[TRANS] Baekhyun @ Singing In The Rain Q&A

Baekhyun Singin in the Rain Q & AQ: For me, Singing In The Rain is a…?
A: A challenge.

Q: How would you describe your character (Don Lockwood) using 10 words?
A: We have several similarities.

Q: The role I have been assigned, it is one I can play over any other!
A: I will work very hard, and if I don’t get it right away, I will treat it as a challenge until then.

Q: Words from your coaches that stick with you the most?
A: You will do well.

Q: While rehearsing, were there any co-stars that made mistakes? Did you ever call them out?
A: I myself am lacking in many areas, so I tend not to notice other people’s mistakes.

Q: Your favorite line from Singing In the Rain?
A: “My heart is like the sky.”

Q: This is the most difficult thing about tap dancing!
A: I have to continually remind myself to use my left foot, but no matter how often I tell it to move, it doesn’t seem to want to listen.

Q: I am similar to Don Lockwood in that…
A: We share the same courage and wit…?

Q: One scene in Singing In The Rain that you view in a negative light while watching with your own two eyes?
A: I see myself as the one who lacks considerably, so I don’t really notice anyone else’s slip-ups.

Q: Any self-motivational words for your first performance?
A: Let’s not get nervous… Let’s do it Baekhyun’s way!

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[NEWS] Baekhyun Confirmed As Main Lead in the Musical ‘Singing in the Rain’

Group EXO’s Baekhyun is taking his first challenge in acting following his co-member, Luhan. The representatives of ‘Revenge of Musicals’ revealed on the 23rd that <EXO’s Baekhyun has joined in the main cast team for the musical “Singing in the Rain”. He will be performing along Super Junior’s Kyuhyun and Shinee’s Onew. “Singing in the Rain” is a licensed musical based on the movie with the same name that was released in 1952. Baekhyun’s role is Don Lockwood, the main character who suddenly becomes an overnight star, who falls in love with and unnamed actress named Cassy. The musical will be performed during the coming dates June 5th to August 3rd in the Great Theatre in Chongmu Art Hall in Seoul.

Source: Kuki News
Trans cr: Daily EXO