[TRANS] Yixing’s Interview @ Yes! Magazine Vol. 1179


 Q: Recent Status 
Q1: A recent goal you have?
A: Comeback as soon as possible
Q2: Something that made you happy recently?
A: XOXO (Kiss&Hug)’s sales crossing the 900,000 mark.
Q3: Something that you found interesting recently?
A: Performing at the Gangnam festival.
Q4: Something you want recently?
A: A vacation
Q5: Somewhere you went recently?
A: Busan
Q6: How has your life been recently?
A: We’ve had more rest.
Q7: Someone you missed recently?
A: My family in China
Q8: Someone you care about recently?
A: Fans
Q9: A present you received recently?
A: Candy
Q10: Any recent thoughts you have been having?
A: That fans need to love EXO using a correct method.


 Q: Favorites 
Q11: What colors do you like?
A: Black, purple and blue.
Q12: What food do you like?
A: I like all kinds of delicious food, especially meat.
Q13: Any favorite beverages?
A: Green tea, cola, soda.
Q14: Any favorite movie genre?
A: Action films
Q15: Favorite singers?
A: JJ Lin, Jay Chou, Leehom Wang, Khalil Fong, Justin Timberlake
Q16: Favorite activities?
A: Basketball
Q17: What is your ideal type?
A: Filial, kind, has big eyes, long hair, smiles prettily, speaks cutely, knows how to do household chores
Q18: What do you want to say to fans the most?
A: Thank you
Q19: Favorite musician?
A: Beethoven
Q20: The thing you take along the most?
A: Earphones


 Q: Daily Life Activities
Q21: What must you definitely do when out shopping?
A: Buy Snacks
Q22: Which member are you the closest to? 
A: The 3 members from China. 
Q23: What do you do at your dorm? 
A: Learn how to compose music. 
Q24: A music instrument you can play well?
A: The piano
Q25: What will you do during vacation?
A: Go back to China
Q26: What do you do when you are bored?
A: Draw my cute drawings
Q27: What do you do often?
A: Play basketball and dance
Q28: What do you mostly say to the people around you?
A: You’ve worked hard
Q29: Do you joke around often?
A: I don’t joke around! But my members think I am hilarious!
Q30: What expression do you always make? 
A: Smile


 Q: Memories
Q31: Your childhood dreams?
A: To become a music producer
Q32: What kind of child were you in school?
A: I didn’t talk much
Q33: A unique trait you’ve had since you were young?
A: I have very good focus, I tend to become addicted to something very easily.
Q34: Your past dating experiences?
A: Not a lot
Q35: When was the first time you composed?
A: When I was 13 years old, out of interest, I composed a song for fun
Q36: What was your biggest achievement?
A: In 2005, when I won 3rd place on Hunan TV’s Star Academy
Q37: The thing that makes you most sad?
A: That I wasn’t able to open a store for my mom.
Q38: The most unforgettable thing?
A: The first opportunity to participate in a TV program
Q39: Your first impressions on your members?
A: I had deep impressions on everyone
Q40: The thing you cherish the most? 
A: The friends I knew in the past


 Q: Imginations
Q41: If EXO was no longer popular, what will you do?
A: I will return back to China to develop as a solo artist
Q42: If you can become EXO’s leader, will you accept it?
A: No, I lack the ability.
Q43: Between being a singer and a behind the scenes music producer, which would you pick?
A: A behind the scenes music producer.
Q44: f you could go back in time, what would you cherish the most?
A: Time I spent with my family
Q45: If you had to confess, what would you say?
A: I like you
Q46: If you were dating, what kind of boyfriend do you want to become the most?
A: Love a girl wholeheartedly, do anything for her, provide her with a warm embrace
Q47: If you could, what bad habit do you want to change?
A: Not knowing how to speak well
Q48: If you argue with your members, what would you do?
A: I’ll really want to apologize, but I’ll just wait passively for the other party to reconcile with me.
Q49: If EXO had a long vacation, would you prefer to be with your members or do your own things individually?
A: Go on a holiday with the members
Q50: If tomorrow was the end of the world, what do you want to do the most?  
A: Return to China to look for my parents.

Scans CR: KISMET(exokismet.egloos.com) Translations Cr: rellasoo