singing goes back to his school days. After preparing to apply as a practical music major in college, and being rejected once, Chen began to worry, thinking, “Must I do this?” But going through many auditions because he wanted to sing more than any other person, in the end his relentless effort allowed him to join EXO as the final members along with Baekhyun. “It’s a given that a musician likes songs. I’m the same way. I sing because I like it and that’s why I put effort into it.” At first he had a really hard time, due to his lack of Chinese, which made it hard to express the feelings of the lyrics when promoting as EXO-M in China. But over time his effort has allowed his China fans to fall head over heels for Chen’s charms. He realized that practice was the only way to survive when promoting in China. “I’m constantly trying my hardest in order to find my own color. I want to become a vocalist that’s like a piece of blank white paper that can pull off any genre.” He really seemed happy as his eyes widened when listing the songs he enjoys these days.


Suho 준면

Suho can’t forget how thrilled he was the moment he found out that he was accepted to the university of his choosing. An endless amount of tears were spilled the moment he confirmed that he was accepted into the acting department of Korea National University of the Arts. “Up until my senior year in high school, I never thought I had achieved something. It’s was my first achievement which I will never be able to forget.” After debuting as EXO he was able to receive love from the public as well. To be honest he had a vague dream of becoming a celebrity from junior high, but it was just a thought. But then he received a casting request from SM Entertainment, and officially began to study music and grew his own confidence. “Even as I was preparing to become a singer, my effort and passion for acting didn’t give up. I personally like active activities like exercising by riding a bike, but what I like most is watching movies and dramas.” The most memorable recent movie he watched was “The Perks of Being a Wallflower.” He agreed a lot with the protagonist who resembled himself a lot during his times preparing to become a singer. Suho chose Hollywood actor, Jude Law as his role model. “I started to like Jude Law in elementary school when I saw him in ‘A.I.’ Since then I tend to watch everything Jude Law is in. ‘Closer’ is my favorite movie of his.” Seeing him so passionate makes me believe he’ll be able to catch two birds with one stone in no time.

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[INTERVIEW] D.O. & Xiumin @ The Celebrity, vol. 01, “Music Fantasy”

D.O. 경수

What would EXO smell like? I asked D.O. this, who is known to be a cologne fanatic among his members. “It’s hard to give one specific scene to us. We’re a scent that consists of scents that are strongly individualistic, which gives off a very unique and charming smell. That’s EXO.” It’s a bit abstract, but I can’t help but to nod in agreement. D.O. possesses a voice that is both powerful and sweet. He has always been good at singing, but in order to find his own sound, he constantly studies and listen to tons of songs. He says that he wants his voice to be something that gives off a very good scent. “The cologne I like to use is diptyque’s Tam Dao. Tam Dao seems like the cologne that completely represents me. A scent that expresses the middle ground of a boy and a man.” As he travels all around Asia for activities, he finds himself enjoying visits to none other than duty free stores. He tests out colognes and even takes his members and gives recommendations. “Not long ago I found the perfect scene for Suho hyung. It’s a Christian Dior cologne, and I plan on gifting it to him very soon.” D.O. who has an uncommon hobby, definitely wants to try to create a fragrance that fits EXO. “I want to also create special stages that give off a scene of our own. A song only for EXO, a color that only fits EXO, and a scent that only works for EXO! And a charm within all of that is me, D.O.” A fragrant stage… this journalist can’t be the only one that wants to definitely be invited to see that stage.


A warm Americano was passed onto Xiumin, who was looking for coffee before the interview. “I only like coffee. I drink coffee the instant I wake up in the morning. Not long ago I personally bought a coffee machine and capsules to leave in our dorms.” It’s to the point that he makes cappuccino and espresso for the members to fit their taste buds. As of lately Xiumin has become increasingly sharper. We found out he purposely was on a diet. While promoting in China under EXO-M recently, he had gained 5 kilo- after enjoying the delicious Chinese foods, especially his favorite huo guo (hot-pot). “While monitoring my performances on stage I realized this was no good. More than anything, I was extremely upset when my body wouldn’t express the temperate and strong dance moves on stage.” He returned to my original weight by following the standard exercise and eating less method. He has newly realized the importance of personal upkeep, and says he was complemented a lot for being very cool during these recent promotions. “Hearing my fans say that I got cooler gave me the flexibility to continue to take care of myself. I’m still trying and exercising right now, without ruining my health.” I asked if that’s why he drinks the low-calorie Americano. He says that that’s one of the reasons, but he drinks Americano because he wants to taste the natural flavor of coffee. He’s also planning to earn a barista certificate in order to open his own cafe. For some reason I believe the coffee he personally makes will have a scent and flavor that is very deep.

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[TRANS] Chanyeol & Tao @ The Celebrity, vol. 01 “Music Fantasy”


Chanyeol fell in love with music when he saw “School of Rock” during his elementary years. He was enamored with the main character that played the drums in the movie and began to learn to play as well. Thanks to his father being a musician during his younger years, Chanyeol was able to come upon the guitar and other instruments starting from a young age. During his first year in junior high he created a band with friends with similar taste and performed together endlessly for 3 years. Because he was already making music, the SM Entertainment audition was both curiosity and an opportunity. “I auditioned with an anxious heart, and luckily I was accepted. Because I was already in a band so I was hopeful that I would be in a band like The Trax, but when I realized it wasn’t going to be easy I began to feel lost.” But that worry didn’t last long. As he listened to a more varied selection of music, he earnestly began to research rap, which he was very interested in to begin with. While he was a trainee he became more and more flexible with rapping, and maybe due to the compliments he received from those around him, he fell even deeper into rap. “I totally fell for the music after I was introduced to Daft Punk by my older sister. These days I find myself interested in electronic music as well.” Chanyeol wants to present his self written rap to his fans as soon as possible. That’s why he’s writing lyrics and studying it any chance he gets. “I like to listen to jazz hip hop in order to get inspiration. I typically rap about love, separation, family, and things like that.” Seeing Chanyeol’s eyes sparkle as he’s totally immersed in rap makes me believe we’ll be able to listen to Chanyeol’s self written rap very soon.

TAO 타오

For some reason when Tao moves on stage it’s extraordinary. We came to realize that he was a guy that had done some martial arts in China. “I started martial arts when I was young for the benefit of my health. It’s not as much as before, but I still try to brush up on it at the practice room whenever I have time.” He was recognized during the auditions in Qingdao, China for his singing, dance, and special talent, martial arts. “After I was cast and started officially training, I started to focus on rap and hip hop which I had always been interested in. Effort was the only path that would lead me to grow into the type of musician I wanted to become.” That still has not changed. This was proven true as he quietly rapped along to music coming out of his earphones during the photo shoot. In order to study rap he searches for shows like “Show Me the Money,” and constantly listens to Korean rap music by artists like Esens and Geeks. One of the reasons Tao pushes himself this much is to be able to show a successful EXO to his parents back in China. “I want to be able to show an even better side of me to my family who are so proud when I put on a great performance on stage.” He’s very curious so he likes to see, listen, and feel new things. He’s always watching the latest movies, and even enjoys shopping due to his interested in fashion. “I’m the type of person that is very clear on what I like and don’t like. I think that’s one of my strengths.” Maybe it’s because of his personality, but Tao’s constant confidence seems to make him shine even brighter.

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