[OFFICIAL NEWS] EXO Mini Album ‘Overdose’ Set to Release on May 7th

EXO Overdose Release Date

A notice regarding EXO’s mini-album ‘Overdose’ release information
We thank the fans who have waited patiently for EXO’s new mini-album ‘Overdose’.
After facing the sad news of the Sewol disaster, the release of the album that has been postponed due to our grieving and respect for the victims has been set to release properly on the coming 7th of May.
Let us, SM Entertainment and EXO, do our best from where we stand, so we can at least give you a little strength and hope as consolation during these hard times.
Once again, we gather our respects together with others for those who are grieving, and sincerely thank the fans who have patiently waited for the release of EXO’s new album.
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[OFFICIAL EXO-M MESSAGE] Kris’s Message to Hong Kong Fans

Kris's Message to Hong Kong Fans


I’m very happy that we were able to meet the fans and hold a fansign today in Hong Kong ^^
In the future there will be more opportunities to see everyone,
so everyone please wait for us and continue to support us.

Today’s venue was very crowded and more dangerous,
I hope that if any of our fans were hurt that they are treated quickly,
at the same time I also hope that in the future while you all are supporting us you also must care for your own safety,
your safety is of the most importance~ Thank you all for your passionate support I love you all~ See you next time♥