[REMINDER] Kris’s 23rd Birthday Project Ends on October 10!

Apparently, Kris’ birthday project from 901106.net which was mentioned HERE is drawing to it’s end and the deadline is in 3 days which is October 10th!!

This year they have two projects one of which is charity donation project.
Short explanation copied from TSTL’s tumblr:
Hello everyone! We’d like to remind you that our Birthday Project is drawing to it’s end with the deadline on October 10th! That is only 10 days from now!
Luckily, you don’t need much time to prepare for the Project so we encourage you to join us ASAP!

In short, our Project consists of 2 big projects: Fanproject and Charity donation project. To participate in the Fanproject, what you have to do is to pick 2 slow, calm and soothing songs NOT from idols and write a message to Kris. To submit yo gotta do the following:-send an email at contact@901106.net
-Subject line: [KRIS23BD] your name
-Message body:
/message to Kris/

//Song1-Artist1; Song2-Artist2//

Your name, your country

*attached MP3s*

! Please do attach the files!
! Word limit for written messages: up to 100 words excluding your name and country

HOWEVER, if you take part in Charity Donation Project too, you can get additional 50 words to your message or the right to record your voice message! Wanna know how? Read below!

This year we are going to donate to the Water Project. The main goal of this is to provide clean and safe drinking water for communities in Africa.

The money we donate in Kris’ name will be used to build new wells or to repair old ones, make and buys new filters, etc. What is more, tWP will send us all information including GPS coordinates of our -for example- well, photo, video and written reports and will just keep us updated with each and every step they take – all for us to see how they spend funds received and how the community we help is doing.

To learn more about the Water Project itself, visit their website at http://thewaterproject.org

Please don’t worry, it is absolutely safe to donate with us!

– This is not our first time collecting funds and conducting charity project;
– When the project is completed, you will receive a financial report from us with all receipts, paypal screenshots and everything;
– You are donating directly to the Water Project – we are not touching your money and we can’t withdraw it from our fundraiser;
– There is a built-in donation tracker on our fundraiser page – everyone sees everything!

This is our fundraiser page. Make cure to click!

Now the promised fun part!

✓ Those who donate 15-20 USD get the right to add up to 50 more words to their messages
✓ Those who donate more than 20USD get the right to record their messages! Yup, you’re getting a chance to talk to Kris!

Read more detailed explanations on 901106.net: FANPROJECT and CHARITY DONATION PROJECT

Everyone, please do not hesitate to take part in both projects! It’s super fun and rewarding and you are helping other people! Remember that your participation not only will make Kris smile but also will brighten whole life of people in sub-Saharan Africa who suffer needlessly from a lack of access to water and proper sanitation.