[TRANS] EXO, EXO Talk @ The Celebrity March Issue, Vol. 005 Part ③


The EXO members tend to joke around when talking about music, but also know when it’s time to be serious. “We’ve really received a lot of love. And to return that love, we’re aware of how hard we have to work.” And seeing what EXO has accomplished in the past year, that is no exaggeration. Two years after their debut, the sheer power of the idols cannot be denied. Baekhyun says, “When we hear our songs playing in the streets, and when we see the news referring to EXO, we truly realize just how much we’ve grown” and says that he won’t forget any of the moments he experienced when he was a rookie.

When questioned about the most memorable stage of the previous year, all three members said the 2013 Mnet Asian Music Awards. “Though all of our stages mean a lot to us, all of the members exhibited a memorable performance at the 2013 Mnet Asian Music Awards. The fans enjoyed our performance as well, so we are all satisfied with that particular stage,” Sehun said. The EXO members urge their beloved fans to look forward to even more activitied in 2014.

Their schedule, up until the second half of the year, is alright busy with different activities. Korea, Japan, China, and other Asian countries should definitely anticipate more wonderful stages from EXO in the near future. This year, some EXO members are pursuing their own individual activies, as well. Baekhyun and Suho have become active MCs for SBS Inkigayo, and Chanyeol appeared Laws of the Jungle, receiving a lot of love from fans. “There are still many things I wish to improve, but it’d be nice if I could still come across as doing a good job.” This was Baekhyun’s sentiment after his first run as MC. “I want to appear regularly on programs like Infinity Challenge and Running Man” Tao said, almost burning with determination. “I can also work hard!” Sehun agreed. All of the EXO members wish to participate in various activities, and cheer for their future prospects. I asked the members what it is they want to do during brief rests in between their busy schedule. Baekhyun said he wants to go to the sea with all of the members. After hearing this, Tao said playfully, “I want to go alone!”

Tang Wei and Sehun’s couple shot of Baekhyun and Tao

Their positive energy made every moment of the late-night interview very enjoyable. Stories of the twelve members as a whole were interspersed among the interviews held with the three members. Being able to share a warm friendship with twelve other people is something I envy. I would like to visit an EXO concert in 2014 to return to them as soon as possible. The concert stage of those twelve men is sure to hold a brilliant performance.

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[TRANS] The Day EXO Met Tang Wei @ The Celebrity, March Issue, Vol. 005 Part ②

The Day EXO Met Tang Wei

EXO and Tang Wei’s photoshoot was a day before the Seoul Music Awards. The shoot had to take place in between rehearsals and during their break times because their schedules were so tight. The staff was in chaos, worried about whether or not the rehearsal would let out on time. However, when it came time for them to show up at the studio, EXO’s Baekhyun, Tao, and Sehun strolled through the door. As soon as they said “Hello!” the worries of the staff melted away. It was finally time to start. With a little over an hour and a half to shoot ten pages of photos, the staff agreed to proceed right away. The movements of the photographer and editor became busy. The lighting was set, the costumes were checked, and minute by minute, Tang Wei and EXO touched us in a way that could not be neglected. “Cut, good! Next cut!” It only took a short while for Photography Jo Seon Hui to give the OK, which was an indication that the cut had been completed well. The joy was short-lived, however, because EXO’s Baekhyun, Tao, and Sehun, as well as Tang Wei, were forced to leave for the awards ceremony rehearsals. Though the briefness of the meeting was regrettable, we all had to say goodbye. A week later, we met again for the cover story and interview. When Tang Wei saw the photos of herself, she said “Oh, the ones with me came out very well!” “Look, it’s me!” she joked. At the year-end 2013 awards, EXO once again proved themselves to be the best K-pop stars. To meet those stars as well as another star, I was excited and nervous. “I really can’t believe I’m meeting such a famous actor, and that you’re here to shoot.”

At the end of the shoot, Baekhyun approached Tang Wei with an expression of excitement. “I really can’t believe it!” Bekhyun said, to which Sehun added, “I’m so honored that I’m shaking!” At that time, Tao and Tang Wei shot a scene so riveting, that it made the staff cheer. “To be honest, I shook a lot in that moment. Before the shoot, I really worried about how well I would do and my self-confidence was not high.”Whether or not it was due to the similarity in culture, Tang Wei and Tao looked very compatible and naturally conversed in between shoots. “As a matter of fact, even before we came to this shoot, Tao practiced and practiced. He took 1,000 selcas a day,” laughed Baekhyun. “If we have the chance to shoot with Tang Wei again, it would be nice to do it on Jeju Island. It would look good, don’t you think?” Tao said after such a short day of cuts.

“But aren’t Hyung and Tang Wei in a relationship where they can exchange back hugs?” Sehun shuddered (jokingly). “This time, it was only us three, but next time it’ll be all twelve members and I hope to do a nicer shoot,” said Baekhyun warmly. The three members seemed to have positive outlooks and prospects for future projects with The Celebrity team. These are photos that, when remembered, will make them feel good.

(to be continued.)

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[TRANS] Tang Wei & EXO: An Unexpected Yet Perfect Combination@ The Celebrity, March Issue, Vol. 005 Cover Story

EXO & Tang Wei: An Unexpected Yet Perfect Combination

As soon as you see the March issue, you might have questions like “Tang Wei and EXO?” “But why just Baekhyun, Tao and Sehun are featured?” is what many readers may wonder. This is the process of the collaboration shoot between Tang Wei and EXO for <The Celebrity>. In an effort to target all Asian audiences, having one of Asia’s greatest celebrity actresses, Tang Wei as the cover model was, of course, our first choice. After many months of sending many ‘love calls’ to her agency and acquaintances to allow her to be featured in this month’s magazine, Tang Wei finally gave an ‘OK!’ to us.

In 2013, the globally acknowledged Korean group EXO emerged from Asia’s music industry, whom <The Celebrity> has been eager to capture stories on. We wanted to feature them in more issues than just the previous two. Though the collaboration with Tang Wei seemed difficult, with global group EXO, this concept for The Celebrity seemed more appealing. Now, we see the best actress and best K-pop stars collaborate and create an even better combination.

The editorial was under its way. We had several discussions in regards to this project with EXO’s management company and after some struggles, we managed to gain a pleasant reply from EXO. But that was not the end. Due to the organization and planning of Tang Wei’s 24-hours-a-day schedules and overseas commute, the work to match both Tang Wei and EXO’s busy schedules was not easy. More than one hundred e-mails and a dozen calls were exchanged per day. Then came the issue of which of the twelve members would be paired with Tang Wei and featured in this month’s issue. First, the members’ schedules were compared in order to see which matched Tang Wei’s. Second, which member looked best when standing next to Tang Wei? Keeping those factors in mind, as well as the issue of communication, the best candidates seemed to be EXO-M’s Tao, who secured his spot from the beginning, as he is able to communicate well with Tang Wei. EXO-K’s Sehun who looked like he could, together with Tao, stood next to Tang Wei confidently. Also because EXO-K’s Baekhyun has the persona of an actor,was finally added to the group. (It was later known that Tang Wei’s favorite Korean group is EXO).

Right until the day of shooting, the editorial team worked busily day and night. Then, it was finally the day of the shoot. As Tang Wei and EXO’s Baekhyun, Tao, and Sehun stood before the camera, the staff’s urge to applaud was just too great.

(to be continued.)+ EXO & Tang Wei’s cover story will be broken up into three parts. More will be featured in the March issue of . Please look forward.

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