[TRANS] Chanyeol @ Instiz article: ‘You Don’t Know Love’ MV Filming site

Chapter 1

It is a day with the cool autumn wind blowing and the autumn rain falling! Covered in greenery, the lush and quiet central park of Seoul was bustling with many people. This place, full of people wearing raincoats and raising umbrellas to avoid the rain, was the filming site for the MV of K.will’s new song ‘You don’t know love’ For the music video this time, director Hong Won Ki from ZANYBROS has taken charge for us. This is also the team that made headlines by making the plot-twist drama in K.will’s “Please Don’t…” !

Also, the two people shining amongst the crowd were ‘You don’t know love’ MV’s main characters, this year’s hottest trend idol, EXO Chanyeol, and the fresh and rising model with versitility and charm, Lee Hojung. The filming which was conducted since early morning was carried out with feverish enthusiasm thanks to Chanyeol and Hojung’s enthusiastic approach to the filming, despite the tough weather conditions. ^^

Chapter 2

Chanyeol and Hojung who met for the first time through this time’s K.will MV! Their awkwardness at the beginning quickly dissappeared, they monitored each other’s acting, and the filming ended harmoniously as a result. Chanyeol eased up Hojung’s nervousness in a very oppa-like manner, and as for the sight of him leading, it seems that he showed an extremely manly image~ Although there were many difficult aspects at the filming location, the two projected a very professional image~ When the camera shutter was pressed around Chanyeol, he looked at the camera, and with a playful smile, he took on the role of “mood maker” of the filming set for us.

Chapter 3

The (off-site) location filming that took place in the morning has finished, and now the studio filming has started! Just by simply avoiding the wind and rain, the filming location was extremely warm and cozy. At the filming location, Chanyeol and Hojung together took a breath and did their filming, but now they each did their filming independently. There is a scene where after separating with the person they love, the characters are missing and reminimising about the person they love. The condition a person is in when they are alone after separating with the person they love— these two displayed these emotions all too reallistically. Based on how the filming is progressing, and how they’ve shown us a good image and seem absorbed in their roles, the completed music video is really anticipated and looked forward to!

Chapter 4

With the recording progressing, everyone was drained of energy and getting tired, but since there were two people in the staff sending their strength through the power of saying “Fighting!~”, it seems all the staff gained the strength to continue recording. Chanyeol and Hojung, the ones who made a beautiful drama for us! It was a time when K.will’s ‘You don’t know love’ MV was highly anticipated.

Chapter 5

A surprising guest has suddenly visited the MV filming location! K-wi-ll! At the apparance of K.will who appeared without prior notice, Chanyeol and Hojung became nervous~ Watching and very carefully monitoring from the side, although he (K.will) himself did not appear or act in the MV, his infinite love for the music video was 100% shown. And then, it’s said that Chanyeol was extremely happy at a comment verifying that K.will is an ordinary EXO fan~ ^^


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